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Hi! Could you write me some clothing tips for an OC living during the Warring States Period? The Senju and the Uchiha seem to have their own styles but they seem really specific to their clans (cone-shaped collars for the Uchiha and light Samurai armor for the Senju)

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bless you for making a warring states OC, we need more of these * v *

As for general rules; the obvious one is not to give them something modern. Want to give them a jacket? Give them a Haori! 
Basically, focus on basing your character’s outfit/appearance around traditional asian clothing/style. You can be creative as long as you you don’t make it too modern really.

Another thing to consider is that if you’re designing a combat outfit, please implement practicability to the design. It wasn’t called the warring states for nothing, people were literally in serious fights very often and very little people had the privilege to care about how they looked. Kind of ‘I look great in that but I’ll probably die because of its lack of mobility’ kind of situation. I highly recommend designing separate outfits for leisure and combat.

For inspiration, look at traditional clothing, notable figures in history and canon characters for the time. The design doesn’t even have to be purely Japanese, we have seen other cultures (namely chinese) styles appearing in Naruto’s time so its safe to say that they came from somewhere. (In fact, the idea would be refreshing and pretty cool to see)

As for how to stylise the design, thats a bit harder. There isn’t much difference in this and stylising a normal character. Think about symbolism, values of the OC/clan and even what colours blend well. Start with wherever you are comfortable and go from there. I couldn’t tell you why Kishimoto decided the Uchiha liked Navy’s, long hair and high collared tops but it served its purpose of being noteworthy. I had an old WIP clan that often based themselves in caves (they were more civilised than I’m making them sound haha) because they I had them based around moles. They often wore whites because it was easier to see in low light places and their complexions were often sickly or pale.
I’m not much of an artist myself so stylising is a little harder to give advice on ^^;

Of course, you can still bend/play with these rules. I have a warring states OC whose clan puts a lot of emphasis on physical looks and aesthetics and as clan head she is pressured to have even her combat outfit to reflect that. It naturally causes problems and she is forced to work with it so as to not go against her clans decided principles. 

Anyhoo, I hoped that helped!! And feel free to send in your OC, I would love to see them //v\

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just in case it comes up again, i do want to point out that henry is explicitly confirmed to be grimleal in his supports with panne (as if him having six eyes on his bigass cone of shame collar wasn’t enough evidence):

Panne: Nnh? Wha—? Who is…? G-get off me, man-spawn! Wake up!
Henry: Mmm? Oh, hey! Mornin’!
Panne: Do not “morning” me, Plegian curse slinger. Get away from me at once!
Henry: Hey, I’ve got a name, you know. It’s Henry!
Panne: I have no use for the name of a filthy Grimleal craven.
Henry: That’s not very neighborly, now is it? What difference does one’s religion make? I just want to be friends!
Panne: I will have no dealings with your ilk! Your lot killed the exalt in cold blood. You stole Emmeryn from her people.
Henry: Hey, I haven’t killed a single exalt! And besides, I tried to save her. I was the one who told you the exalt was going to be killed, remember?

emphasis mine, obviously. panne refers to henry as “a filthly grimleal craven”, and rather than deny that he’s grimleal, henry asks her what difference his religion makes. 

you could argue that by saying “what difference does one’s religion make” henry isn’t making a statement about his own religion, but rather suggesting that panne be less biased against other religions - except for the fact that henry implicitly places himself with the grimleal right after. in response to panne’s accusations about “[his] ilk” and “[his] lot” (the grimleal), henry doesn’t deny the association, but insted offers a response that suggests ‘look, i might be one of them, but i didn’t hurt her. i tried to saved her, remember?’ 

henry’s offered repeated chances to deny association with the grimleal, but doesn’t. in fact, he tacitly confirms the association. 

then again henry is literally wearing six eyes arranged around his face so i don’t think he was ever denying it to begin with, really 

Singing with a dog cone collar

Sorry for the respite, all! I have been in the process of moving and getting ready for school!

Recently, I have been yet again dealing with my depressed larynx.

Let me start by saying, I HATE WHEN SINGERS ARE TOLD TO LOWER THEIR LARYNGES. NO! RELAX YOUR LARYNX! Lower implies being pushed down, or depressed, which causes unnecessary tension. I am a victim of this.

But, I find that in trying to lower my larynx and create a richer sound (get over it Joshua, you don’t have a rich voice), I am trying to create a sound from a lower place. It is impossible to sing below your vocal chords. 

So I have been singing with a new concept: sing as if you are wearing a dog cone collar. 

By singing with this image, you are creating sound from your larynx (the only place you can). and it can grow and shape from there. This has been quite helpful in reteaching myself where my natural, easy, and efficient sound comes from. 

I started with a light, falsetto-like approach. I began with staccato onset exercises. This results in a normal, easy, and healthy function. You can use more air and shape the voice after the production is consistently easy. Excess tension = gone.