Dont ever just feel empty..?  you’re not sad but you feel like there’s nothing to wait for, nothing to look up to…and you feel bad for feeling this because it’s better than others’ condtion…but still.

Common sense -buying the best deal

What about using common sense when deciding which property is the best deal? To help make the right decision once you have set your criteria like bedrooms, bathrooms or cap rate also add  PRICE, LOCATION , CONDTION to your decision making process. Most times in the buying process you probably get two of these three criteria. That would be a good solid sensible decision . Getting all three is the brass ring and a lot of  wasteful time can be spent trying for all three. Decide which of the three elements are the most important to you, for example the condtion of a property can always be changed so  only price and location could be the goal. Adding these three elements to the decision making process takes out the emotion and allows you to make a solid sensible decision. In deciding “THE ONE” you make the best decision with the property that are available at a keyhole in time that match your needs and are the right PRICE , LOCATION and CONDTION.


The First Edition - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

Mmmmmmm love that crackling sound… it’s outta sight!

Sound map of natural conditions of the United States by the National Park Service, estimating how places would sound naturally, without human influence. 

The trend is higher sound levels in wetter areas with more vegetation. This is due to the sounds of wind blowing through vegetation, flowing water, and more animals (especially birds and frogs) vocalizing in more fertile locations.

You can look at higher res maps here and also see the sound map of existing condtions.