sashavelour  Ep. 6 “Madonna”

  • Bitch I’m….Karl Lagerfeld?
    Collar and cuffs: @johnny.velour
    Hair: Me
    I figured we would do the Madonna look the same episode as Snatch Game, so I was particularly delighted by the menswear continuity between Marlene Dietrich and Madonna’s Dita character. Also that gold tooth is everything, and I had to glue it into my mouth using Krazy Glue (which promptly fell out during lunch).
    From the series by Mateus Porto @orograph

Lava girl. In the Rusical challenge you burnt the house down, and your runway look erupted with passion. Condragulations my dear you’re this weeks winner

babadook, this week you babatook my breath away, condragulations my dear you are the winner of this week’s challenge