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New Faces, Old Faces (Modern!AU closed thread with xirlos-the-paradox)

It was an average, yet rainy day in the city of Lordran. The streets hustled and bustled with people running to and fro, scurrying to keep pace with their oh so busy lives. Cars honked in traffic, and a crime happened every twenty seconds, it seemed. But it was a pretty town, with good and bad. In a personal condo near the center of the city lied a champion MMA fighter. She had won two titles, and was currently training for her next fight. Her name was Tara Reicod, but she was best known for her stage name: “Greed." 

She stood there by the rainy window, overlooking the city. A playlist of music boomed from the tv in her room as she kept landing punches against the bag. She had to win this time, she had to win! One two, one two. Punch after punch landed against the bag until finally she decided to have a break. She walked away from the towards the kitchen, panting and sweating from all the effort. As soon as she opened the fridge though, the phone started ringing. ”…really?“ she groaned to herself as she grabbed a water bottle and walked over to where the receiver was hooked in. She usually had her cell phone, but kept the home phone for business. Guess this was business. With a groan, she hit the "answer” key, then the the “speaker” key as she walked over to the nearby window, untwisting the bottle cap. “Who’s calling?” she called, closing her eyes and gulping down the water.

Jack Gilinsky Imagine - "Summer with the Jacks" - Part 1

Summer vacations! It didn’t even seem real yet.

                Since my parents would be working all summer and my siblings were at a summer camp, I accepted my grandparents’ invitation to spend the vacations with them at a condo by the beach.

                “Dear, I need to go to the city center to take care of some things, grandpa is coming with me. Do you want to come?” My grandmother asked me that morning while we were having breakfast.

                “No, I’m going to catch some sun by the pool if that’s okay.” I answered taking a sip of my coffee.

                “Yeah, you need to get a tan, honey.” She said with a laugh. “I’ll meet you there when I arrive.”

                She kissed my forehead and I smiled at her before she closed the door behind her.

                After I put my bikini on I made my way to the pool.

                There was no one there besides two boys in their swim shorts a few sunbeds away from the one I chose. After I put my sunscreen on I hit play on my phone and lay back just sinking in the sun and listening to Ellie Goulding’s new album.

                As I have my eyes closed and I’m just enjoying the music I feel the two sunbeds next to me moving as if someone had taken them so I opened my eyes to see if it was my grandmother, but in my head I knew it wasn’t her, she hadn’t had the time to go to the city center and come back. I open my eyes and find myself between the two boys that were already by the pool by the time I had arrived.

                I look at them, one is blonde and the other one is like really tanned, both attractive if I’m honest, and they are both smiling at me.

                Without taking off my headphones, I sit on my sunbed and look around to find all the other ones not taken, there was no one else there. I lay back again and take my headphones quickly off my ears.

                “There are about twenty other free sunbeds, you know?” I say trying to sound annoyed, when it really wasn’t how I felt, I felt like laughing at the situation.

                “Yeah, we noticed that.”  The blonde one said smirking at me.

                “We just want someone our age to talk to, this is usually just old people.” The other one said, I looked at him, he was smiling at me and I felt weak for a moment but I cleared my throat and looked up.

                “Well, you can talk to each other.” I put my headphones back on and closed my eyes.

                Something like fifteen minutes went by and I opened my eyes expecting them to be gone, but surprise, they were still there.

                “Great, you’re back!” The blonde one said while taking my headphone off my ear. “So, we were thinking about starting slowly, just tell us your name, that doesn’t hurt.” I felt the urge to laugh as he talked, I don’t know why, I just found him funny.

                “Not happening.” I looked up.

                “So we’ll start.” The brunette said. “I’m Jack and that’s Jack!”

                “Oh my God!” I let out a laugh while whispering that.

                “What was that?” Blonde Jack asked putting a hand behind his ear.

                “She just laughed!” Tanned Jack said and they high-fived each other. “Your turn!”

                “(Y/N).” I said turning my head to both sides and giving them a smile.

                “So, (Y/N), you’re new here. He had never seen you here before.” Tanned Jack rolled into his side so he was facing me.

                “First time here. Do you usually spend your summers here?”

                “Something like that.” He said scratching the back of his head.

                “How long will you be here?” The other Jack asked.

                “The entire summer.” I said facing him.

                “Well, now that you know us, you won’t get bored.” He laughed.

                “I can only imagine.”

                “Jacks! You’re finally here, my dears!” I heard a familiar voice say behind us. I turned around to find my grandmother with her arms open, ready to hug the boys.

                “Linds!” They both said while standing up to hug her.

                Now, that was bizarre, first the fact that they knew my grandmother and then the fact that they called her “Linds”. Since my grandmother’s name was Lindsey, I had heard people like her sisters or my grandfather calling her that, but those boys, it just sounded weird.

                “So, wait!” Jack, the blonde, raised a finger. “She is your granddaughter, the one you told us would be spending the summer here.”

                “That’s right. I hope you treated her right, young gentleman.” She smiled at him.

                “Of course, two gentlemen, trying to trap me between their sunbeds so they had someone their age to talk to. They say this is usually just old people, gram.”  I saw Tanned Jack smirking at me as I said that and I responded by sticking my tongue out at him.

                “Gilinsky! Johnson! Time to clean the south area pool!” A man screamed from the food area. “Good morning, Linds!” He waved at my grandmother.

                “Something like that, hun?” I asked them referring to what they answered me about spending the summer there.

                “Something like that!” The one I now knew was Gilinsky winked at me while putting on a shirt with the condo’s logo on it. “SEE YOU LATER!” He waved at me while running after the other Jack and I waved back.

                “So, Linds, care to explain?” I smirked at my grandmother as she took the sunbed next to mine.

“Well, I come here to spend the summer for years. I’ve known the Jacks since they were four. Gilinsky’s father is the owner of the condo so they work here in the summers since they were fifteen. And, yes, they call me Linds, ever since they met me they have called me that. Actually…” She said as if she had suddenly remembered something. “You have met Jack, brunette, Gilinsky, when you were, I think, six. I went for dinner at their house and you were staying with me for the weekend so I took you.” I smiled while hearing her telling that and tried to remember it but I couldn’t. “I think I have a picture of you two in the apartment if you want to see it.”

“Yeah, I would like that.” I closed my eyes, enjoying the sun on my face and trying to imagine how it was when Jack and I first met. Clearly he didn’t remember me and I knew I didn’t remember him, but I wondered how I felt the first time I saw him smiling, I know I was only six, but I’m still the same girl and that girl, 11 years later, felt butterflies in her stomach when she first saw him smiling at her.


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