I bought condoms for the first time and I feel really empowered by it.

I did research. I checked out multiple brands. I decided what was important to me and searched for it.

I used to believe buying condoms was a “man’s job”, but it’s MY job to keep control of what enters my body.

These condoms are completely vegan and the company is Black owned. 20% of the proceeds go toward community initiatives.

Can’t wait to try them out.

(from For Your Sexual Information) Dental dams are another form of protection to be used during oral sex. Most of the time people think it will just be completely awkward to use during sex, but you never know until you communicate with your partner and try it.

And if you can’t find one at a drugstore near you, this is a step by step explanation of how to make one out of a condom.



Love Guide Condoms Packaging by Guan-Hao Pan

“A condom becomes much less effective if it is the wrong size, worn on the wrong side, or its tip is not squeezed when worn. It may cause pregnancy or/and sexually-transmitted diseases. “Love Guide” condoms address these issues by introducing a new packaging system for conventional condoms. They come in five packages, each of a distinct diameter, such that holding the packages easily determines the right size.”

Guan-Hao Pan is a design student based in Taipei, Taiwan. He is focused on graphic design, packaging, industrial design and product design.

Are these expired condoms still good to use? (Spoiler: Nope)

Someone asked us:

I found a pack of basic proper attire condoms in my husbands drawer that expired in 2014, I would like to know the shelf life of this specific condom brand

I’m so glad you asked this question! The expiration date on a pack of condoms is its shelf life. After the expiration date, throw those suckers away and replace them with brand spanking new, non-expired condoms.

Even condoms stored in the best conditions can be defective if they’ve expired, because eventually condoms degrade and break down. So  always check the expiration date before you use condoms.

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

Condom breakage warning from LA

Multiple breakages have been reported when using the condoms in the purple package that the CA Office of AIDS distributes. I haven’t heard of anything similar in Portland (and I’m not sure anywhere gives out a purple packaged condom anyway) but for CA ppl using these services, keep an eye out and stay away from the purple brand for a while!



[Person: Welp! Those don’t work! Yaaaaay~
-baby smiles at them-]