I’m from California and I recently went in a southern truck stop. I saw fifteen rebel flags on my way to the bathroom and inside there was a condom machine rather than a tampon machine. This is truly different English speaking country.

Our Dirty Alphabet

Ass: It was one of Dan’s best features. Phil could stare at his boyfriend’s beautiful behind for hours…but he usually never made it that long before he attacked him.

Bedroom: The bedroom was primarily the main area for sex, but that didn’t stop them from trying out other places. The shower, couch, and table were nice, but Dan had to draw the line when Phil was about to fuck him against the washing machine.

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A Friendship Caught Fire (Chapter 6)

Told you I wouldn’t let you wait long. I’m a bit nervous about this one. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Paris II.

His hands come up to frame her face as she is rolling on top of him, his fingers lost in her hair, his thumbs grazing the skin just below her temples. They kiss hungrily at first, their tongues in a frenzy battle, but after the first heated moments, he slows the kiss gently. Sam pretty much loses any sense of reality and time very quickly, when she is sighing into him. Sensations, feelings, it all becomes a heavy, wonderful, delicious darkness where there is only the two of them. Blindly they fumble with their clothing, never losing the contact of their lips while they try to get rid off as many layers as they can. Sam grins against her lips, when she impatiently tugs his shirt from his pants and nearly rips it in the process. He helps her pulling her t-shirt over her head and they both groan when skin meets skin for the first time.

He puts his hands at her waist and lifts her so he can roll them around and he is on top of her. Slowly he leans down then, trailing a path with his lips along her neck, over her collarbone down to her breast. She’s still wearing her bra and he’s grazing the line of it with his lips. He smiles when he feels her arching into him and moves his hands up to unclasp the bra, but then then a sudden thought strikes and his eyes widen. He raises on his hands, looking down on her with a frown.

“Fuck,” he says. “I don’t have any condoms.”
Her eyes glazed with passion find focus and stare into his. “Oh no,” she groans, letting her head fall into the mattress. “I don’t have any either.”
For a second they just look at each other, but then their mutual look of disappointment and exasperation is so pronounced, that they break into a giggle.
“Oh my god,” he laughs. “Tell me this isn’t true!” He falls on his back next to her. “At least, if you needed proof, that I didn’t plan this,” he sighs. “Here it is.”

He turns his head and smiles at her. “Come here.”
She rolls towards him with a sigh and snuggles her face into his chest.
“Too bad,” she says. “Now we’ll have all the time in the world to think about all the reasons why we shouldn’t do this anyway.”
“You think so?” he asks while his fingers trace down her arm. Fascinated he watches little bumps of goose flesh appear and he bends down to kiss her shoulder. “You think it’s fate?”

She closes her eyes and he moves his lips higher, over her shoulder and neck up to her face. He kisses her gently, tenderly and smiles into her opening eyes, when his lips retreat slowly from hers.
“You don’t want me to go out, find the next condom machine somewhere or an open drug store and come back?” he whispers.
For a long while they just look into each other’s eyes.
She swallows hard. “Fuck fate” she says. “I want you to run and to come back as fast as you can.”


Their last day in Paris starts with a beautiful winter sunrise. He lazily opens his eyes, when a sunbeam tickles his face and before he is even fully awake, his mouth widens into a broad smile. His gaze travels to his left where she is lying close to him, lying on her belly, fast asleep, her relaxed face slightly touching his arm. Her hair is spilling all over the cushion and he can see her dark lashes fanning her cheeks.

He’s still sleepy himself, it has been a short night for them, but who complains when the reason for the lack of sleep is lying next to him and looking good enough to eat. Contentedly he turns towards her and pulls her nearer. She follows his gentle tug and rolls on her side, spooning her body into him.

“Hm?” she murmurs.
“Hm,” he answers.
With a sigh he closes his arms around her, buries his nose into her neck and breathes her in.
Heaven, he thinks before sleep claims him again. This must be what heaven feels like.

They don’t leave the hotel. They order room service for breakfast and later for lunch, too. Short naps, long talks, interrupted by love making, some of it fierce then again very gentle and deliberately slow.

It’s after such an encounter, that they lie opposite each other, just looking into each other’s eyes.
“Better?” she smiles.
“Much,” he grins. “Much, much.”
She laughs. “Yeah.”
He sobers then. “I wonder though…” he stops.
“What are we going to do now?” he asks. “At work?”

She sighs. “I honestly don’t know.” She moves nearer to him and he opens his arms. “I’m not sure I’m ready for a relationship.” She presses a kiss to his chest and places her head just over his heart. “Is that okay? I don’t want you to think this didn’t mean anything to me,” she hastily adds. “Because it did and it is wonderful. I just… well, I think it is a bit early to know what it means yet.”
He nods. He contemplates her sentence for a while. “I see. Maybe we should just wait a bit and see? Not tell anyone, but figure it out for ourselves at first.”
“Yes,” she says. “I think that’s the best idea.”

“But you don’t regret it, do you?” he asks anxiously. “Because I really don’t.”
“No!” she assures him immediately. “No, not at all. God, you must know how much I enjoyed it, I mean… if you’re not deaf.”
He chuckles. “You’re so good yourself,” he growls into her ear, but then sobers again. “No, I meant emotionally. I think physically we both agree, that it was great, don’t we? But are you okay with it happening at all?”

To his relief she smiles. “I am,” she says. “I trust you. It feels very good and not just physically. We don’t know each other for so long and it is weird to feel so close to you in that short a time, but I do. I really do.”
He nods. “Yes, I feel the same. And I’m not gonna lie to you, I do want a relationship with you. But I’m open for waiting how it develops. If we find it’s too much pressure with us working so closely together, then I hope we’ll be able to say so without ruining our friendship.”

“You’re great,” she says and kisses him again. “Really, really great. Suddenly her smile turns into a laugh. "If all fails, at least the sex scenes will be much easier now, don’t you think? You’ve seen it all now, no big excitement any more.”
He gives her the once over and raises a brow. “No excitement over this…” his hand gently cups her breast, then moves down over her belly and still further down. “Hm,” he murmurs against her lips, her mouth opening to his demanding tongue. “I doubt that very much.”

They leave Paris in the late afternoon. Both are silent on their drive to the airport, but Sam has his arm around her shoulders and she leans into him, as they drive through the city. When they pass the Eiffel tower again, Cait raises her face to his. “Thank you for the lovely weekend,” she whispers.

nemesis729  asked:

KC: I took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because I could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly. (I may have given you or someone else this prompt. Sorry in advance if I did. I don't mean to be greedy.)

What better way to jumpstart my creative juices than filling a prompt I’ve had for ages? I was an RA in a university that ensured condom machines were free and available in every residence hall, and I often saw students take advantage of said machines. The desk attendants know more than you think, people. That said, personal safety is super important, and I highly encourage everyone with similar access to take advantage of free condoms without shame.

Thanks for the prompt, @nemesis729​, I’m sorry it took so long!

We See All || Klaroline

His eyes burned in exhaustion. Hours of staring at the blank page of his sketchbook had earned him no inspiration for a worthy portfolio piece. An MFA was no guarantee for success as an artist, but Klaus needed to make his education count for any hope of paying off his student loans – and he couldn’t graduate if his dry spell delayed his progress any longer.

Even though his job in the residence hall earned him decent hours working the front desk, Klaus still needed the loans because his ass of a father refused to pay for an art degree.

His pencil twitched, a violent desire to draw a truly hideous image of Mikael rising within him. Klaus’s dark thoughts were only broken by the sound of a door opening down the hall.

It was a three-day weekend, And Klaus had expected the dorm to be deserted. Most students at the small college used the short holiday after midterms to celebrate their brief respite from exams. For Saturday, that meant off-campus parties or home for the weekend.

He was surprised, then, to see a pretty blonde shuffling past him in flannel pajamas and Barbie slippers. She seemed agitated, muttering to herself as she messed with an empty plastic bag from Target.

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The Law Man

Prompt 9 of 642: Write about a time you broke the law.

Dean nodded as he pretended to listen to Benny talk about the “amazing” thing Andrea had done yesterday and got too much catsup on his french fries.  As he raised the fries to his mouth, a large blob of the thick red sauce slipped off the end and splattered on the table top barely missing his pristine blue uniform.  He made a face and grabbed one his brother’s napkins to wipe the mess up before it oozed over the edge of the table.  Sam didn’t notice (or didn’t care) because he was messing with his phone.  As usual.

“You need a date, brother,” Benny said for about the hundredth time in a month.  “But you never go out and meet people.  All you see all day are criminals and my handsome mug.  What exactly is it going to take to get you to go on an honest to God date?”

“Well there’s an idea: maybe I should date a criminal.”

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