condom researcher

John is returning Sherlock from his last binge, only to find Mycroft on the stairs to his flat. Just 15 minutes before they arrive however,
Anderson is doing a drugs bust in Sherlock’s apartment.
Mycroft decides to open Sherlock’s closed door. As he does, hundreds of blown up condoms swish towards the open door, and along with them is a sign that says, “Welcome home John!
Unbeknownst to Mycroft, Anderson is behind him taking video and suddenly thinking out loud, he says, “Oh! The great Sherlock Holmes thinks these are balloons!” While laughing hysterically to himself, he Instagram’s the video to all of Scotland Yard.
As we see Sherlock and John arriving at Baker Street, his phone alerts him, and Sherlock sees the video.

radioactive-alien  asked:

Have you written a story about Sheldon & Amy having sex for the first time? I tried to find it but I couldn't. Can you do one of that please? (Sorry for my bad english)

Hi!  I don’t know if you are asking for a new story or asking about a story that I have already written.  I have a written Sheldon and Amy having sex for the first time a few times.  You can find answered prompts here and here.  Also, I did write a new story, which, as usual, you can find below.  Reminder:  I won’t write smut for prompts.  Anyway, please enjoy this story!

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The artist’s disagreement with the Catholic Church’s ban on condoms sparked statistical research and the discovery of a striking correlation. Although the graphic tells a strong story, Errazuriz cautions, “It would be completely irresponsible to establish a definitive correlation without further studies, but the eerie coincidence of a higher spread of AIDS in predominately Christian countries demands further review.”