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Outlawqueen fanfiction second masterpost because the first one was focused on fics and i love to reread oq ff. 

In the first one i kind of forgot a lot of things, like naming the authors (i don’t own a brain sorry), i also forgot about the one-shots, and god knows we have a lot of them. So this post containts my favorites oq one-shots, on tumblr and so here it is, i’ll shut up now. (not really)

- Okay i’m totally not going to scream while i recommend this one. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” by @ninzied i’m just gonna leave this here. WELL NO I’M NOT I CAN’T KEEP CALM WHEN IT COMES TO THESE TWO SHOTS BECAUSE YES IT’S A TWO SHOTS : second part. Rated M obviously : Regina wants to surprise someone *wink wink* but ends up naked in Little John’s bed that’s funny. May i redirect you to other os by this amazing writer (ily please marry me) Clean (DIMPLES QUEEN) Condoms (Captain Hood) Jealousy (jealous drunk robin and oq on a break but spoiler smut) wait here’s the writer’s master fic list and you HAVE to read everything, it’s worth it. Also this : woman small parts of the same verse and BANDIT OQ YAS.  Oh god this post is going to be so dirty i’m really not sorry.

- 4.08 post vault post library by @outlaw-qveen  /(。♥‿♥。)/

- robin gets turned on by his wifey’s magic here

- walking dead au (PUTAIN je vous jure ce post devait pas être aussi porny)

- m i s s i n g y e a r *cries* : by @ardentcsshipper regina sneaks out of the castle to join her soulmate ESTABLISHED OQ IN THE MY 

- Stables : by @emily31594 oq redecorates the stables (no i’m kidding they fuck) also : os collection i cried.  Plus : fluffy fluffy fluff. She wrote a lot of os and has a lot of verse (Stables, Music, Color, etc.) read EVERYTHING HERE  i’m serious, like the JK Rowling of our fandom idk JUST READ!!!

- this OHMYGOD THIS ONE PUTAIN :  it’s about cats and friendship AND HOOD MILLS FAMILY i can’t with this fandom i quit + THIS IS THE FIRST NON SMUT OS hallelujah 

- Angsty sad teary universe by @lolcat76 BUT SO FREAKING AMAZING (i get really passionate over fanfictions did you guys noticed?) W h a t s happening : Regina has a disease who blinds her, Dr Locksley (D O C T O R LOCKSLEY my panties are on fire) is her last hope. It only has two part for now, but i can feel myself dying over the next parts. I’m not ready. 

- Maskerade : by SinisterScribe MY FAVORITE OS EVER do i say that a lot i mean sorry but THIS ONE IS TRULY MY FAVORITE BECAUSE : missing year (if any of you hadn’t figured it out yet i’m a missing year trash), smut, bal, BUT HAHAAAA it’s not like any other bal guys i don’t know how to explain it to you but wow it’s just woooow okay just yeah THE WRITING (robin is dressed up as a beast and regina is dressed up as … naked???) the s e x yes 10k guys which makes me think of :

- 18k of smut or fifty shades of smut, but not the same kind of stuff bref lisez merde je vais pas tout détaillez 

- post 5x02 : Worthy written by Baker’s Dozen, Breaking In, What Happened in Vegas, etc. (oh and also the 18k smut) author @someonethatiamnot, you have to read everything but here’s a few : M Regina slips into speaking another language during sex, bi!Regina coming out, Camelot!Au oq enjoys themselves in public eheheh (when did this list turned out to be a rated M only), Roland being a cutie here, i could go on like this forever (。♥‿♥。)

- prompt : robin and roland are invited to a pool birthday party and they meet regina and henry FREAKING CUTE by @evaszambrano, from the same author : this is pretty funny and DIMPLES QUEEN

- Hero : small little drabble by @daggzandarrows she write a lots and it’s always so fluffy and au, check out her blog, second date au, college au + memory loss AU 

- This cute little au with Regigi getting her hand stuck in a machine idk  it’s cute, written by @feistyvagabond : you have too read everything she wrote, oq-ff tag on her blog (when did i became such a stalker?) give Robin’s dick some love (mdrrrr super classe) + she made some little porny drabbles like this one and this one +  d i m p l e s queen awwwn

- Regina recognizes Roland as her son by accident, i cried, by @onhowtobecrazy

- OQ playing house (•⊙ω⊙•) by @startravellerfiction

- Angsty 5a os by @desperationandgin also Library porn (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, this is a os in 4 parts i think but it was never updated (still crying over this) (mini fic okay but who said i couldn’t recommand mini fics huh? no one, this is my post i do whatever i want) OQ AU PRE LEOPOLD SHIT, 3.21 smores : check out her blog (ff tag) it’s really good. Plus : regal believer (henry as a baby, just because.) and DILF. Also… Heat of You MISSING YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR smut (aka my favorite kind of os) - Whats happening : Regigi hates Robin that we already knew BUT she’s kind of attracted to him so she … takes care of herself while thinking of him :)))))) (she masturbates) plus : the writer is amazing may i recommend this one (oq talking dirty while having sex it’s hot i’m blushing) 101 dalmatian AU *cries* this fits our headcanon that robin really likes to go down on his soulmate.

- OQ + public displays of affection by @sgtmac7 (also swan queen and evil charming os for some of you who multiship here)

REGINA AND ROBIN MEET IN A MINOR CAR CRASH IN A RAINY MORNING by @wooutlawqueen, Robin’s first time at the theater or “Teen OQ bitching about being virgins for life and awkwardly deciding to lose it with each other.” (i love the writers of our fandom bc they are bold and very imaginative and crazy)

- “Prompt - Robin and Regina were married and already had a family together when Marian came back.” or a way to fix oq’s 5a storyline by @outlawqueen-fanfic

-  OQ: “i lost my little brother (or son) at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you so it seems like i’ll have to get your number - at least your hella cute” au by @filledwithlight, just check out her Fanfic Masterpost (brillant)

- Awkward First Meetings by Room Service and After Hours’ writer : @mademoiselle-arel (one of the best series of os you’ll ever read so many aus so many feels)

- For the frenchies and everyone who parle français un peu : Seconde Chance, recueil d’OS grave trop trop bien, au, smut (strip poker omg), fluff, LISEZ.

- Pixie Dust Never Lies by Madam President and The Christmas Exclusive’s writer @repellomuggletum15 (yes EVERY ONE SHOT IS A MASTERPIECE)

I’m sure there are a thousand more i could add, but these are the ones i’ve read and reread so many times, check out the oq-ff tag on my blog, mostly os, or on tumblr, ao3, ff, etc. 

Bonne lecture (◡‿◡✿)

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