condom challenge


Safer sex doesn’t have to be serious business. Throwing it back to when we took the 100 Layers Challenge with condoms!

Leave It In 2015

1. Hoverboards
2. “Netflix and Chill”
3. Kylie Jenner’s Lips
4. “Goals”
5. Pumpkin Spice
6. Toxic People
7. Raven Symone
8. Donald Trump
9. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner
10. Dab
11. Pipe It Up
12. Drake’s Dancing in Hotline Bling
13. Nash Grier
14. Iggy’s Rapping
15. Racism
16. Homophobia
17. My Ex
18. FuckBoys
19. The Condom Challenge
20. Mariah Carey

The Drama Squad: The Blog

Jenna has started live blogging all the stupid shit the group does on a day to day basis. There is a lot of videos of Rich and Jake trying and failing internet challenges. There the most popular being the video of the time they attempted the condom challenge and started panicking​ before finally popping the thing. Christine posts clips of the group at play rehearsal goofing around and trying to actually get work done. Michael posts pictures of him and Jeremy on their dates and Jeremy shares cat videos. Chloe does makeup tutorials and haul videos while Brooke takes pictures of all the food she eats. She will never eat anything without taking a picture of it, yes Chloe she is taking a picture of the Nutty Bar. No, it is not an obsession.

SNSD Reaction to: Watching One of Their Girlfriend’s YouTube Videos

Edit: this request below ⬇ is very similar to this one ⬆ so I grouped them together, I hope that’s ok!

Taeyeon: “fany, come here, look, look! it’s my jagi’s video! whoa, she looks so pretty on camera!” she watches all your videos on her phone, esp. on tour to feel closer to you. also proudly shows the others

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Jessica: watches your videos before bed, whether she’s on tour or not. it’s part of her routine at this point. will tease you if you’re there though; “aww, look how cute you are! ~”

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Sunny: eats while watching the videos, talking to the screen as if you could hear her; “wait, your “annoying girlfriend” didn’t clean the dishes - uh, excuse you??”

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Tiffany: finds great joy in watching your earlier videos, that are so different to your newer ones; “fetus y/n is so precious!”

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Hyoyeon: “ah, she never told me she was doing a collab with [famous youtuber] …” gets jealous sometimes if your onscreen flirting/banter feels a bit too realistic. esp if it’s someone you’re shipped w. but as long as you don’t collab w them often, she’s super supportive & proud of you

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Yuri: watches your videos so often that the girls try teasing her for it but she doesn’t even care. she’s so happy while watching you that their teasing will never stop her

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Sooyoung: will text you smart comments like ‘wow, the lighting you use must be really good since you’re not that pretty irl! :P’ but is also super supportive & watches every single video at least ten times each

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Yoona: “oh wow, this ‘condom challenge’ is so funny!”

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Seohyun: “ah, you always do makeup tutorials of my comebacks, so cheesy! and a reaction video to our new song, really?” teases you playfully but loves that you’re being creative & living off of that, while also showing your love for her through your cheesy videos 

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