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How did you start being able to run longer, I can only do about 10 mins before struggling and/or getting bored x

It takes time. I’m not kidding when I say that I used to hate running. When we had to do tours and distance running during soccer conditioning I would legit hide in the woods that lined the fields bc I hated it and sucked at it so much. I didn’t start running for the purpose of enjoyment- I ran bc once you hit a certain level in competitive sports, its on you to make sure you’re in shape and conditioning is something you do on your own. It wasn’t until college I started running on my own recreationally and that was hard. I was coming off a rowing injury and wasn’t a competitive athlete anymore so I needed something to channel my athlete lol. I’ve never been a distance runner- I have great bursts of speed and sprint unexpectedly fast. I just kept trying though. I would run a few times a week, listening to my body. There’s a difference between discomfort and pain-I pushed through discomfort and if I had serious pain (I’ve got bad knees/ankle/back) I would tone it down. 

10 minutes is a good start and you shouldn’t be disappointed in yourself at all. It’s fine for you to struggle on the run, when that happens, slow down a bit and get control of your breathing and your form; stop and stretch if you have to. There’s no shame in taking breaks, we’ve all done it! If you’re getting bored and that’s a reason you’re not continuing, try running somewhere that’s aesthetically captivating like a park, a trail, a nice suburban neighborhood, the beach, etc. I think every runner gets bored at some point but you just push through that and put your mind somewhere else. Having a good playlist helps too. Also here are some general tips for running that can have an impact on your experience and you should keep in mind: 

- hydration 

- fuel/food (pre AND post run) 

- stretching 

- core work is important for running (even though it sucks) because your core is your power center and all of your moments stem from there 

- motivations (why are you running? really think about it because only you can answer that) 

I hope this helped a little bit. The moral of the story is that becoming a better runner, just like improving at any task/act/hobby, takes time, consistency, and patience. I also feel like there’s this misconception that running is effortless and trust me, its not. Running hurts, any runner will tell you that so don’t think you’re supposed to look or feel a certain way while running. Obviously you shouldn’t be keeling over after 5 minutes but its normal to be running and have moments of “shit this sucks” or “hm that muscle aches.” Keep at it. Find ways to make it fun. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Anyway, good luck! 

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Can you please write something where Julian has the stomach bug and feels really nauseous while hanging out with Ozzy but is too embarrassed to let him know.. He eventually gets sick and just wants to be comforted by him? xx

Thank you for this prompt!! And for the opportunity to develop Julian!

“You know, you really help me out for someone who hates me so much,” Julian smirked, sitting on the couch beside Ozzy. His calculus book was open in his lap.
“Yeah, whatever,” Ozzy said, “I’m tutoring you because I don’t want to owe you anything for the soccer conditioning.”

Julian smiled, then continued to write down numbers.

“Like this?” He asked, showing Ozzy the example he’d worked out.

“Uh… no, like… this,” Ozzy said, erasing numbers and filling them in correctly on Julian’s paper. Julian frowned.

“Guess I’ll never understand it,” he sighed, sitting the book down.

His stomach gave an uncomfortable flip as he leaned back against he couch, and he rubbed it with his hand as discretely as possible.

“Uh, hey, can I use your bathroom?” He asked, swallowing hard, and Ozzy nodded without looking up.

“You know where it is.”

Julian quickly stood, hurrying to the hallway and back into the bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror. He splashed cold water on his face from the tap, cooling down what felt to be a fever.

His stomach churned and he let out a sick belch, pulling a face at how gross he was being. At least, he thought, he’d waited to be away from Ozzy.

He’d felt fine all day, but somewhere around the time he’d started getting ready to come to Ozzy’s, he started feeling slightly queasy. After a while of sitting on Ozzy’s couch and studying, the discomfort grew. He’d had no idea how bad he’d let it get until now.

He swallowed, gathering the courage to leave the side of the toilet and return to Ozzy. He couldn’t screw this up.

“Get lost?” Ozzy asked, still looking down at the math worksheet of Julian’s he was checking.

“No, ah, just, took a phone call,” he said, covering for himself.

He sat back down beside Ozzy, hoping he’d be able to mask the grumbling happening inside his stomach.

He felt terrible and incredibly nauseous. He didn’t know how long he’d be able to keep this up.

“Anyway, so you’re gonna have to have a graphing calculator for this part,” Ozzy said, pointing at the equation in question. Julian feigned interest, nodding as though he’d really taken in what Ozzy was saying.

“You okay? You kind of look like shit,” Ozzy said, looking at Julian’s slightly ashen face.

Julian flushed red.

“Yeah, fine, fine,” he mumbled, grabbing another piece of paper and scribbling numbers onto it. Ozzy was skeptical, but continued to write down answers.

Moments passed in silence and Julian’s discomfort grew by the seconds. He felt like he was going to explode any second.

“You think you can do this third part?” Ozzy asked, and Julian went to answer, but instead a hiccup slipped up. He slapped a hand over his mouth, turning bright red.

Ozzy looked confused and surprised.

“Wow, case of the hiccups?” Ozzy asked.

Julian shook his head, removing his hand from his mouth.

“No, no, all good,” he said, but even as he did so, his mouth was watering.

“Okay, well, number three looks like this when it’s written out correctly,” Ozzy went to show Julian, but before he even looked, Julian jerked up, sprinting across the living room and through the kitchen, down the hall and into the guest bathroom. He slid in on his knees at the base of the toilet, retching harshly as he wrapped himself around the porcelain bowl.

“Julian? Jesus,” Ozzy muttered, stepping in behind Julian.

“You’re sick, I fucking knew it,” Ozzy said.

Julian frowned, arching rigidly over the toilet as more sick shot up.

“Fuck! Oh, it hurts,” Julian groaned into the walls of the toilet bowl.

Ozzy shifted on his feet, not knowing the proper mode to take here.

“My stomach hurts so bad… and I’m so hot,” Julian said with his strained voice.

“It’s okay, Julian… probably just a bug,” Ozzy said.

“Yeah, great, that’s just great,” Julian lamented, he sounded frustrated as more sick worked its way out.

When he was finally done, he sat back on his heels and caught his breath. Ozzy frowned, stepping into the bathroom.

“Christ, what’d you eat?” He asked, flushing the toilet with a crinkled nose. Julian held his face in his hands.

“I don’t even know. I still feel sick, I don’t think it’s what I ate,” Julian mumbled. Ozzy felt his fever, he could tell Julian was really sick.

“Should I take you home?” Ozzy asked.

Julian scoffed.

“Yeah, you can just take me to the train station,” he said.

“I can drive you, I’m not going to make you take the train like this,” Ozzy said back.

Julian shook his head tiredly.
“No, I mean, I’ve been… sleeping on the A train,” Julian said with a sigh.

Ozzy sat back with a stare.

“Okay, c'mon, to bed with you,” Ozzy said, grabbing and pulling Julian up. He swayed dizzily.

“Ohh,” Julian groaned, trying to stay upright. He squeezed his eyelids shut and then swallowed.

“You don’t have to do this,” he said to Ozzy as he was led through the hall and into the guest bedroom.

“You can sleep here, until you’re feeling better,” Ozzy said, and Julian let out a sigh. He looked so exhausted and sick. He held a hand over his continuously grumbling tummy and Ozzy walked inside, pulling the covers back.

“Climb in?” He asked, and Julian nodded. He was absolutely exhausted.

Julian climbed into the bed and curled up on his side, a sick belch slipping up inadvertently.

“Oof, sorry,” Julian mumbled, pressing a hand over his wet lips.

“I’ll get you a trashcan,” Ozzy said, thinking quickly. He grabbed the nearest can from the bathroom and brought it back to Julian, right in time to hold it under Julian’s chin while he threw up again.

Ozzy cringed, and even himself turned visibly green. He hated how bad he was at this stuff.

“I think that’s it,” Julian slurred after his final retch, he crashed down on the pillows, unable to hold himself up any longer.

“Okay, well, I’ll leave you alone so you can sleep,” Ozzy said, sitting the trashcan down beside the bed and turning to walk out.

“Oz?” Julian asked in the darkness.

“Yeah?” Ozzy asked back.

“Can you… come rub my back?” He asked.

Ozzy squinted in the darkness, not sure if he’d gotten that correctly.

“Rub your back?” He asked.

Julian was quiet for a second.

“I just am really sore, and I have been for a few weeks… the vomiting didn’t help,” Julian said.

Ozzy looked around in the dark and then walked back in, sitting on the bed beside Julian in the dark.

“Oh, you shifted the bed,” he grunted nauseously.

“Sorry,” Ozzy said sheepishly. He took a hand and laid it on Julian’s back.

He was burning up and sweaty, damp from the nights exertion.

“That feels good,” Julian mumbled tiredly.

“Good, don’t get used to it,” Ozzy said back.

“Hey, Ozzy?” Julian asked, and Ozzy hummed in response.

“I got a 98 my freshman year of high school in advanced calculus,” he confessed. Ozzy snatched his hand away. Julian was quiet.

“A 98?” Ozzy asked, not understanding fully.

“I just wanted you to hang out with me,” Julian said.

Ozzy scoffed.

“I’ll hang out with you, Julian… no math. Maybe a little less puke,” Ozzy said, and Julian let out a laugh.

“Why are you on the A train all night?” Ozzy asked, and Julian didn’t answer. She thought he may have fallen asleep.

He hadn’t. But he had nothing he wanted to share. Ozzy continued to massage his back as he fought the nausea to sleep.

FIFA, the international soccer organization, has long been seen as corrupt—and now U.S. and Swiss authorities are doing something about it. Nine FIFA officials were indicted Wednesday on charges of corruption in a $150 million bribery scandal, and more charges are likely coming. Part of the scandal includes the controversial decision to let Qatar host the World Cup in 2022. Construction of stadiums in Qatar has led to more than 1,000 worker deaths because of harsh labor conditions. At the current rate, at least 62 workers will have died for every World Cup game played.

Void Stiles

Stiles x reader?

You were sitting in the waiting room in the hospital, you had been there for a while because you weren’t in a dying condition. Rather you were playing soccer in gym class on the field. You had the ball and went to kick but someone kicked your ankle instead of the ball. You fell to the ground and heard a break. It hurt to walk on, and the nurse did not like the look of your swelled and badly bruised ankle. That’s how you ended in the hospital.

You tried to explain all that to your mother who was freaking out on the phone. You didn’t want her to worry or leave work because you weren’t dying, and you guys now needed more money to pay of the hospital bill after today. She finally calmed down some what and went back to work. “Keep me updated (Y/N), please, I love you sweetie. Bye.” Then hung up the phone.

The secretary at the front desk gave me an ice pack and told me wait in the waiting room until Melissa McCall could assist.

I might have been waiting for 20 minutes until Melissa McCall found me and assigned me a room so she could examine my ankle. She took x-rays and left me in the room alone waiting for the results. It seemed all I was doing was waiting… I started to drift off until I heard a loud bang outside my room. “Where is she?! Is she alright?! Get our of my way! I’m seeing her now!!” It was a familiar voice but I couldn’t put my finger on it, it was a cold voice yelling, followed by a uproar in the hospital.

I was getting scared everything was getting louder. I tried calling Scott in case it was some kind of supernatural evil. But he didn’t answer I only kept hearing the empty ring. The noise outside my room got louder and I could see a figure outside of the door. I quickly put my phone under the blanket still in my hands clinging onto it tight.

The door slowly opened, almost too slowly. Then he walked in. “Stiles! Why are you here? What happened out there, why was there so much racket??” I questioned him but the look he gave me turned me cold I shivered at this gaze. He didn’t look or seem or act like Stiles, because he wasn’t… “Y…Your not, Stiles…” I almost whispered but knew he heard me.

“Not quite little dove. I am a Nogitsune. I am not Stiles but Void Stiles.” He kept walking closer and closer to me making me squirm uncomfortably. “Give it to me. Your phone.” He said in the darkest tone while motioning to my hands under the covers between my legs. “What phone?” I replied stupidly. “Oh little dove, don’t play games with me. That’s not smart!” His voice raised almost sounding like thunder. Terrified I lifted my phone out from under the covers and slowly raised the phone to him. He quickly snatched it out of my hands, causing me to jump. I didn’t like the way he made me feel…

“(Y/N)? What is it? Is everything alright? Hello?! (Y/N)?! What’s goin-” Scott was almost yelling into the phone now since I hadn’t answered and was always getting into some kind of trouble, I didn’t blame him for being nervous. But Void Stiles made sure the conversation went to an end quickly. He ended my emergency call with Scott. “Tsk-tsk-tsk (Y/N)” Staking his finger back and forth at me with his jaw clenched down, with a very disappointed look on his face. “You’re not scared of me, are you (Y/N)?” He asked in a cocky manner.

I just stared at my hands and the hospital blanket I was wrapped in. “Y…Yes, I am…” I chocked out totally engulfed in fear.

“(Y/N) you don’t need to be scared of me…” He almost looked hurt when he said it. It was so strange. But it must of been a trapped. My thoughts then all of a sudden stopped. He was so close to me now. Leaning over the bed, our noses almost touching but not quite…

“You don’t have to be, I will protect you (Y/N), if you’ll have me. Sometimes you have to trust the fox.” He had caring true honest eyes, like Void Stiles was gone and it was just Stiles now. But the smirk that ran across his face that his lips couldn’t hide told me otherwise. I knew it was too good to be true. I was alone with Void Stiles. Scared out of my freaking mind.

“W…Why are you acting like this towards me? I…I don’t get it. Stiles doesn’t like me, he had never liked me. So why would you…” I was so puzzled and so confused and I didn’t know what to do or say!

“Stiles does like you, I can hear him scream inside for me not to touch you” as he caressed my cheek and raised my chin up towards him. “Or to hurt you,” he said smiling evilly at me grabbing my hand too hard. “Ow! That…hurts…” I complained. “Stiles really doesn’t want me anywhere near you, so I’m going to do the exact opposite.” He was so cocky and all of a sudden he wasn’t himself. Suddenly his cold lips were against mine, instead of soft and loving it was hard and harsh. I wanted to give in though, I wanted it to be Stiles, not avoid Stiles. Just Stiles confessing his love to me instead of this.

“Why did you do that!?” I pushed Void Stiles off of me. His expression turned dark I knew he didn’t like me disobeying him.

“Because Stiles is now going insane because of how much you mean to him. I’m going to use you to break Stiles, so I will be the only one contorting and living inside this body.” It was such a horrible thing to hear I started bawling hating the fact that I was being used to hurt Stiles, who I loved… And who loved me…

I hope you guys liked this! My first story was very liked so I wanted to keep writing more! I know it’s not exactly a pairing story but I really liked the thought of it. Thanks for reading it means a lot!


@trainergorres: What do you do for fitness? Beep tests? Sprints? When it comes to conditioning, running in a straight line is ok but it falls short for a few reasons.
1. The game isn’t played in straight lines that are predetermined.
2. Running in a straight line requires zero thinking, zero situational awareness, and zero decision making.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting a blog on conditioning for soccer and the drills I use to help the best in the world prepare #TrainWithTheBest #BeReady #keepupwithkrieger #USWNT #soccer #workout #fitness #SpeedAndAgility #gymlife #personaltrainer

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I don't support the World Cup because Brazil needs school, medical care, and better living conditions not soccer

wow it’s almost like a bunch of people flying out to and buying tickets to an event in Brazil might encourage their economy
also thanks for the answer to a question I never asked

@trainergorres: Here is another very similar drill to the last video I posted.  I always change the distance and the shape of the drill to keep @akrieger11 guessing.  Small quick movements for 15 seconds with 45 seconds rest. For more info, check out my latest blog which covers conditioning for soccer on If you want more info about the lights, go to, request a quote and use the promo code GORRES2016  #TrainWithTheBest #keepupwithkrieger #Uswnt #workout #personaltrainer #exercise #fitness #gymlife
"I'm always going to be protecting you." (Isaac)

You had taken it upon yourself to train behind Isaac’s back. He noticed that you were stronger and faster, but assumed it was due to all of your soccer conditioning.

One day, the two of you were at Derek’s loft waiting for everyone to show up.

You were sitting on the counter while Isaac leaned against the island, telling you all about the fight in his math class.

“Something’s wrong.” Isaac said, pausing mid story.

“What?” You asked, jumping off the counter and following him.

Scott burst through the door.

“Stiles is missing.” He said and Isaac’s expression went hard.

“Where do we think he is.” Isaac asked and Scott shook his head.

“No idea. Malia is tracking his scent.” Scott explained as the two of them began to walk outside.

“I’m coming.” You announced, following them outside.

“No way in hell.” Isaac said, shaking his head as he stormed toward the car.

“What?! Why?!” You cried, annoyed with your stubborn boyfriend.

“It’s not safe.” He said.

“Okay well you’re a werewolf and you let me hang out with you.” You shot back, still following them.

“That’s different and you know it.” He argued.

“Just let her come we have to go.” Scott said, jumping into the drivers seat.

The ride was tense for many reasons, and you were nervous for Stiles. This is exactly why you were training. You and Stiles were vulnerable and you couldn’t depend on everyone to save you all the time.

An hour later you were in an underground tunnel following Scott and Isaac.

“She shouldn’t be here.” Isaac muttered.

“Well she is so deal with it.” Scott told him.

Before you could add your two cents, your foot caught on something and you were knocked on the ground.

Isaac ran to help you up and you brushed him off.

“I don’t need you to protect me.” You grumbled.

“Y/N, I’m always going to be protecting you. I can’t help that. The thought of you in danger makes me crazy. Do you understand?“ He asked, brushing a hand over your hair.

"I don’t need protecting!” You told him. Pushing yourself off the ground.

“Maybe you don’t think you do. But I want to.” He said.

“If I get hurt, I heal. If you get hurt…” He trailed off.

“Well don’t think about that. I’m my own person and I’m in this mess now whether you like it or not. You can’t always be with me so I need to protect myself.” You reminded him. Footsteps could be heard from far away and he sighed.

“We will talk about this later. I trust you to take care of yourself but stay near me just in case.” He said.

see like, i understand that the uswnt is always gonna use that rhetoric of “oh we’re the best in the world, we deserve better” when they argue for equality or w/ever but

i feel like that kind of…detracts from a larger issue here as well like sure you guys deserve better conditions but ALL women’s soccer teams deserve better regardless of whether they’re #1 ranked in the world or #100

like, the aloha stadium turf thing where they were like “the world champions should be playing on better surfaces” but like, so should trinidad and tobago, right?

idk i just feel like it comes off as “we deserve better BECAUSE we are good” when it should be more of “all woso teams deserve more support and we will take a stand for ALL of them because we’re in a position of relative power over our federation”