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all the liberals who chastised jennicet gutierrez when she confronted obama about his deportations and the conditions of ICE prison camps but then decided to care when obama left deserve nothing but agony honestly

Photojournalist Felipe Dana Covers Mosul, Iraq for #WorldHumanitarianDay

August 19 marks #WorldHumanitarianDay, which pays tribute to humanitarian aid workers and supports civilians affected by crises.

Brazilian photojournalist Felipe Dana’s (@felipedana) mission is to use photography to inform. “In addition to covering major news, we can’t stop looking for stories that aren’t always in the media but that need to be shared,” he says. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Felipe’s photos often capture the harsh realities of urban violence and drug abuse, and his recent work has focused on the lives of refugees and the battle of Mosul in Iraq.

“I often cover urban conflict in Rio de Janeiro, but the reality of Iraq is even more difficult,” says Felipe. “The greatest victims are the families who try to survive surrounded by war. It’s impossible not to get emotional every day working in those places. What makes me reflect the most is the ability to overcome. A lot of people have lost their homes, their families, their mothers, their children. Many are fighting for their lives in hospitals or surviving difficult conditions in refugee camps. But they continue to hope for a stop to the endless war, wishing to be able to safely return to their homes one day.”

I would feel worse for the rich folk scammed by Fyre Festival if they weren’t crying and outraged for having to spend a day in a refugee tent with no running water or electricity without it dawning on them that maybe this experience should make them have more sympathy for actual refugees who literally have no choice but to live like that everyday. Like perhaps that $12k you spent to see Blink 182 on a private island could have gone to better use in the first place, just you know, a thought.

G*psy Prêt-à-porter: A collection of misuse and misinformation

With 2017 London Fashion Week well underway, shows are going political—and being the human rights, economic empowerment devotees we are, could not be more proud. Only thing is, when will the universe of couture finally understand our battle?

Generally intended to express colourful, carefree, bohemian style, the word gypsy is thrown around loosely in the fashion world. From brand names and labels, to standard industry jargon, the word has through time entrenched itself deep within the bowels of the trade. It is no dernier cri. In 2010, Kate Moss posed for a questionable 2010 V Magazine editorial by stylist Karen Langley and photographer Ian Kell entitled “Kate & the Gypsies” while John Galliano, Anna Sui, and countless others included interpretations of the “gypsy” in their ready-to-wear repertoires. In May 2015, Urban Outfitters came under another wave of harsh and well-deserved criticism, notably in the Twittersphere, for coming out with a graphic tee that wrote: Gypster—a hybrid between “gypsy” and “hipster.” Being a “gypster” was defined on the t-shirt as someone who is wild, free-spirited, and, of course, “always on the move.”

Yet, it appears the conversation that started in 2015 died a quick and painless death, as the term steadily resurfaced with little to no backlash at all. For instance, the gender-neutral brand Gypsy Sport led by designer Rio Uribe has been a complete hit on the catwalk this year. Allure Magazine described it as a “Champion for diversity.” Last fall, Kenzo showcased what was described by media as their “gypsy” silhouette dresses on the H&M runway, while the Duchess of Cambridge sported an Alexander McQueen dress inspired by the “intricately beautiful floral patterns seen painted on gypsy caravans and canal barges in the British countryside.”

What appear as celebrations of the “gypsy” are in fact misconstrued representations of Rromani people that insidiously work to continue patterns of discrimination and marginalization today. “Gypsy” is much more than just a word. There are meanings, implications, identities and consequences involved in using the term—meanings the fashion world has carelessly neglected. Don’t get us wrong, centuries-worth of misinformation and typecasting do not help by any means.

First and foremost, the word g*psy is derogatory. It was originally used to characterize a person of Rromani origin based on the mistaken belief that Rromani people came from Egypt. The term increasingly became synonymous with someone who cheats, steals, or for lack of a better term, “gyp.” To be clear, it is a racial slur. The fact that some Rromani identify themselves with the term and do not take offence to it does not make its use any less derogatory, as there is a large percentage of the population that doesn’t feel the same.

It would be foolish to deny that its meaning has evolved in certain social realms. In the fashion industry, many designers and consumers do not use it or interpret it negatively per se. The problem is that there are still many places in the world where it is still used to discriminate and dehumanize people of Rromani origin.

When Vivienne Westwood used Rromani models in her spring/summer 2009 tolerance-themed menswear show to illustrate the minority as the “rough, stylish and hardened outcasts of society,” she received criticism from many. At the time, Milan’s assessor for industry and fashion and ex-Forza Italia MP, Tiziana Maiolo, publicly stated that “there is no chance for integration while the men play cards instead of working and the women and children steal and beg.” She also proposed to guide Vivienne on a tour of the nomad camps to prove just how outdated her “romanticized” perception of Rromani is.

That kind of reaction is no surprise. The rise of right-wing populism in Europe has since intensified and the Rromani population, among other minorities, are paying for it. There is a lot wrong with this whole picture that ought to be corrected. For one thing, over 90% of Roma are sedentary. The stereotypes of nomadism perpetuated by dominant political classes have served as a direct tool of marginalization and segregation. The camps or campi nomadi mentioned by Signora Maiolo, were established by the Italian government to appease the so-called cultural nomadism of the Rromani population. Let me repeat, over 90% of Roma are sedentary. The living conditions of these camps are squalid and fall beneath human right standards, yet governments around the world have blamed Rromani, as if they want to live this way.

When the fashion industry perpetuates the stereotype of nomadism in Rromani culture, they feed into and legitimize a legacy of discrimination. It’s worth pointing out that 10% of Rromani are nomadic, but it certainly does not stem from a romantic free-spirited idea, but was adopted as a means of survival. Still today, in schools across Western and Eastern Europe, Rromani children are segregated. Access to education remains a serious concern, as do access to healthcare and employment. Acts of violence and hate crimes against Rromani are also on the rise, while even the Canadian government refuses to publicly recognize the Roma Genocide where half a million Rromani were murdered under the Nazi regime during WWII. Years of political rhetoric and misinformation have dehumanized the Rromani population.

Giving into such stereotypes sends a strong message to the Rromani community. When designers, companies and journalists use the term g*psy to describe a brand or particular collection as nomadic, wild and free-spirited for their own commercial benefit, they neglect the real and continuing plight of Rromani and unintentionally reinforce their stigmatization. Let’s remember that there is not a single sphere where being Rromani is embraced or praised. Even brands that claim to be inclusive have no real interest in battling stereotypes and changing the status quo.

Fashion is often an expression of a designer’s creativity and identity. Therefore, fashion that misconstrues an identity by celebrating this ill-informed interpretation of g*psy culture is highly problematic and in this case, ignorant. For centuries, Rromani communities have suffered persecution, hatred, and violence. By romanticizing the plight of Rromani communities, the fashion industry demonstrates its ignorance and ultimately neglects the fact that Roma are people. It is time for the powerful and highly influential fashion industry to be cognizant of the world around it, and stop reducing a people to a trend.

Cristina Ruscio & Dafina Savic

what if the fake ah crew were like. all kids in a camp on the same lake as camp campbell

Imagine it though.

-Michael and Gavin (try to) steal like, a boat from camp campbell in the middle of the night. They get caught by the Quarter Master and he takes them to David and Gwen. Gwen is pissed the fuck off and asks them what camp they are from so she can get in touch with the counselors there. Michael says they are part of “The Fake AH Crew” and that they are criminal masterminds. Nobody takes him seriously so David suggests they spend the night at the camp and they can go searching for their camp in the morning. Gwen agrees and Michael and Gavin spend the night locked in the attic, because Gwen doesn’t trust them anywhere else.

-Come morning (more like 9 am) everybody is screaming and when David and Gwen take a look outside they notice a bunch more kids that don’t go to camp campbell, all armed with nerf guns and shooting at the campers. Gwen is fed up and decides to confront them. Geoff announces he is the leader and states that he knows they (Gwen and David) have taken Michael and Gavin hostage. The counselors are confused, David is scared, but he tries to calm things down, saying it was “just a misunderstanding, we didn’t take your friends hostage.” He gets shot by Ryan (”Ryan no, you’re not supposed to shoot, the gun is for show, you’re on a murder break!” Geoff says.)

-The Fake AH Crew tie up Gwen and David, asking them where Michael and Gavin are. They aren’t being taken seriously, so Ryan pulls out a Very Real Knife and that gets them to talk. After learning the whereabouts of their crew members, the crew breaks open the attic door, they retrieve Michael and Gavin, threaten David and Gwen one more time, and all ride away on the boat they rode in on.

-Later, Nurf cuts the counselors out of the rope and then they all have bit of a discussion on the matter, which includes Nikki saying “those guys were so cool!” and Max making fun of Gwen and David for “getting tied up by a bunch of kids AGAIN.”

-The Fake AH Crew actually takes themselves very seriously, like, they really think they are some threatening gang. They are just very into their play pretend they dont see it as a game. Those nerf guns? Real guns. That plastic yellow necklace Gavin wears? 24K Gold. They have ascended Nerris level of delusion, they ARE The Fake AH crew and they don’t have anyone telling them what to do. Except for counselors Burnie, Matt and Gus.

-Their camp is actually technically illegal, that’s why it’s so small and secret. The counselors don’t have any type of permission to have a camp, kind of like running a daycare in your house without a permit. The “camp” is just a bunch of tents, they have a grill and a campfire, and at least once a week a counselor has to go into town to buy more food, they do bring along a couple campers though, in case they are too low on money, those kids can steal exceptionally well.

-The Fake AH Crew consists of about 10 members (Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, Lindsay, Mica, Matt, and Treyco) There were more, but Meg’s mom wanted her to join the Flower Scouts instead, and Ray’s parents thought the conditions of the camp were shit, so instead of letting him be apart of it 2 years in a row, they let him stay home alone during the summer. The crew still pours out a little of their juice boxes in memory, then they had to stop because Burnie didn’t have enough money for them to waste anymore than a drop.

Why hate on the Two Ciels Theory when it makes perfect plot twist?

 After last chapter I’ve seen more and more people upset about the possibility that the person pointing gun at Soma could be the real Ciel Phantomhive , and honestly I would be more than glad if it turns out to be true.

 The main problem people seem to have with 2CT is that it would mean that the current Ciel is nothing but an identity stealing,weak coward.Honestly I have never seen Ciel as anything more than a weak child, who’s desperately trying to do anything to survive.

 Clearly Ciel didn’t care for his parents death when he was making the contract as we see in chapter 95 , he was doing it all for himself, in order to clear his own shame, for his own pride.Their death was solely an excuse to save himself from certain death.

 From the beginning it’s clear that Ciel doesn’t have a particularly strong mindset, that’s why it would be logical that he’d try to mimic his brother’s confident,strong attitude in order to stay alive.He’s seen that it’s the only way to stay alive and not become a victim of Sebastian’s wrath or hunger.

   We have seen many points when he’s showing his true, emotional, weak,introverted self but is snapped out of it by Sebastian , when his words remind Ciel that he has to keep acting strong in order to keep living longer.

 Some of the examples would be: 1.Ciel losing his temper over the broken ring since it is a symbol of his status as the Earl Phantomhive,Sebastian stops him , he calms himself down;

2.Ciel throwing the ring away confidently , but seen to be worrying over it later at night , Sebastian brings the ring back to him , he ends pointless worrying;

3.While at the circus camp rough conditions and cold water bring Ciel down to the point when he’s shivering and hiding like a scared little kid, once again Sebastian confronts him and he finds strength to continue the mission;

4.The Green Witch arc when he’s vulnerable, hiding under the blankets , terrified of Sebastian, who threatens to devour his soul which snaps him back to reality.

and there are many more, worrying about Elizabeth, breaking the vase in rage after pretending to be calm in front of Bravat etc.

What I am trying to say is that it would be more than nice to see the real Ciel Phantomhive , the courageous , the confident, the more powerful one.

An encounter of Ciel & Sebastian with Real!Ciel and Undertaker would be interesting too.

Besides the story of how he was brought back and what his current agenda is would give the plot a whole new spirit.
   As for now it’s still just a theory but in case it turns out to be the truth I hope everyone doesn’t get bewildered and annoyed. Whatever his name may be who the current Ciel is, won’t change by the reveal and it can be very refreshing for the plot. And maybe , just maybe the Real!Ciel with Undertaker’s help would try to actually look for his parents murderers rather than trying to prolong his life putting off the revenge.

For the first time in many years as a Bayern fan I’m seriously disappointed of my team.

I want young players, home grown ones. I want to see a new Thomas, a Fips, someone who feels the colours and have fresh legs to prove everything to his team. I want someone who leaves his soul on the line just like our team does and ffs to celebrate a goal.

Something is wrong, it can’t be that we choke on the last minutes in the most important phases of the tournaments. Our players get injured in trainings (overtraining? Camp conditions?), we miss the simplest goals, our moral is on the ground… I don’t know what happens, they don’t either but it NEEDS to change.

Kitten (Complete)

Relationships: Keith/Shiro

Characters: Keith, Kuro, Shiro, Lance, Allura, Hunk, Pidge (yes, we actually see into all these character’s heads)

Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Breaking Fingers, Claustrophobia, Water Torture, Branding, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Recordings

Words: 25,637

Summary: Kuro violently kidnaps Keith from the Castle of the Lions. Team Voltron desperately tries to get him back, while Kuro taunts them about all the things they can’t stop him from doing. When they finally rescue him, the truly hard part begins.

Note: Don’t let the warnings scare you too much, over half the fic is dedicated to the recovery part of Hurt/Comfort. If you don’t like tumblr as a format, Kitten can also be found on my AO3 account (username ILoveLocust).

If you enjoyed Kitten, please share it! I only have so many followers, and there is no way I can reach everyone that would like this fic on my own.

Part One

He’s such a pretty kitten. Convinced his sharp little claws can do real damage against the big bad wolf. Kuro’s weaker self has been humoring him. Letting him think he’s stronger than he is. He’s lucky his stubbornness is endearing, or Kuro might have just killed him for not acknowledging his betters.

Declawing the kitten is easy. He just has to wait until he over extends himself on an attack, then rip the sword from his hand. The red bayard resumes its dormant state when he tosses the blade across the room. The kitten doesn’t give up at the loss of his weapon. He keeps fighting with his weak fists alone. Kuro is pleased. He’d be so disappointed, if he’d quit so easily. He might have had to wring his delicate neck.

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After Everything

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Word Count: 2875

Prompt: After everything… I’d Still Choose You

Requested by: @musicalmoriarty


Being a tavern girl in the midst of a  war was never easy. There was what seemed to be an endless stream of British soldiers coming and going every night. You had plenty of regulars that never seemed to leave, most patrons that came into the tavern were high strung and ever worrying about battles upcoming. So when he walked in you immediately took notice.

This man was different, he was energetic and loud in comparison to the others. He was a handsome man. He was much taller and bulkier than any of the men you were used to seeing, his skin was dark and he seemed to always be wearing a cap on his head. He had a smile and energy that seemed infectious to everyone in the entire establishment. You found yourself hoping every night that he would return, but also you knew with a war going on there was always a chance he would not return. The thought of this made you incredible sad and you had barely even spoken to the man.

As you stood wiping down the bar you once again looked at the man, who’s name you had learned from one of the other soldiers was Hercules. You jump slightly when you meet his eyes and he smiles at you. You look down quickly to hide your blush and continue to work.

“Good evening,” a male voice said startling you.

As you look up you see that he had gotten up from his table and was now leaning on the bar with a wide smile.

“Hello Sir. What can I get for you?”

“The name is Hercules, you don’t need to call me ‘Sir’,” he laughed.

“(Y/N), it’s very nice to meet you Hercules,” you blush as he kissed the top of your hand.

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Kitten (Part 3)

Note: Hehehe, wanted to make sure I got the set up finished before I ended tonight.  I’ll keep write, but there probably won’t be another update.

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The green gremlin tries to stop him next.  He briefly considers taunting her about the conditions in the work camps.  Sticking around long enough to dash her hopes of seeing her father again with tales of how he was probably whipped to death for being a poor worker, but he can hear his weaker self’s voice over the speakers.  He must escape now or never.  He’ll make a video for her and ‘convince’ one of their allies to pass it along later.

He’s sure her weapon is dangerously unconventional to the uninitiated, but he side steps the green bayard’s attack with ease.  Sending her tiny body to bounce off the wall with a back hand and stomping on her helmet for good measure.  He probably didn’t do enough damage to kill her, probably.

No one else reaches him in time to stop him from finding the shuttle he’s looking for, in the hangar right where he remembers it.  Kitten’s recovered enough to struggle again by then.  He can’t set him down while he checks to make sure everything is in working order, and rips out the safety equipment that would let his control of the machine be overrode externally.

The bay doors are designed to be opened even if the computer system is malfunctioning, so there is nothing anyone can do to stop him when he punches in the proper authorization codes and launches the shuttle.  The Green Paladin had sweetly equipped his escape vessel with a cloaking device.  With her incapacitated they can’t be detected once he activates the cloak and sets a course towards the closest shipping lane.  He would love to take credit for planning for their escape being in a system filled with interstellar and interplanetary traffic, but lady luck gets the credit for this one.

He drops Kitten into the pilot seat, reasserting his grip on his throat.  He can’t get the pretty thing to stop struggling, so he’s forced to tighten his hold until he loses consciousness.  Only then does he flip on the video screen for a parting call.  His weaker self isn’t there to answer, instead the Altean bitch appears on his monitor.  Where’s the fun in showing off what you stole to someone who doesn’t fully understand the thing’s value?

Still he mugs for the camera.  Makes sure both Kitten’s still breathing chest and bloody head injuries from being slammed into the wall are visible.  He’s sure Shiro will see a copy of this, and will appreciate all he’s done.  Kitten’s eyes flutter open near the end.  In a moment he couldn’t have planned more perfectly.  As soon as Kitten’s consciousness leads to dawning horrified understanding crossing his face, Kuro tears out the communication’s wires, ending the call.

Now he and Kitten are finally alone.  He has all the time in the world to enjoy.

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Summertime (And the Livin’ Isn’t so Easy)

“I thought we agreed we weren’t going to talk about me and Clarke,” Bellamy says and Miller just shrugs. “Not that there’s anything to talk about.”

Clarke groans, but she doesn’t argue. It’s true. They cannot get away from camp or the counselors at the same time. There’s always something or someone in their way. But the few moments they’ve been able to steal have been great, which just makes her want to drag him to bed even worse.

Chapter 3: Week 2

“So, have you done it yet?” Clarke rolls her eyes and glares at Miller while Bellamy elbows him in the kidney. “I take that as a no,” he says, stepping further away from Bellamy and his elbow.

The three of them are walking back to the lake carrying buckets full of super soakers so they can set up for a massive battle. It’s the hottest day since they’ve been at camp and everyone from the kids to Kane have been complaining. The schedule went to shit once two of the class cabins lost power and air conditioning, so the entire camp will be meeting them at the lake for the rest of the afternoon.

She’s just glad that Miller asked the question before they got too close to anyone else. “I thought we agreed we weren’t going to talk about me and Clarke,” Bellamy says and Miller just shrugs. “Not that there’s anything to talk about.”

Clarke groans, but she doesn’t argue. It’s true. They cannot get away from camp or the counselors at the same time. There’s always something or someone in their way.  But the few moments they’ve been able to steal have been great, which just makes her want to drag him to bed even worse.

“It would be less difficult if you just told people you were seeing each other,” Miller offers and Bellamy scoffs. Clarke doesn’t look at him. Or Miller.

“We’re not seeing each other,” she says quietly. “We’re not dating. It’s not like that.”

“So, tell them that!”

“It’s complicated,” Bellamy offers and Clarke finally looks over at him and then Miller. “You know that.”

“All right.” Miller rolls his eyes and shakes his head and Clarke smiles down at her feet. The more she gets to know—and like—Bellamy, the more she thinks Miller is rooting for them. She appreciates it, even if it goes against everything she and Bellamy set out to do that night in the bar.

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Greece, Idomeni : Children lie on railway track as they hold banners reading “Open the border” during a demonstration near the makeshift camp close to the Greek village of Idomeni by the Greek-Macedonian border where thousands of refugees and migrants are trapped by the Balkan border blockade, on March 12, 2016. Greece aims to deal swiftly with the migrant overflow at the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greek-Macedonian border where some 12,000 people are camping in miserable conditions waiting to cross. Conditions in the camp have worsened since four Balkan countries shut their borders on March 8 and 9, closing off the main route to wealthy northern Europe trodden by hundreds of thousands of migrants in the last two years. / AFP / SAKIS MITROLIDIS                        


Lovingly Restored VW Camper by Marc Morris


GERMANY. Nordhausen. April 1945. Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. A series of posts for all the Nazi apologists and Holocaust revisionists/negationists. [Part 1 of 5]

(1) (2) (3) Hundreds of bodies clad in grey and white striped prison uniforms are laid out in rows at Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. This is what US troops found after they took control of the camp.

(4) Dying prisoners.

(5) A Polish boy and his father bury the corpse of the boy’s grandmother who died at Nordhausen.

(6) National Archives description: “These two staring, emaciated men are liberated inmates of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. The camp had from 3,000 to 4,000 inmates. All were maltreated, beaten and starved”. April 12, 1945.  

(7) (8) (9) Supervised by American soldiers, German civilians from the town of Nordhausen bury the corpses of prisoners found at the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp in mass graves. The Allies insisted that the male citizens of Nordhausen bury the dead. Although the German civilians denied knowledge of the conditions in the camps, the Allies suspected they were fully aware of the situation. The camps and tunnels were less than two miles from the town of Nordhausen.

Photographs: United States Army Signal Corps/Library of Congress/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Mittelbau-Dora (aka Dora-Mittelbau, Nordhausen and Nordhausen-Dora) was a German Nazi concentration camp located near Nordhausen in Germany. It was established in late summer 1943 as a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp, supplying labour for extending the nearby tunnels in the Kohnstein and for manufacturing the V-2 rocket and the V-1 flying bomb. In the summer of 1944, Mittelbau became an independent concentration camp with numerous subcamps of its own.

There were no sanitary facilities except for barrels that served as latrines. Inmates (the majority of them from the Soviet Union, Poland or France) died from hunger, thirst, cold and overwork. The prisoners were subject to extreme cruelty. As a result they often suffered injuries, including permanent disability and disfigurement, and death. Severe beatings were routine, as was deliberate starvation, torture and summary executions. Common causes of death also included tuberculosis, pneumonia, starvation, dysentery, and trauma.

In early April 1945, as US troops were advancing, the SS decided to evacuate most of the Mittelbau camps. In great haste and with considerable brutality, the inmates were forced to board box cars. Several trains, each with thousands of prisoners, left the area through 6 April for Bergen-Belsen, Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück (other concentration camps). Others were forced to walk through the Harz hills towards the northeast. Those unable to keep up with these death marches were summarily shot by the guards. The worst atrocity occurred at Gardelegen, known as the Gardelegen massacre. More than 1,000 prisoners from Mittelbau and Neuengamme subcamps were murdered in a barn that was set on fire. Those who were not burned alive were shot by SS, Wehrmacht and men of the Volkssturm.

Overall, although no reliable statistics on the number of deaths on these transports exist, estimates put the number of prisoners killed at up to 8,000.

As most of the camps of the Mittelbau system were completely evacuated, there were not many prisoners left alive to be liberated by the Allies. Only some small subcamps, mostly containing Italian POWs were not evacuated. The SS also left several hundred sick prisoners at Dora and in the Boelcke-Kaserne. They were freed when US troops reached Nordhausen on 11 April 1945. There were also around 1,300 dead prisoners at the barracks.

War correspondents took pictures and made films of the dead and dying prisoners at Dora. Like the documentation of Nazi atrocities at Bergen-Belsen, these were published around the globe and became some of the best-known testimonies of Nazi crimes.

The protective-custody camp leader, SS-Obersturmfuhrer Hans Karl Moeser, was sentenced to death by hanging. In his trial statement he said:

“The same way, with the same pleasure, as you shoot deer, I shoot a human being. When I came to the SS and had to shoot the first three persons, my food didn’t taste good for three days, but today it is a pleasure. It is a joy for me.”

In total, even conservative estimates put the number of people who did not survive being sent to Mittelbau-Dora at over 20,000. Thus, around one in three of those confined here did not survive.

Today, the site hosts a memorial and museum.

The Challenging Verses of Cassandra

Tangled the Series past two episodes were very character centric around Cassandra…  What we have learned…  She is a very complex and challenging young woman, and very much a jerk.   You take everything she has done in the past two episodes and we learn a little about her past, however find a nasty streak longer then her halberd.  


In Challenge of the Brave, Cassandra’s ego reigned supreme, totally blinding her from Rapunzel’s innocence, wanderlust, and childish optimism she holds for people and the world.  To the point of sabotaging the woman she was sworn to protect.  Even at the end she accepts her loss, she took not pleasure in the series of events that brought her to it.  What happened to Cassandra to make her so driven to the point of not only sabotaging her opponents, but her own friends to meet her goal?


Cassandra Vs. Eugene… Once more DTVA totally disregard the meaning of words, and make a title that sort of sounds close to what is going on, but not really.  Anyhoot, Rapunzel is tired of the Frienemies that is Cassandra and Eugene and hatches a plan to force the two to work together.  Here we learn that Cassandra and Eugene are simply two sides of the same coin.  An Orphan herself, Cassandra was luckily taken in by the Captain of the Guard, and lived a disciplined and ordered life, and it seems she wishes to emulate the man who she calls father, more to honor him than anything else.  She has no dreams… she states… Which is an obvious a lie…

I honestly don’t think Cassandra knows what her dream is.  She created a world around herself and she can only live and work within this set world, and anything that disrupts it, Eugene, or even Rapunzel, she will do anything to remove that threat from her world.  Now Rapunzel lived in her own fantasy world once, and in a way, she still does, yet it is far more dynamic to Cassandra’s inflexible world view.

Rapunzel and Eugene have both made their own versions of attempts to engage Cassandra, and learn more about her. In each time she only gives in a little bit, before quickly slamming the door on both of them.  Her endgame she says is to become a member of the Royal Guard…   She is very much on the right path for that… There is no reason to be so miserable and well a jerk… So, there is something else that is causing her to keep herself so guarded.

As in the theories about Cassandra’s Parents….

Unknown Father – Mother Gothal

This is so stupid, it doesn’t even justify a response, but I will…  Yes this is pretty dumb because Mother Gothal was obsessed with one thing, herself, and her vanity. Any other person in her life before she kidnapped Rapunzel was used to only benefit herself.  The kidnapping of Rapunzel wasn’t plan A… It was an act of desperation…  Any relationship that would of lead to a child would be so repugnant to her vanity, even an accidental child would not be put in an orphanage… That child would be thrown into a river…  That’s how evil she is.  Mother Gothal is one of the evilest Disney Villains ever created….  (The reasoning behind this requires more time then I have.)  So the idea, that Gothal would EVER allow herself to get pregnant in her long 300 year long life is an absolute joke.

Unknown Mother and Father, Yet brother to Eugene

This is unlikely, the age difference between the two would mean, Eugene would remember any younger siblings before he was orphaned.  There could be some reasons related to the Corona’s many Criminal Purges.  That Eugene’s parents were swept away in one of the king’s purges of criminals, while in their internment camp, his parents had another child. Because of the condition of these camps, they gave up their child to a then young guard who took the girl in, to give her a better life, and she would soon call her his own.

Related to the owner of the mysterious figure that appeared at the end of Tangled Before Ever After

There isn’t much to say about this one due to lack of information…  We simply need more information.