The Process, hair conditioner💣40 min. set time under plastic cap, then added my favorite leave in for smell purposes👌🏾

3 tbsp Mayo: moisturizes, oils, helps breakage, naturally shines.
1 Egg White: protein, strengthens, shines, softens hair, promotes hair growth.
1 tbsp Sunflower Oil: Vitamins, Omega 9, helps with dry scalp and hair loss, protects hair from sun.


1. NEVER wash your hair everyday. Go at least on day without washing your hair. It makes a HUGE difference. If you are someone who has to shower every day because you work out or other things, take your shower without wetting your hair and instead use DRY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. WHY: the natural oils in your hair come from the scalp. With straight or wavy hair the oil can easily travel down the hair shaft with no problem. Curly hair however is full of kinks and twists that make it harder for the oils to reach the ends of your hair. Thats why curly hair does not get greasy as easily. MOISTURE HELPS AVOID FRIZZ!!!

2. DO NOT USE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS WITH ALCOHOL OR SULFATES!!!!!! This can go for everyone. They dry out your hair and can actually damage it. That Garnier Fructise that smells so good? Yeah, no. It sucks. Dont use it. AND NEVER EVER EVER USE PANTENE!!

3. IF YOU STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR USE HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY!!! Cannot stress that enough. Damaged hair cannot be saved and must be cut off. If you can avoid straightening then do it, wear natural hair 90% of the time. With these tips youll be able to!! IF YOU MUST STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR: wash it before you do because you’ll want to go 3-4 days before washing it again. This will allow your hair to heal and restore natural oils. The night before you wash it apply leave in conditoner or some moisturizing oil and sleep with it in. This will help heal the hair and keep it soft and smooth.

4. HAIRSTYLES: you can wear your hair down a lot. Curls wont always look good after sleeping on them so you may want to put it up on the days you dont wash it. I braid my hair a lot on days i dont wash it. I also use the half up hair style a lot. And since my curls arent too tight and kinky i can wear a ponytail. But for a longer looking pony tail i use a banana clip.

5. THERE ARE REALLY GOOD PRODUCTS OUT THERE FOR CURLY HAIR. The best are Redken, Deva Curl, and Pureology. Redken and Pureology are amazing too if your hair is color treated at all. Buy shampoos and conditioner for curly hair. Or one can be just moisturizing. I use pureology curl complete conditioner, A deva curl hair scrunch gel, and a pureology split end salve (a leave in conditioner) they work wonders. I also use redken Diamond Oil. This stuff is amazing but expensive. I get a good price because of my sister.
BUT. if you cant afford those there are cheaper options available at cvs or the grocery store. CHEAPER OPTIONS include Organics and Nexxus. These are more expensive than other options but they are much cheaper than salon quality products with similar effects. both these brands offer leave in conditioners and oils for your hair. I personally use Organics Coconut Milk shampoo because it is very moisturizing. Nexxus Ultimate Moisture conditioner is amazing as well.

6. DONT USE TOO MUCH CONDITIONER! if you have curly hair you do need a decent amount. However using too much can make even your hair look and feel greasy or crusty. Use just enough to get you by. Conditioner is your best friend. Dont abuse it.

7. Get regular hair cuts. At least every 3 months. You can just get a trim but getting rid of split ends can save you from potentially going bald!

8. Finally, LOVE YOUR HAIR!! its gorgeous! Take this advice from one curly girl and use it to work MIRACLES!


Solid conditioner with ingredients such as cocoa butter, figs, avocado and ylang-ylang oil. 

Price: £3.50 (uk) (i paid what would be equivalent to ~£4.50+)

I just repurchased this for the third time and needless to say, I am a very big fan. I first found it hard to use, but once I figured out how to get the product into my hair (i prefer holding it under warm water, then rubbing it between my hands so that it “melts” and goes on my hands and at last rub my hands in my hair, repeating the process two or three times) I instantly loved it. It smells wonderful, like tropical fruits with a hint of something coconutty. It also makes my hair super soft and easy to brush out. 

Pros: Smells good, works well, lasts a long time (as said, I just repurchased it for the third time, the first time I bought it was 6 months ago and since then I have used it pretty much every time I’ve washed my hair), definitely worth the price
Cons: Hard to apply, sometimes leave my hair frizzy and kind of too “flow-y”, sadly has SLS in it… :-(

Overall: 4,5/5

Lush Minis

While I was in Los Angeles, I purchased three travel-sized Lush products.

I picked out the Daddy-O shampoo, The Olive Branch shower gel and the Veganese conditioner. Each product is completely vegan and the small bottles were tiny enough to travel in my carry-on luggage back home.

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If you take anything from me, let it be this!! THIS CONDITIONER IS FREAKING AMAZING!! it’s super cheap as well. Like put this shit in your hair for ten minutes (I mean you can do three minutes if you want) and rinse it out and your hair will feel so soft and just!!!! Seriously, I swear by this stuff. I’ve used it for over a year now and I don’t plan on ever switching!!