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Antisemitism on the Left

Gentiles (AKA non-Jewish people) who talk about social justice seem to be confused or completely oblivious to what antisemitism is.

It’s not just calling for Jewish people to die or being a literal neo-nazi.

I regularly see Leftist/Liberal/Progressive/Social Justice gentiles that claim to be against antisemitism/nazis act incredibly antisemitic, so here’s a helpful list! 

And if you’re wondering WHY something on this list is antisemitic, Google is free!

  • Saying you hate X group of Jews (white Jews, Israeli Jews, etc)
  • Accusing a random Jew (ex: Gal Gadot) of killing children/being a war criminal with absolutely nothing to back up your claims.
  • Calling Jewish people murderers, child-killers, etc. in general
  • Calling Israel a white supremacist state.
  • Celebrating the deaths of Jewish people (yes EVEN if they’re Israeli!)
  • Holding all Jewish people (EVEN Israeli Jews) accountable for the actions of the Israeli government
  • Asking Jewish people their stance on Israel out of any context.
  • Dismissing any group of Jews as “white” (note: this does not include holding white-passing Jews accountable for their conditional white privilege/racism)
  • Ignoring the fact that Jewish people can be of any ethnicity
  • Dismissing the fact that Jewish people are an ethno-religious group
  • Dismissing our connection to Israel
  • Calling a Jewish person you don’t know a reptile/lizard person/goblin (example: The FineBros)
  • Comparing acts of racism/genocides to the Holocaust (there are certain situations in which this is appropriate, but that’s up to Jewish people to decide)
  • Acting like antisemitism isn’t only about discrimination against Jews and includes ALL semites.
  • Acting like Jewish people are privileged for being Jewish (even if they’re white-passing!)
  • Using anything involving Israelis/non-government related Israel events to Discourse about Israel.
  • Bringing up the actions of the Israeli government in response to antisemitism.
  • Acting as if antisemitism is deserved because of the actions of the Israeli government.
  • Giving antisemitic gentiles a pass because they do other kinds of activism.
  • “But Jews voted for Trump!”
  • Inserting yourself into Jewish-only discussions.

Non-Jews are absolutely encouraged to reblog! But this is not an invitation to argue these points!

Jewish people are encouraged to add on!


This Artist Re-Created “The Birth Of Adam” With Black Women And It’s Stunning

The piece by Harmonia Rosales is based on Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” famously displayed in the Sistine Chapel. “I wanted to take a significant painting, a widely recognized painting that subconsciously or consciously conditions us to see white male figures as powerful and authoritative and flip the script, establish a counter narrative,” she told BuzzFeed News, elaborating on why she decided to make reimagine the well-known work of art with black women.

Says Rosales, “White figures are a staple in classic art featured in major museums. They are the ‘masters’ of the masterpieces. Why should that continue?”

Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow. Never expect to outgrow loneliness. Never hope to find people who will understand you, someone to fill that space. An intelligent, sensitive person is the exception, the very great exception. If you expect to find people who will understand you, you will grow murderous with disappointment. The best you’ll ever do is to understand yourself, know what it is that you want, and not let the cattle stand in your way.
—  White Oleander, Janet Fitch

anonymous asked:

i've been repeatedly called offensive for pointing out the non existence of reverse racism to my WHITE british teachers. I straight up told them they couldn't be oppressed, they seriously "offended" and it is going to a) affect my grades bc i made a presentation on it and my teacher got mad b) possibly get me in a ton of trouble because another teacher reported me to the head of school. I genuinely hate white people at this point and i want them to go away forever.

Well I don’t know how to solve the issues of your teachers and school but I can back you up on the other crap they’re denying. Expect a long post.

So, let’s take a look at this reverse racism lol. Sorry, it makes me laugh whenever white people bring it up because first of all, society and the systems and institutions that create it were built to cater to white people because they had the most power (and still do). It is necessary to understand these power structures and once we understand them, we will see that reverse racism in fact does NOT exist because white people are not oppressed in any systematic way or form.

The demographics in America are indeed changing but society is still assumed to be white and therefore, systems and institutions are still built to cater towards white people, giving them an advantage. This is known as white privilege. And it doesn’t matter if a white person’s life is economically tough because economics is only ONE factor that plays into the course of an entire lifetime. A single factor is not enough to offset white privilege that has been awarded to white people for hundreds of years that continue today. Let’s look at some resources…

Reverse Racism:

White Privilege:

Now let’s look at your British teachers and what their ancestors did:

I can go all day with this but you get the idea.

And not that I’m trying to put the spotlight on Germany but the atrocities of World War II are taught to German children in school with “great depth” and is mandatory. Now if white people were taught and actually understood about all the crimes their ancestors did, how it all benefits them today, and how it all spills over in today’s world (especially in America), then perhaps white people would be a little more sympathetic to and understanding of everyone else, instead of denying everything.

You see, white America does everything it can to erase all the atrocities it committed (even those being committed today) while conditioning white people to deny when said atrocities are brought up. It is both erasure and denial of white supremacy, white privilege, colonialism, genocide, racism, and many other things that keep white people in power and the rest of us oppressed. In fact, the moment white people see such terms, they automatically become defensive and harbor a state of denial, which is proof of their conditioning.

Update: Another anon offered some advice.

Angry Asian Guy

Saying “We are responsible for our own happiness” is pretty common ableist garbage. Our own individual agency is important, no doubt, but it is also dwarfed by the machine around us that creates the conditions we fight against, the conditions of wage-labor, white supremacy, patriarchy, cisheteronormativity, all the systems of oppression which have been normalized into every tiny crevice of our lives. We do not get to suddenly say, no, no more – this will no longer dampen my desire to be happy. Only joint liberation can do that, and for that we struggle still.


Buckle up kids it’s rant time.
Today’s topic; People who say his relationship with Chris is toxic and try to bash him for the way he treats Chris.

[If people will request, or if it’ll get too long, I’ll just put it under read more. But I intend for it to be short and to the point.
Also excuse me, English is not my first language and I also have speech problems.

*Clasping hands together, inhaling*

I know that Piers is being very harsh on Chris, trying to force memories on him, basically kidnapping him on a mission, scolding him when he has the chance and going as far as saying “It’s good that Finn isn’t around to see you like this”.
Chris is suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, then picked up drinking. He lost his team which he counted as family, and at Chapter 3, beginning to lose his men one by one with “Ada” just waving with her presence. He doesn’t need Piers to yell and remind him that he is fucking up. Right.

But they don’t have time for that. They don’t have time to sit down and collect their thoughts, Chris can’t afford to have a breakdown in the middle of the mission, they need to act, they need to work, and Piers put his relationship with Chris at risk to make sure they do it.
You can’t always comfort a person. Sometimes a person doesn’t need comforting. Sometimes a person needs a good slap in the face with reality. It’s not a new concept. Hell, Chris ADMITTED that Piers was right after he cooled down for like half a chapter.
Piers didn’t play a “I told you” card or “I’m always right”. He moved on like an adult should do.

After Marco’s death, when Piers was “bashing” Chris for his behavior, no matter how angry Chris got, going as far as to almost raising his hand on the other, Piers didn’t show any fear and you know what?
It was easy to see how Chris realizes that Piers was right.
He couldn’t beat him, not only because he has [Some] self-control, but also because he was right. It’s also shown further when after each stare-down with Chris, Piers only allows himself to express his shock only after the point has been taken, and Chris isn’t watching.

Piers’ role in the game was to put Chris back on track after what happaned in Edonia. He’s supposed to be his moral compass, his sense of duty. As soon as they reached Chapter 5, where Chris begins acting more and more like his old self and their conflict is over, Piers realizes he’s not needed anymore and allows himself to stay behind after he did everything he could.

Piers would do anything for Chris, and that’s exactly what he did. People act like he wasn’t affected by any of the shit happened in Edonia, that he wasn’t affected by losing Alpha Team again, but the man was on a mission. He wasn’t as emotionally invested, but he did have to drag his unconcious Captain from B.O.Ws which were his F R I E N D S and T E A M, while Chris couldn’t even do that. He HAD to. He couldn’t hesitate because Chris would die. He dragged him out and likely put his friends out of their misery, and then he had another team for six months. A team that HE was their Captain, HE leaded them, for SIX MONTHS, until Chris came back and killed them on his first night.
After all that he still believed in Chris and put his own life in his hands, trying to set him back on the right path and going as far as to sacrifice his own life 

Also don’t say that Piers was flat out shit to him. He tried to approach him gently more than once but he saw that it isn’t working, that Chris is stubborn and that vengence is eating at him and that’s when you’ve gotta take the big guns.

Screencaps of this below the cut because it’s too long already and I’m sorry everyone for having this block on your dash. It just bothered me.

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Molecule of the Day - Omeprazole

Omeprazole (C17H19N3O3S) is a drug used to treat acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and indigestion. Under standard conditions, it is a white powder that is sparingly soluble in water.

Omeprazole acts as an irreversible proton-pump inhibitor. It binds permanently to active H+/K+-ATPase systems found in the stomach lining, preventing H+ ions from being shuttled into the stomach. This causes a reduction in gastric acid production.

Being lipophilic, it is readily absorbed by the parietal cells of the stomach, where it undergoes an acid-catalysed rearrangement to form a sulfenic acid, which exists in equilibrium with the sulfenamide. The sulfenamide, which is the active form of the drug, can then react with a cysteine residue in the ATPase to form a covalent bond with it.

As active H+/K+-ATPase pumps are activated upon consumption of food, omeprazole should only be taken on an empty stomach, and food should only be taken 30-60 minutes after.

Proton-pump inhibitors should only be taken in appropriate doses when needed, as they have been shown to interfere with absorption of nutrients since gastric acid is essential for the digestion of food and release of nutrients.

Omeprazole can be synthesised via a multi-step process from 2,3,5-trimethylpyridine.


so all of my life I lived in a very sub-urban area and all I knew was “white!! white!! white!!” I was conditioned to believe that “white was beauty and dark skin was dirty”. this ultimately bringing down my self-esteem and making me think that white was superior and that I shouldn’t be black and that it was a curse or something. I remember coming to school after summer break and white kids comparing their skin to my skin saying “look I’m almost as dark as you” or me going to a pool party and them saying “wow your hair doesn’t get wet?!!”. I remember how much these things used to upset me. i recently I’ve moved to a more urban area with many more black kids and for the first time in my life I realized how great my skin color was and how beautiful my people were and how when I am in the sun my skin glistens and how my hair actually DOES get wet because it coils when it is! for the first time in my life I had a black teacher who actually taught me about my skin and the history behind it and why I should love it. my self-esteem has never been higher and I’ve never been happier. now that I realize how great and excellent my skin color is no one can tell me otherwise. HAPPY BLACKOUT!!!!

if i missed you, would you hold it against me

Summary: With Soryu and MC’s passing, it now fell onto Eisuke to be Ryusei’s legal guardian. Why Soryu and MC would think naming Eisuke, of all people, as legal guardian in their will was beyond him.

              You’re the only one we can trust, Soryu had told him. But that didn’t mean Eisuke was ready to be a father.

              Hell, he wasn’t ready for anything that came since that day.

              He wasn’t ready to be a father.

              He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend.

              He wasn’t ready to lose her.

Genre: Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Pairing: One-sided Eisuke/MC, MC/Soryu

a/n: I haven’t written a proper fic in so long lmao. this idea just popped in m head one day, and since then, i couldn’t stop thinking about it lmfao. 

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove i hope you like it!! @maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer here’s a fic after so long lol

               Dinner was a solemnly silent affair.

              In the stillness of the dining room, the only sound that could be heard was the clang of Eisuke’s utensils on his plate. Across him sat little Ryusei, who only stared at his untouched food with empty eyes.

              “… You’re not hungry?” Eisuke asked slowly.

              The boy shook his head without looking up from his plate.

              Eisuke sighed in defeat, putting his utensils down. “Do you want to go to bed already?”

Ryusei nodded in assent. Gingerly, the boy pushed back his chair and gave a little bow, leaving Eisuke alone with his thoughts.

              “I suppose it’s not going to be easy, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

              And it won’t ever be easy again. Not with them gone.

              Just three days ago, Eisuke was staring into Soryu’s and MC’s coffins. Both of them looked deceptively peaceful, as if they were only asleep—that anytime, they’d wake up from their long nap and mess around in the penthouse like always.

              But Eisuke knew better.

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A Crucial Message for White People

This is something the world needs you to understand before it truly is too late: you can be a white person, but there is no such thing as ‘white culture’.

Now understand that this is something that cannot be thought of shallowly. There’s nothing so dangerous as a little thinking. A poor thinker in this case might wonder ‘but if there’s no white culture then why does there get to be a Black culture?’ and that’s an issue of nuance and context that I’m saving for another day. I want to focus on why white culture doesn’t exist.

First of all, pretty much the entirety of human society relies on myths.

There is the physical world with which we tangibly interact, and then there is a massive and complex universe of ideas and concepts humans have  thought up. We use many of these ideas to create new physical objects for the physical world, but more importantly we use these ideas to create ideologies and concepts that unify a group.

A tribe of 50-100 or so humans could get along because they knew each other individual in their tribe personally, but how do you get thousands, if not millions of humans to cooperate even on a basic level?

Tell me, where in nature are the lines that mark where one country starts and another ends? Where is America? Where is Poland? Where is Italy? Where are any of these nations? There are physical landmasses underlying each one, and in some areas fences, mountains, rivers or walls, even paint lines put down, but none of those things is the actual country or the boundary of one. All we have are ideas we have all agreed on to be true. And these ideas help us cooperate. The idea of a Nation creates a stand-in for a tribe, and gives humans something to be loyal to.

Of course, a Nation is just an idea, and it can be contested. ‘America’ exists, but the land and Native people of ‘America’ were here before the idea of ‘America’ was thought up, murdered for, and penned on a declaration. Even now, they understand this, and the concept of America never objectively changed their past or became an objective truth for them.

So, back to being white. It’s identifiable, sure. It’s more accurate to say you’re light, but let’s not split hairs. But where are you from? Are you American? Irish? Polish? Italian? A mixture? Your family lineage stems from your ancestors, and you call your ancestors Scottish, Swedish or German because that’s where they were born- though in many cases it wasn’t necessarily called that nor was the country shaped the same way at the time. Every European country is different, has a different history, culture, set of norms, stories and myths. Every European country is a separate tribe with its own defining features and beliefs. You cannot fight for ‘European culture’ because there is no one monolithic European culture. That phrase is a dog whistle that means ‘white heritage’ which also is a thing that doesn’t exist.

However, if your European identity that’s what makes you what you are, then you  need to realize that Nationality is a flimsy concept of lineage, too. Anyone born in that country today just like your ancestors were then is going to be that Nationality as well, which is why there are Asian Brazilians and Black Germans. “But they aren’t REAL Germans!” you say. 

And why not? Because Germans aren’t Black? They are when they’re born there, just like your ancestors. The only reason Germans historically weren’t commonly Black is because the majority of Black people were elsewhere at the time.

But things change, populations shift. And so, you see, you cannot conflate the condition of being physically white with a Nationality. Ethnicity and Nationality are two different things. ‘White’ has no objective cultural location, only a coincidental overlap with a history of different ethnicities that have evolved to a more diverse level to day. Which makes identifying just what a Nationality means somewhat more vague.

And this is where racists start getting uncomfortable. Change. The idea that they see their heritage dying. But that’s an issue of what identity they choose.

The only thing dying is the conflation of whiteness with ethnicity.

White is not an ethnicity. White is a social construct- and to say that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist but it is rather a specific physical attribute and social context with no tangible core values other than a lack of melanin. It is a functional myth made identifiable and sustainable by the presence of a physical attribute.

Your viking ancestors weren’t amazing because they were white. (Also there were black vikings)

Your Irish ancestors weren’t brave because they were white.

Your Italian ancestors weren’t creative because they were white.

To be white affords one no objective physical advantage across the board other than the ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun more quickly, which comes hand in hand with increased risk of sunburn and skin cancer. 

Currently, white people tend to operate under a myth that whiteness is a ‘thing’ and that whiteness can grant superiority to a person. And that whiteness is a tangible cultural identity- it is not. This is the crucial misunderstanding. DO NOT CONFLATE YOUR LINEAGE WITH WHITENESS. DO NOT MISTAKE WHITENESS FOR AN ETHNICITY.

It is white people’s continued agreement to this myth that perpetuates white privilege and its partner: bigotry.

You may have seen people saying lately ‘whiteness is not a culture’. I slightly disagree because it has certainly developed as an idea into a culture if ignorance, shallow thought, unsustainability, disconnectedness and hate (the way that something like say, gaming has a culture), but I digress. What they mean is that whiteness is not an ethnic culture the way any other ethnicity is. There is no place whiteness was born- whiteness was a gradual genetic mutation to allow humans to live in less sunny climates. There is no unifying white existence- a white person from Sweden today, a white American from 30 years ago, and a white person in Russia 200 years ago have pretty much 0 unifying experiences other than human ones: seeking shelter, enjoyment and food, for instance.

To attach yourself to a non-existent concept divorced from tangible reality grows more and more unsustainable the more that concept is separated from the identifiable physical world. We will probably never have a schism over what a rock is; we can have vehement debates about what ‘beauty’ is, and we go to war over ideas. 

When white people see their ‘history’ disappearing, it is not because anyone made it disappear. It is because the continued intellectual pursuits of humanity and the tides of time have dissolved what they thought was a concrete identity of superiority and victory into a vague concept desperately trying to smooth over a history of pointless bloodshed and hate. What is ‘disappearing’ only disappears as the truth appears. The unsustainability of the white fantasy- not just that Whiteness is a defensible culture but that ‘Whiteness’ is a concrete identity in the first place- is its own downfall. 

And it will fall.

You will still be here. Your family and future family will still be here. But you will be, just like everyone else, simply people. Your past may be one of pride, of lineage, of Russian, French or simply ‘Southern’ identity, but whiteness is simply a descriptor for the people of your family, and not what they stood for.

You can’t fight forever for something that never existed. It won’t last.

So if you identify as a ‘supreme white’, if you hold that idea even vaguely or do not confront it, then yes, it would look as if society is trying to remove you.

However, if you identify as a person before anything else, if you see that you have a skin color and a family heritage like everyone else, if you realize that your history is no more or less glorious than anyone else’s, you realize that if anything is threatening you, it is the aggressive, divisive rhetoric of White Supremacy.

Back to myths? White culture is a myth. The entire ‘historical’ narratives of independence, manifest destiny, valor and might is a selective cherry-picking of the past to string together a rallying myth of pride and supremacy. It is a myth that, by necessity, leaves out the white fear and isolation that caused such defensive, desperate actions. It is a myth that, by necessity, leaves out the beauty and complexity of the cultures it dominated so that it could make them look inferior and deserving of violence.

Whiteness and white supremacy is a myth. It’s an idea that a group of people agree on so they can all identify with it and thus have a common thread with which to identify with other humans.

The thing about myths? Humans create them to influence and control. One human can only lead so many other humans. But a human with a good story can lead millions.

Stop believing the bedtime story. Wake up.

My Eyes - Part 2

Pairing: Bucky; Steve x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 4,549

Story Description: Steve is a good man, America’s golden boy, a hero. He’s Captain America for christ’s sake! So it’s normal to want what he has… right? Bucky knows he doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t even deserve the second chance at life he’s been given. But Bucky can never let him know. Steve can never find out that his friend is in love with his best girl.

Story takes place post “CA: CW” and all tension has been resolved.

Part One

“You look so handsome.” Y/N smirked as she saw Steve straighten his tie in the mirror for what seemed like the 100th time.

His cheeks reddened and he grinned at her through the mirror’s reflection.

Then Y/N got up from her spot and wrapped her hands around his waist from behind him. “And you still can’t take a compliment without blushing.” She kissed the side of his neck.

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anonymous asked:

(Pt. 1) To the anon about Gal. Gal Gadot isn't white tho, she is still white passing. She may not be seen enough to be a WOC(I completely understand and don't dispute)but it's more complicated and wrong to call her white due to her being jewish and of jewish decent. Just because she has roots in Europe don't make her any more white or any less jewish. Jews(white passing, that is)are only seen as white on a conditional basis so calling her white is a little insulting.

(Pt. 2) There isn’t really a ‘white jew’ unless it is someone who converted and has no ancestry. I completely understand white-passing Jews not being labeled POC but being labled white doesn’t make sense either. I know it sounds weird and confusing but that’s just how it is when it comes to trying to get a clear label on us.

I’m sorry for calling her white. I get that its complicated and that’s why I wasn’t sure we could really call her a PoC immediately. So we’ll just leave it at her being white-passing. Thanks for clearing that up!

mod m

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on identifying as a "white passing" minority? My father's family are "white passing", my mother's family are not. Of my family I am the "whitest" (the only blue eyes and the lightest hair/skin). I don't identify myself as "white passing", to me it sounds a little apologist, but the other day my partner (white, but ironically darker than me) used the term to describe me and I guess I am white passing, but I'm Jewish, why would I ever identify as that?

[Just thought I should make a disclaimer here that I am far from being a white/white-passing/white-skinned Jew. Input is very much appreciated.]

White-passing is definitely a thing, and not apologist. Jews, however white/white-passing/white-skinned they are, are still subject to antisemitism. Racialized antisemitism. 

Jews like Scarlett Johansson (just to give an example, since neo-nazis like talking about her) are said to be infiltrating white spaces to ruin the White race (or something ridiculously bigoted like that). Actual neo-nazis will openly talk (in online forums, you could actually check it out if you wanted — I really, really do not recommend this, though) how Jews are becoming better at looking white, even Nordic, in order to infiltrate the White race.

However, colourism is a thing, as well — and one should keep this in mind. Being white or light(er)-skinned, white-passing does afford one some privileges, however conditional they are. This is not to deny that they still face antisemitism. But it does makes things different, depending where you are (not trying to make an understatement here, just keeping in mind that the Jewish experience varies widely across the board).

Thoughts? @libhobn?