I had an idea for a post for some of my followers about Bucky and Nat in the comics vs the movies.  (This idea was actually inspired by an ask that @sebuckstianstan got and I’ve been mulling it over for a few days.) 

 I’m sorry if this shows up in the tag at any point but I don’t want to star out their names when I’m trying to write an actual post.  This is also not a hate post about the ship, it’s just going to be stating the differences between MCU and Comics.  So maybe somebody will have a better understanding where both parties are coming from.

1. MCU Bucky & Nat very different from Comic Bucky & Nat.  That’s a basic but  clear thing that everyone needs to understand.  And for the most part I think most people do.  But the “it’s in the comics” argument is unfair for people who only watch the movies.  Those people aren’t going to know the differences between the back stories.

2. Backstory.  Comic!Bucky and MCU!Bucky have two different back stories.  This is something many strictly MCU!Bucky fans may not know. When Brubaker brought the Bucky back as the Winter Soldier, Bucky was actually captured by the Soviets unlike in The Winter Soldier film where it was HYDRA.  The WInter Solidier was a soviet assassin not HYDRA’s asset.  That’s honestly the basic most stripped down way to explain it.

3. Natasha in the comics was born in 1928. In the MCU it is stated that she is born in 1984 (TWS film).  So obviously, this is starting to be where the big divide is.  She actually was an intelligence spy for the Soviets during World War II.  After the war was over was when she was recruited for the Black Widow program and that’s when Bucky trained her.  So in comic lore, they were both definitely adults when Bucky trained her.  

4. They fell in love during this training but Natasha was promised to another man. She wanted to be with Bucky but the relationship didn’t last as she learned that when he wasn’t need he was put on ice.  They didn’t get back together until he was brought back to assassinate red skull.

5. Now, the movies, I feel like if they want to explore this ship, a bit more ground work has to be laid out.  They’ve only had two interactions both of which have been violent.  He just about killed her twice.  To me, that’s not very romantic, but I know it’s a hopeful wish for a lot of Comic shippers and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It also has a lot to do with where Nat ends up after Civil War and what the new Avengers movies are going to be focusing on. (Title changes are coming)

Anyway, I hope this helps people understand a little bit of what’s gone on in the comics between Bucky and Nat.