• baby:M... m...
  • parents:Mama? Are you trying to say Mama?
  • baby:Mindfang holds the key to a more complete understanding of Vriska's character development throughout Homestuck. Once we understand that Vriska's obsession with Mindfang didn't just extend to mimicking her questionable taste in romantic partners and dashing murderhappy persona in Act 5, but to her entire way of being, we can more clearly see the ways that even in Act 6, when Vriska seems to renounce her villain persona for a hero persona, she is still performing a facet of Mindfang: the heroic revolutionary who rebelled against the Condesce alongisde the sufferer. While (Vriska) reacts to Aranea's exaggerated but relatable attempts to also become Mindfang by dropping the Mindfang persona and revealing the more sensitive, unsure Vriska who was sealed away inside, the only significant deviation Vriska makes from being Mindfang 24/7 is her relationship with Terezi. Is the alpha Vriska aware that her desperate desire as a kid to become more like Mindfang has consumed her? Is she aware that (Vriska) is not an impossible deviation from Vriskahood, but a version of who she really is without the crushing veneer of Mindfang? And if Vriska survives her Mindfang-esque heroic sacrifice in the dream bubbles, will she ever be able to peel the Mindfang off of herself, or has she become the mask?


I was doing a Condesce commission and the chat went out of control lmao I think in the end someone made a blog about a city in Condy’s hair?

then I was coloring a Centipeetle sketch aND somehow a ship happened, and there was fanart

also free cake for everyone #CondyForPresident2016

I never know what’s going on in the chat, how does all of this happen hahah

Lirion: Take the Throne.

This is it. The moment she’s been waiting for. After all the fighting, all the losses, she’s finally in a position to win. She has an entire army on her side, and what does the Condesce have? Issues with her past and a soft heart.

She has been ready for this moment since she first layed eyes on the empress.

Ten of the best royal psiionics enter the throne room, fuchsia cloth strips around their arms bearing Lirion’s symbol.


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Why do you hate the quadrants?

I don’t think the quadrant system benefits the people using it. Instead, I think it’s a tool of the Empire designed to shape individuals’ desire to connect and interact and love into a tame, compartmentalized form. In a culture where friendship is a “disease” and trolls are expected to automatically distrust each other, quadrants serve as a safety valve that limit a troll’s personal trusted network to only 5 people or so. How do you build a large-scale rebellion when trolls don’t want to turn their backs to anyone but their quadrants? The answer: they never did. The Signless tried to preach the gospel of a politically potent love that went beyond quadrants, but it never caught on and the Condesce was never overthrown except by the destruction of her planet.

On a more micro-level I think trolls, like everyone else, have the ability to feel a massive variety of emotions, and the custom of splitting those emotions off from each other is pointless and painful. Plenty of surviving troll characters in Homestuck don’t feel strictly in the quadrant system: Karkat dates Dave in the human way, and I’m pretty sure none of the quadrants fully encompass the way Terezi is in love with Vriska. Even among the trolls who didn’t have the time and proximity to move away from the quadrant system, there were excessive amounts of flipping and vacillation–and Karkat confirms that that’s a common cultural trope. Hussie even said early on that figuring out what quadrant young trolls are attracted to each other in is a real pain in the ass for a lot of them. People can talk all day about how trolls feel romance differently, but in the end I think they’re not that different from humans, and the idea of such a specialized monogamous where the feelings can’t mix without it being infidelity or indecency feels like a terrible idea.

Ancestors meeting the dancestors can u imagine
Signless just ‘im s o sor ry’
Handmaid is like 'u, i like u’
summ just 'this,,,,this motherfucker gets all the ladies’
psionic prolly plays the vidya games w tuna
Disciple is just,,,,confused. All this writing skill,,,, being used for fan/friendfiction and weed
dolorosa is lowkey 'fuck yeah’ but also concerned bc dont be rude young lady who raised you
redglare would probbly interrogate and then chill with latula
mindfang is v disturbed but also proud and kinda scared
dankleer is proud of dis boi,,,so pure,,,so good
ghb had never before met anything this creepy but that’s cool they chill
dualscar is honest to god disappointed and freaked out he’s prolly gonna try to shoot him or somethin
condesce+meenah=total chaos

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Grand Highblood's hair on Condy's hair?

hey anon… do you mean like this? -sailorluna

I hear you folks, you’re out there wondering, “how can I put random hair on the Condesce too?” Well, here’s a base with most of her regular hair removed… make your own verions. Make it a party game, I don’t care just submit your creative genius back to us.

Jane Week Day 3: AU

Jane is high leveled healer class in SBURB the mmorpg, and is an heiress to the infamous Crocker Corp guild. Jane is very competent healer and mostly spend her time supporting her guild whenever The Condesce decides to Boss Raid or conquer other guild. the other end of her staff is trident, she used it when going meelee. and the skaian orb end is to buff her spells.

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So is the condesce Hillary Clinton now is that what's going on here

did HIllary promise everyone free cake? haha

Anon: Did you play Tales Of Zestiria/Are you watching the anime? 

ahh no I don’t know that series! I mean I know my friend likes it but that’s it

Anon: will you be doing any tricksters soon? i miss them lol. i love your art btw! 

thank you! and I don’t have plans to..