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Here we have Mituna stuck in a HAIRY situation

A bunch of people politely asking Aranea to stop helping while Mituna takes an oblivious selfie

And Mindfang riding Falcor into hell while drinking and flipping someone off with Mmm whatcha say playing in the background and Mituna as Cherub bidding her a fond farewell

Though she’s rarely ever apologized, the Condesce gets pouty when she knows she’s in the wrong and beats around the bush when she tries to say she’s sorry. During her time with Sassacre, she softened up a bit, but it didn’t stop her from feeling any less flustered when she had to say sorry for anything. He did find it quite charming and always ruffled her hair to let her know everything was okay.  

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this badass mofo was requested by (dont mind the shitty quality of the process gif that was completely tumblrs fault blame them thats right get your pitch forks and things of unimaginable pointiness and wriggle your way to tumblr headquarters and demand that they slap some hardcore better quality gif-age on this site and if they dont listen threaten them with pizza rolls because they will do anything for pizza rolls i assure you)

its really hard not to like nicki minaj

oops i meant **the condesce

sorry autocorrect

theyre both great tho

oh sweet mother of mary on a stick yES I DO COMMISSIONS 

come forth my young ones and present-eth me with your junk


I don’t know if introducing Homestuck to my best friend was the best or worst idea ever but she legitimately just gave me a box of Betty Crocker cake mix for a birthday present. I have never felt such a strong need to simultaneously laugh and slap a person with a box of cake mix.


Empress vs Emperor

This was really fun and the Condy cosplayer was really cool as well. I’m also wearing my glasses because my fins would fall off every time I take my glasses off. 

Also thanks to the Cronus cosplayer that took these amazing shots!

Condesce- shayisveryhungary

Cronus/photographer- aphlover5

anonymous asked:

ooohh can u share some of ur hcs about the condesce and karkat ??

like i like aus where she treats him like hes some purebred little showdog? 

after the signless was such a thorn in her side and she raised her empire and took it galactic, she did so in huge fucking red ships. when she gave herself a brand as betty crocker on earth, she used a bright red logo. shes using red like alt calliope uses it- like its a trophy. how much more of a trophy would an actual living redblooded troll be? to gradually brainwash him, to prolong his life alongside her own, to keep him small and pampered, nails and horns perfect, hair perfect, clothes perfect- brands him as hers, the ultimate conquering of the rebellion, keeping it under her thumb, at her beck and call, trained to amuse her. 

All my cosplays from Matsuricon this weekend! Friday I was the Tooth Fairy and Princess Aurora (Briar Rose version.) Saturday I was Twisted Aurora and The Condesce. Sunday I was maid Cinderella! ^^ If anyone has any/sees any pictures of me, please post and/or tag them! I’d really like to see them!