I like being around people who believe
in eternity. Not for long. An hour or so.
They remind me of vacationers
convinced the lake will always be there.
The sun. The little girl
trying to catch a fish with her hands.
Sometimes she does. Later, as a woman,
she gets up and goes to a winter window,
traces a fish in the condensation
and remembers the insistence
of its last breaths, the body
she held away from the larger body
it belonged to, returns
to the man in bed and bites him,
hoping he will call her cruel.
If that seems like a little play
I just dreamed up, what do you make
of the bite mark on my thigh, or the woman
with her back to me now, crying?
I make everything of her. Everything I can
as long as I can. I’m no smarter
than that fish grinding its gills
against the air. That’s all I’m doing
when I kiss her back, her front,
when I live within the gravity
of her bones. But day and night,
that’s what I’m doing.
If there were always the chance
to cherish later, would we now?
—  Bob Hicok, “Busy Bees”

rocketonthemoon said:
Rei/Usagi 19?

#19: things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

Rei would’ve said it was food-related. Such an easy answer, really, Usagi was almost embarrassed for her, despite the fact that this wasn’t an actual conversation actual people were actually having. She would’ve laid the scene out in painstaking detail. Usagi meeting everyone after school, when the weekend lay ahead with all the promise of its uncounted hours. The savoury aroma of a fresh, untouched pizza, the steam rising from bubbling cheese. The perfect chill of a sundae, custom made just for her, with the ice cream scoops still perfect and the fudge sauce just beginning its journey to thoroughly coat every curve. The look of a melon soda at the peak of flavor, when the glass is cold enough to cloud over, but the condensation hasn’t begun to bead, and you hear that first clink of the ice melting and shifting.

Okay it’s possible Rei wouldn’t have gone to quite that level of detail, but only because she didn’t really appreciate food right. It was a crime, and should be punished, but that was for another time.

She might also have brought up sleeping. Oh Rei-chan. Silly, wrong Rei-chan. Sleep was amazing, for sure, and there was nowhere near enough of it happening in Usagi’s opinion. Happiest, though? Maybe Usagi wasn’t doing it right (could you do sleep wrong?), but she didn’t feel much of anything at all when she slept. There was the peace and gratitude of before-sleep. There was the confusion and loss of after-sleep. But sleep itself? Not much of anything at all.

What Rei would never have guessed (and the certainty of that gave Usagi more than a little satisfaction), was right now. Not so much the monster trying to claw her face off, and wow, rude, the thoughts of a young girl are precious like delicate butterflies drifting on the warm spring air! But also?

Also, yeah, kind of like that.

Fear was here too, of course. From the moment they transformed, Usagi felt like her tummy was made out of balloon animal balloons, all twisted and knotted in weird places. She had never learned to stop being scared and guessed she never would. Now though, there was more than fear. The demon had tried to claw her face off, and Usagi had been strong enough and quick enough to jump away. The barest of effort and she was sailing through the air. Her pigtails whipped in the wind and Usagi could feel the tingling in her fingertips that meant her power was beginning to build. What’s more—

“Nice dodge.”

See? That. Dozens of feet above the ground, fighting scary monsters and saving the world, and there Rei was at her side like they were walking down the street arm in arm with nowhere special to be. Usagi spared a glance to her right; entirely unnecessary, but it was kind of the point of thinking about this in the first place, wasn’t it? Sure enough, Rei was there, black hair fanned out behind her like the cape of the superhero she was. Catching Usagi’s eye, a smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth and her eyes narrowed in that dangerous way that made Usagi’s heart smile when it was directed at someone else.

Everybody knew that Usagi loved the simple things. Food and sleep and lazy days with nothing to do but play video games and ignore the clock. They were great things, absolutely, but not the things that made Usagi happiest.

Someone she loved at her side, alive and at THEIR happiest. It was the best feeling in the whole world.

Given the heat beginning to ripple the air around Rei right now, she was pretty darned happy. Her eyes gleamed in the moonlight as she sized up the slavering monster below. It didn’t look so scary from up here. Not with Rei nearby, anyway. Confidence oozed from Rei, and as always, it was infectious. Any remaining doubt boiled away near the flames of Sailor Mars, and Usagi felt her own smile emerge.

Ice cream was incredible, naps were so important, hugs were the greatest things in the entire universe. But these moments, when Usagi was powerful and strong and more certain than she’d ever be in her entire life, knowing her best friend was at her side feeling just the same, these were their happiest moments of all.

“You ready?”

“You bet.”

The First Law of Thermodynamics
for @sciencebrosweek
Day Six: Illuminate (Mars Colony)

The sound of Bruce panting and Tony’s legs smacking into the back of his thighs drowned out all the other noise in the shitty little private room Bruce was afforded as the head of botany in the colony housing complex. His bed was a travesty, having been all fucked out by this point – not that it was great when they’d met honestly – and the whole room smelled like sex and sweat after two minutes. At this point, condensation was practically running down the shitty prefab metal walls. For Tony, who was rich on Earth and had only set foot in a place like this a couple times on drug deals, it was almost novel. He wondered how Bruce ever grew up here.

“Tony!” Bruce gasped, cum shooting across his stomach, face twisted in pleasure, and Tony licked at his sweaty lips, grinning down at Bruce as he dripped sweat on him, fingers slipping on his thighs as he tried to get deeper in the last few moments before his own euphoria.

Tony cursed as he came, collapsing on Bruce’s spent body, burying his face in Bruce’s neck, feeling his heart flutter and skip a few beats from years of hard synthetic drug use. The flashback made him physically shudder. Fuck, Bruce felt good. Hot. Nearly too hot. Tony’s senses were heightened for a moment, skin blissfully oversensitive. He could hear Bruce’s heart pounding in his chest – strong, not like Tony’s own, steady. He hated how he loved it.

To avoid feelings Tony sat up, running his sweaty hands through his sweaty hair and letting his arms fall to his sides.

“We have to stop doing this on odd days,” Tony joked, wishing for more than the every-other-day five minute regulated shower. “I’m getting into a pressure suit tomorrow reeking of sex.”

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Here’s the Let’s Play that I watched to get acquainted with MN9, since I don’t have a modern console that can handle it. 

I love this. A Let’s Play without the “play.” Just the cutscenes and dialogue. No tedious scenes of someone struggling to complete the level, no screaming Let’s Player trying to be funny. The condensed bare minimum you need to understand the game. 

There’s also one with Ray’s storyline. 

For anyone not acquainted with MN9, these movies are by far the least annoying way to do it.

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I know it’s been a few weeks and I do apologize.  I had some issues with stress and then a lot of real life things that kind of blew up on me.  I am working on some blog clean up and moving a lot of my stand alone accounts into one multi-muse to finally condense and maybe reduce the pressure on myself.  So, yes.  Hopefully activity will be picking up soon within the next couple of days – thank you all so much for your patience! Also, I will probably, unfortunately, be dropping the multi-muse sub-account I have here under Buffy.  I will be moving a couple characters, Fred and Illyria to my multi-muse, maybe Angel/Angelus, maybe Giles; characters I’ve written before and don’t necessarily require a lot of extra stress or thought to pull together.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience.  I do hope you guys will bear with me a little longer! I miss writing with you all and look forward to returning to Buffy soon!


It’s like, who is Halsey? Halsey’s a singer, Halsey’s bisexual, biracial, and she has a mental illness. That’s me, that’s how you sum me up in a nutshell. I’m so much more than that. I like to cook and I paint really well, and I play eight instruments. I write, I’m well travelled, I have so many more experiences and talents and interests than these things that I’ve been condensed into.


If there’s anything we’ve learned about Alexander Hamilton from one whole year of rap battles and choreographed dance numbers, it’s that he had a lot to say. In fact, the man was so voluble that I’m surprised he doesn’t rise from the grave every time anyone anywhere expresses an opinion just so he can give us his Thoughts on the Subject.

Last time we did this, we condensed the entire hours-long musical into just a few texts. Now we’re focusing on the ten-dollar Founding Father himself, because if you don’t think Hams would’ve triple-texted with impunity, then you can get out of my face.—Elodie 

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