The House in Sri Lanka is set against a paradise on earth

White sandy beaches, dotted with palm trees and huts draped in coconut leaves, weave in and out of cliffs in Mirissa, located at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Crocodiles, water snakes, black monkeys, wild elephants and even leopards roam freely in the jungle. Local fishermen hold on to wooden sticks buried beneath the sand at the edge of the sea as the fish swim towards them.

The house perches on top of a cliff, as if it were a leopard whose claws edge towards the Indian Ocean. It was a gift from a husband to his wife. The couple has been married for 40 years and Sri Lanka has been their home for the past 30. A slab of stone, placed outside the gate and reached through a thicket of green at the end of a meandering private road, is succinctly inscribed: “To Saskia.”

Tadao Ando Architects + PWA Architects

Photography: Edmund Sumner

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Australia’s Most Scenic Brutalist House Complete With Concrete Cantilevers by Charles Wright Architects

Set in a bucolic landscape worthy of a sci-fi movie, this neo-Brutalist masterpiece completes the futuristic image with its daring concrete cantilevers that jut out over a serene lake in Queensland, Australia. The Stamp House, designed by Charles Wright Architects, is enough to encourage anyone to jump back into studio and completely revise their project.

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