DIY Concrete and Wood Veneer Necklace Tutorial from Tinker Paint Bake Cakes.

Make these modern DIY Concrete and Wood Veneer Necklaces using silicone jewelry molds. There isn’t much of a tutorial, but modeling clay was used to adhere the veneer to the concrete base. There is also a recipe for champagne chalk paint at the link.

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“Whatever demons you have to deal with, whatever struggles you’re battling, just stay committed to your craft and be responsible to it.” - Ameerah K.

These wise words may be just what an aspiring artist needs to hear as they reach their tipping point. After reading Concrete Cakes interview with Ameerah, it’s apparent that she’s been there and had the stamina to overcome the obstacles that got her where she is today. Check out this video of her doing a thought provoking political piece (on the same night as a Presidential debate) and click here to read the full interview.

She hooked us up with some dope live art at Philly  J Dilla, and you’ll be glad to know that she'll be blessing with another Hip-Hop inspired piece at Philly ♥ Guru