concrete powder

It’s Just Business (Part 6-Final) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 5

Steve carried you from the 20th floor all the way down to the main floor without a waver in his steps even as he dodged piles of fallen ceiling and clouds of debris dust hazing his vision.  He had moved so quickly that he had brought you to the emergency crew before the one bringing your father down had a chance to follow.  When he looked down at you, you were covered in a grey coating of powdered concrete and your eyes were still closed, but you were breathing; that was the only thing that he would focus on to keep himself together.

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anonymous asked:

Favourite makeup? :0 hugs and love, always have liked you and your blog very much xx

aw thank you! <3
not sure if you mean brands/ products or styles. 
But brands and products: Nyx everything minus foundation because it’s not pale enough , pretty zombie cosmetics: lip stuff <3, powder, concrete minerals: eye shaddows.
And I use foundation from Mac. Only because I haven’t found another brand that I can try in store and is pale enough (it’s good. but also the only one I ever tried ) my eyeliner is from elf. I fucking hate it, but it’s the only one I have tried so far that my skin can handle -_____-
For getting real party pale I use the white dream tone foundation from manic panic. 

I’m allergic to a lot of makeup, so I’m a bit religious to my brands. Also I prefer  to use vegan and cruelty free brands. :)
Thank you for asking :D


My  friend, Loren, literally i-messaged me a shot of this place on his recent snowboarding trip to Japan, and 電子ほら (et voilà), here it is for rent!  It’s a massive ski lodge to the modern max, yet has the perfect warm balance of wood, against concrete, against powder.

Sleeps up to 8, from $180/night.  素晴らしい (Awesome)