concrete path

You knew you shouldn’t have visited the other dorm for that party, and you knew you should have brought your pillowcase (stuffed with feathers and Rosemary, of course) so you could stay there. Instead you’re out here in the cold and dark, clutching a locket filled with iron shavings and the contents of ramen packets. You’re sticking to the concrete path (stepping on grass in the dark is like treading on a minefield, only the mines are mounds and the consequences are far worse) and making beelines from lamp light to lamp light. You don’t dare to look over your shoulder (They don’t take kindly to being looked at when They’re hunting), and you ignore all footsteps but your own (relatively easy, it’s hard to mistake click-clack-tap as anything but Theirs).

There’s a snap and you freeze, every instinct screaming at you to look behind you or start running (but never both). Instead, you close your eyes and take a breath to centre yourself. You open them, and begin to walk again, with renewed purpose.

Is it you, or are the lamp lights lower to the ground?

You ignore the thought, and keep following the lights. It is too dark to see anything else, even the other buildings (this isn’t right this isn’t right this isn’t right) but you keep walking taking deep breaths and holding your locket to your chest (it doesn’t burn you – yet). The lights are brighter, and closer, but they definitely don’t move (they bob and they weave with delicate mischief). They space themselves further and further apart, and everything else is too dark to see (you can see everything, but you pretend you don’t), and it feels as though you’ve been walking for eternity.

The lights abruptly stop, and so too does your heart for a second. A glimmer to your right gets your attention, and you turn to see a solitary light, beckoning you closer. You go to take a step towards it, but you freeze. The light is in the middle of the Green.

Off the path.

The path continues to the side, but it is dark, and it is no longer concrete, but cobblestone and mud. The light is safe (on the grass), the light is near (on the minefield), and the light is bright (a beacon in a place you do not want to draw attention). You clutch your locket tighter to your chest (your palm stings but you ignore it).

And you run.

Chest heaving, heart pounding, feet falling and hitting damp grass, you run for the light. And the light seems to run as well.

Away from you.

With a desperate cry, you let go of your locket (bad idea bad idea bad idea) and pump your arms in an attempt to go faster (click-clack-tap becomes stomp-stomp-click behind you and you don’t question how). The light still continues to elude you, but it seems to be growing now. You hear heavy breathing and it isn’t your own, and the light is still far off but it’s growing larger, and now it’s coming closer, and you feel breath on your neck but the light is so close, and then its right in front of you, and it’s not a light, but a door-

And you burst through the pull door, scaring students who are going about their daily business. The sunlight blinds you (wasn’t it 8pm a few minutes ago?), and the students are speaking in a language you don’t understand. For a second you’re scared you’re Elsewhere, but then you recognise some words (from a class you by all rights should have failed but sweet cakes and sweeter words are a surefire way to pass). You ask around, and thankfully someone understands you (you notice the nitrate burns on their hands, but you don’t say anything), and explains the situation. You’re on an entirely different campus (on an entirely different continent), and it’s Wednesday morning (the party was Saturday).

Thankfully, EU has a budget set aside for students who find themselves places where they shouldn’t be (so long as you’re not in Elsewhere of course). You are able to return home soon enough (your locket still stings against your chest), and eventually your sojourn becomes little more than an urban legend (on two continents, no less). To everyone concerned, you simply became lost upon walking back from the dorm party.

(After all, Will-o-the-Wisps have a habit of leading travellers astray.)

((There was an ask about will-o-the-wisps and an ask about students on other campuses, and I felt like writing something so this happened, enjoy))


You’re Worth The Danger.

Request from anon:Can I request a Bucky x reader? She’s a civilian but they’ve been dating for months. Some hydra agents have been watching her and try to kidnap her when she was home alone. She manages to run away and hide inside a store calling Bucky to get her. After he picks her up he has her move in with him at the tower where she’ll be safe. Tony has a soft spot for her so he gives her an all access key and welcomes her to the family.

Note: All Russian was done through Google translate so I apologise to anyone who understands it and it doesn’t actually mean what it should do!

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,437

Warnings: Violence, intimidating behaviour, threat to life and a swear word.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

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Sometimes you wished you could stay frozen in this moment of time forever…your boyfriend’s arms wrapped protectively around you as he slept peacefully next to you and your eyes gazing upon his perfect face. Every morning for the past few months now you had been greeted with this sight and it never grew old. Not only was he ridiculously handsome but he was part of the Avengers too! Yes you, an ordinary civilian, was dating an individual that helped to save the world on pretty much a daily basis……it was like your life had suddenly turned into a script from a movie and even now as you felt his presence and you looked upon him you still couldn’t wrap your head around it all.

“Are you watching me sleep again [y/n]?”

A tired smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he slowly, and a little reluctantly, opened both of his eyes. He knew you did it every morning but until now he had never mentioned it. It amused him that rather than getting up and starting your day you would just lay there and watch him instead. He couldn’t see any fascination with him sleeping but if it kept you happy then he would live with it.

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Request: Imagine having a panic attack in public and Juice comforts you.

Warnings: Could be triggering if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. You may not wanna read this if you are prone to either. Be safe, babies 💕

NOTE: Im aware that everybody experiences panic/anxiety attacks differently, so I tried to kinda summarise it.


Canned goods, olive oils, jars of pickles.
You walked down the aisle desperately trying to slow down your breathing. Trying to hold off only ever made them worse, but you hated having a panic attack in public. The grocery store was a sensory overload.
The squeaking off the loose wheel on the shopping cart.
The bright lights shining down.
The beeping off the till.
The coloured packaging all jumping out at you.
The laughter of children in the next aisle.
The soothing music playing throughout the store that was anything but soothing.
The footsteps on the polished tiles.
The old man whistling as he paced the aisles.
The buzzing of the overhanging lights.
The call over the loudspeaker for Karen to return to the service desk.
It was all too much. The moment you had walked in the entrance you had felt nauseas and you had gulped, determined to get your groceries and get out.
You dug your fingernails into your palms as you walked up the aisle, hoping desperately that this feeling would pass.
Count to ten.
But the pounding in your chest quickened and your lungs felt like they were tightening, strangling you, starving you of air.
You had to get out.
You dropped the basket you were carrying with the few items you had managed to pick off the shelves and you headed for the door.
A soccer mom was wrangling her four kids near the entrance and they ran out in front of you, only sending you into more of a panic.
Your breathing quickened and you broke into a sweat, desperate to be outside in the fresh air and desperate for the room to stop spinning.
Finally you made your way outside and you ran to the alley between the surrounding buildings and knelt on the ground.

The surroundings were spinning and you steadied yourself, your hands on the concrete path as your body trembled.

Just breathe.


Juice walked out of Clear Passages and tucked his hands into his pockets.
He smiled to the elderly couple walking towards him. They didn’t reciprocate when they saw the leather kutte on his shoulders and Juice ignored it. He was used to it by now.
He headed towards his bike, glancing up and down the street while he walked.
Then he saw her.
Across the road, in the alleyway between the grocery store and the florist a girl was kneeling on the ground, her hands clutching at her chest.
Juice frowned and jogged across the street, unaware of the oncoming traffic.
The driver slammed on their brakes and honked the horn. He raised his hand in apology but kept moving, desperate to help the girl.
“Hey are you okay?” He asked as he approached.
She didn’t look up.
Her eyes were squeezed shut and her hands were shaking, a thin layer of sweat appearing on her pale forehead.
Juice recognised the signs and he knelt in front of her.
“Hey, you’re gonna be okay. Open your eyes.”
She obeyed. Her wide, panicked eyes found his and he placed his hands on her shoulders.
“You gotta breath. Inhale.”
She took a deep breath and he counted to three.
“Exhale. Good.”
He counted to three again before telling her to inhale.
Ever so slowly her breathing began to calm and Juice flashed a smile for the small victory.
“Tell me five things you can see.”
“What?” She asked, her breathing starting to quicken again.
“Do it. Five things. Trust me.”
“Um. You.” She glanced along the alleyway, out into the street. “A car.”
“What colour is it?”
“Good, what else?” Juice pushed the loose hair out of her face and pointed out into the street.
“The sky. A post box.” She took a deep breath. “Bench.”
“Good girl. What can you hear?”
“Anything else?”
She shook her head. “I don’t know I cant-“
“Its okay, take a deep breath.”
She did as she was told and Juice got her to name what she could smell.
When she was done he noticed that the colour was returning to her face.
It was a good sign.
“Hows your heart beating?”
“Little fast.” She stammered. “But better.”
“Whats your name?”
“My names Juice. Look back at that road. How many cars can you see.”
She focused, her eyes narrowing.
He sat with her for a while, asking her questions and with every answer her breathing slowed and her heart rate lowered.
“How are you feeling?”
“Okay, I guess.”
Juice stood and offered her his hand.
She accepted and he helped her up.
“Im sorry, I just wanted to get my groceries but it just became too much and.. Im sorry.“
“You don’t need to apologise.” Juice smiled, sending a blush to her cheeks. “Im just glad I was here.”
“Me too.” She cleared her throat. “Thank you.”
He nodded. “Did you have a grocery list?”
She nodded and pulled the piece of paper out of her pocket.
“Wait here.”

He grabbed the list from your fingers and turned, leaving you alone in the alley.
You leant against the cool brick wall, enjoying the way it felt on your back and you looked to the sky, taking a deep breath.
You weren’t blind. You had seen the patch on his shoulders but no one had ever talked you down from one of your panic attacks before, let alone a biker you didn’t even know.
After a few more minutes Juice rounded the corner, his arms full of groceries.
“You drive here?”
“No, I walked. I don’t live far.”
“Then lets go.” He smiled widely to you.
“You don’t have to,Juice, really you’ve done enough. I didn’t even give you money for those and-“
“Hey, I want to. Safety in numbers, right?”
You smiled, a blush on your cheeks and nodded. “Right.
You took a bag of groceries from his arms and led the way.
Juice talked to you the whole way home and the you reached your house he helped you carry your groceries inside.
“I should get back.” He said when he placed the last bag on the counter.
You nodded. “Thank you for everything, Juice. Really, thank you.”
He smiled and scanned the kitchen.
He headed to the counter and grabbed a pen and pulled your grocery list from his pocket, and began scribbling down his phone number.
When he was done he handed the paper to you. “Anytime you need anything. Anything at all, you call me.”
You smiled widely. No words could thank him enough for what he had done but you made a mental reminder to do some baking and drop it off to him.
Together you walked to the front door and after saying goodbye you watched him walking away from your house.
You chewed the side of your lip as you watched him, hoping that you would get to see a lot more of Juice.


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in. out. in. out.

She repeated the mantra over and over in an attempt to slow her labored breathing. Her face flushed, her knees skinned, her shirt sweaty, she lay flat on the concrete pathway in between the forest and the Elsewhere cafeteria. She wondered briefly where her heels had gone, but dismissed the thought.

“I made it. I actually made it. I outran them,” she muttered to herself in between gasps, “I’m safe now” She closed her eyes, trying to focus on the steadiness of the stone beneath her spine and the refreshingly still night air. Her feet ached, god how they ached, and between her ribs there was a sharp pain, but despite all odds she had made it. Faintly, she heard the thrum of drums and the ancient call of the hunting horn, and the steady beat of something not-quite-horse-hooves. She was dizzy, giddy with her victory. “I made it

she was struck with a white-hot fear as she heard the call, she ran, she ran so fast, she ran like she never had before

Not-Ellie, her current roommate, had warned her about the Hunt tonight. They were on well enough terms that Blossom considered herself vaguely Favored- not that Not-Ellie was a particularly powerful Fae, but she knew when the Hunts came to Elsewhere, and she knew when it was best for mortals to find shelter.

she could hear the slow peaceful breath of the not-horses, she felt sharp teeth around her ankles, and she kept running

Despite her words of warning, however, Blossom had found herself caught between a late-night writing class and the relative safety of her dorm. Stupidly, she figured she had enough time to make it back, but her shoes (comfortable as they are) were not made for sprinting, and before she reached the halfway mark she could hear the baying of the hounds. stupid stupid stupid. Laying there on the concrete, she hardly remembered how she got there. “Running, for sure,” she relayed to herself, “lots of running. Jumped over a river, maybe.”

she tripped over a gnarled root when the loop of it hooked the edge of her heel, she fell face-first into the freezing stream. the wind around her howled mournfully, as if it knew what fate was to befall her. her hands scrabbled for purchase on the riverbanks, but the tide was too swift and the current tore her away. a moment of blackness overtook her when the jagged rocks struck her forehead, and she came back to consciousness seconds later choking on the moldy water.

“Jeez, maybe I should try out for track or some shit. Never knew I could run like that before.” Her hand flopped up to her forehead of its own accord- she felt as if there should be something there, but nothing was felt except a thin sheen of sweat. She was still a bit dizzy, though, so she made no movement to get up.

her palms stung, her fingernails were in shards, but she found the strength to push herself out of the murky water. the stream widened here, and the current slowed, and she gave herself a moment to rest. perhaps, she thought, the flowing water was enough to stop them. her eyes drifted shut-so tired, so incredibly tired, she hardly noticed the not-hooves slowing as they approached.

Blossom coughed. She slowly sat up, noting the soreness of her feet. “I really got lucky. I didn’t think they’d ever let up.” She thought about Not-Ellie and her words of warning: 

“Once they get your scent, they never let go. It’s part of the thrill of the hunt, you see,” Not-Ellie’s eyes had flashed a dangerous violet for a moment, and her teeth looked too white. “What fun would it be if they just gave up!” Blossom had laughed nervously, while Not-Ellie threw her head back and let loose raucous peals of laughter. Blossom eyed the door, wondering if the other students were listening in. “No, Flower-girl, you don’t want to be out there on the night of the Hunt. Though it would be amusing to me!” 

“Pretty damn lucky, that’s for sure,“ Blossom said. 

she was barely awake. her lungs burned, her ribs were white-hot with pain, her feet were white and cold, she couldn’t move, her words stuttered in her mouth, she was being dragged (no, not dragged, she wasn’t touching the ground) the leaves shifted in the breeze beside her

Blossom coughed again, harder. There was something caught in her throat- it didn’t hurt, but it was a bit irritating. The spinning world slowed for a minute or so, and she took advantage of this fact to rise to her feet and survey her surroundings. The cafeteria was further than she had thought at first, the dim streetlights somehow distant (as if there was fog wrapped around the fluorescent bulbs) (or her)

she was delirious. she heard voices, or just one, or thousands of overlapping tones of the wind, and they were all calling her nickname.

“what would you give? what would you give?”

her lips were too cold and numb to move, she couldn’t form the words so she just thought.

“I would give anything, I would give anything to live”

the vines twisted lovingly around her wrist, a flower bloomed above her left ear.

“would you become one of us? would you join the forest? would you give your skin and your speech?”

her mind was fuzzy, the riverwater dripped from the tip of her nose, moss began to travel up the trees where she hovered.

“I would give anything” she repeated in her mind. “my skin, my life, my name, my speech”

“you will be safe,” the forest sang. “you will be loved.”

she felt safe. she felt loved.

the vines gently set her down on the moss. dazed, she stumbled barefoot onto the concrete path between the woods and the elsewhere cafeteria.

Blossom’s throat itched, it burned like hell. She doubled over, coughing, hacking, and it felt as though something was making its way out. With dawning alarm, she scratched her arm furiously, something itched, something burned, all over her body.

She coughed, she coughed again, harder, and a leaf drifted down from her mouth. Again and again, and more and more leaves cascaded down. She watched in horror as her nails strained against the swelling of her fingers, as they popped off one by one (it didn’t hurt, why didn’t it hurt), as her hands twisted and gnarled. Her hair was wet with riverwater, and then with sap, and then it fell down her shoulders and she looked and every strand was a string of willow leaves. She reached upwards to her cheek and felt the soft pillowy texture of moss, her lips grew hard and crackly like lichen, her breath caught in her chest and she tried to gasp but she couldn’t anymore.

The baying of the hounds grew closer again, it had never left completely. She tried to call out but her vocal chords had stretched into petals.

The baying of the hounds grew ever closer.

She felt the moss spread down, down, over her neck and her collarbone, down, down to her hips, down her legs.

 She felt the roughness travel up, up from her bare feet, up her legs, her hips, her ribs, her collarbone. Her facial muscles stiffened, the bark dug underneath her skin until it replaced it entirely.

 The baying of the hounds was loud in what used to be her ear. The Hunt had arrived for its quarry, but all that remained was a tall tree (some horrific combination of flowers and bark, with long willow-leaves oak-leaves and gnarled branches and bright red berries) blocking the concrete pathway between the woods and the Elsewhere Student Dining Hall. If what used to be Blossom still had ears, it would have heard the irritated snort of the horses, or the long, mournful howl that followed. But it didn’t have ears, and so it heard nothing.


Not-Ellie grinned as she watched from the nearby shadows. She had told Blossom not to go outside during the Hunt, but she wouldn’t be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the show. Stupid mortals, she giggled to herself, one way or another, the Hunt will always get you. She waved jovially at the train of dogs and not-horses as they melted away, then peeled herself out of the darkness and leaned up against what used to be Blossom. 

“And to think, you really believed we were friends. It’s okay, I won’t blame you for not getting it." 

The tree leaves rustled, as if curious.

Not-Ellie shed her glamour like a snake sheds its skin, and rose a vine-arm to caress Blossom’s used-to-be-cheek. A flower bloomed in the center of the fae’s chest cavity. 

"Once we get your scent, we never let go. I won my quarry in tonight’s Hunt. And now, you belong to me.”

Used-To-Be-Blossom screamed inside its timber “You said i’d be safe, you said I’d be loved!" 

"Really, dear,” Not-Ellie responded, “of course you’ll be loved. Much like a hunter swells with pride at the sight of his first kill, so too do I love you, Emily. Now calm yourself, before the stress affects your branches.”

The tree, bound by the True Name it gave up so freely, shuddered once, then fell silent. 

It was calm now. It was loved. And it would never be Blossom again.

Another pseudo-horror Elsewhere drabble, I guess! This one is quite a bit longer, and probably doesn’t make much sense, but it’s 3:00 in the morning and I haven’t slept in 48 hours so I might as well submit it!


 I love you.


This was completely inspired by this. I love all of @werewhorewolf preferences especially this one. Theres possibly typos because I haven’t proof read this because I have soo many request to filll. 

Two weeks.

It’d been two weeks since my whole world fell apart. Since days seemed grayer and everything around me dulled. It was my own fault really. All of my friends had begged me not to talk to him. To not be lured in by his charm or his smile. It was just that when he brushed his lips against mine or drew me close to him, I felt like the only girl in the world. I was sure, even after 8 months together, that I may have possibly loved him. 

But two weeks ago, Theo texted me telling me to meet him outside of my house. When I did, he was leaning against his truck head hung. I knew he’d heard me walking towards him but he never looked up at me.

“Hey babe.” I’d said standing next to him.

He smiled weakly at me and I frowned at him.

“What going on?” I crossed my arms.

“Listen, Y/N” He started. “I’m not sure if I can do this anymore.”

“Do what?” I asked placing my a hand on his arm. He pushed his body off the truck and away from my touch. He took a few steps away from me creating certain distance between us. 

“This.” He’d said simply. “Us.”

I was so many emotions at the same time. My eyes started to sting and I shut my eyes trying to keep the tears at bay. 

“It’s not…not you or anything.”

“Don’t.” I spat. “Is it that stupid Hayden girl you were flirting with the other day?” 

A look of bewilderment crossed his face. “What? No! Y/N it’s not-”

“Than what is it Theo!” My voice cracking slightly.

“I have other things to worry about, things that don’t concern you.”

“So we’re just going to throw away the last eight months, likes its nothing?”

He shrugged in response, and I was angered by the lack of explanation. 

“You’re everything everyone thinks you are.” I hissed walking closer to him until we were inches away. “A coward.”

I stormed past him, and when I was far enough, I let the tears fall. Needing to be strong for no one now. I instantly regretted my words to the hazel eyed boy, but I was just so hurt, and I wanted to hurt him too. 

I hadn’t talked to Theo since, but everything in me missed him. Even now as I stood at my locker looking at him through the corner of my eye, I missed him. He was talking to Josh, Tracy, and Corey in a small circle near his locker. Recently, he’d taken an interest in the trio and I wondered what they had to do with anything. Through the limited vision of my peripheral, I could swear that he was looking at me. I snapped my head straight and pretended to rummage though my locker. I grabbed a textbook I wasn’t sure if i needed and shut the door. I pressed the book to my chest hugging it. Depression was slowly creeping over me as I headed towards my final class of the day.

“Y/N.” Theo’s voice called from behind me. A ball formed in my stomach and I felt all the blood drain from my face. I had to be hearing things, right? Theo hadn’t talk to me in weeks, it had to be my brain playing tricks on me. I shook off the thought, and kept walking. 

“Y/N?” This time his voice was right behind me and his hand on my shoulder stopping me then turning me around. 

I tried to act as cool as possible. “Sup?” 

I mentally faced palmed myself. ‘Sup?’ I’ll probably die of embarrassment.

Theo seemed not to notice the awkward acknowledgment, or he pretended not too. “Hey, how are you?” 

He sounded so nonchalant, like we were old friends catching up. He seemed perfectly fine and didn’t seem affected by our recent break-up. This broke me down a little, made me feel like I, like we, meant nothing to him.

“Fine.” I responded quietly ready for this conversation to be over.

“Um, cool.” he said a little nervous. But what did he have to be nervous for? “So, you left some stuff at my house and I was wondering if you wanted to come by and pick up later?”

Another wave of hurt hit me and I thought I might cry.

“Why could you just bring it to me?” I said a slight edge in my voice.

“Do you want it or not?” he frowned and the sudden tone change took me by surprise.

“Yeah, I’ll be over later.” I whispered knowing he could still hear me with his werewolf ears. I turned around without another word, and continued my course to class.

I pulled up to his house just as the sun was setting. Theo must have heard me before he before he saw me, because he was standing at his front door waiting for me. I took a deep breath trying to regulate my heart, and stepped out on to the driveway. I walked the concrete path to his front door, where he met me with a half smile.

“It’s all upstairs in my room if you want to grab it.” 

I nodded, and walked past him heading up the stairs. The smell of his room filled my noses. I wanted to stand here forever and enjoy it, but I heard Theo’s footsteps behind me and I walked further into his room to the dresser. The bottom drawer is where all my stuff was housed. I pulled at the handle and it slid open revealing all my things. I stared at them for only second, and then began taking them out item by item. I pulled out a dark blue oversized t-shirt. It was my favorite t-shirt of Theo’s. He was sitting on his bed behind me and he hadn’t said a word.

“Here.” I said standing and walking over to give it to him. He looked at me then to the shirt than back again.

“I don’t want it.” He said finally, pushing it closer to my body.

“I don’t want it either.” I insisted pushing away from. For some reason, this upset him. Even though he tried to hide it, hurt washed over his face. He stayed quiet and held the shirt in his hand staring at it. 

“Theo, I don’t want anything that reminds me of you. It’s bad enough I have to see you at school.” I explained.

“Why?” he growled but it was necessarily angry.

“Why?” I asked astonished. “Are you serious? We’re broken up Theo. Not together. You broke my heart and you want me to keep something so I can be reminded of that everyday?” 

He stood slowly looking at me with agony in his expression.

“I’m an idiot.” He started, which caught me off guard. I didn’t know what I expected, but definitely not that.

“These past weeks have felt like years without you. I didn’t know what was wrong with me at first. But everyday when I woke up, I felt like I was missing something. It didn’t take me long to figure out, I was missing you. I’m empty without you. I hate that you have that hold over me, but at the same time I don’t care. I…I need you.”

I stood there staring at him not being able to believe those words had come from his mouth. Theo’s never said what he was feeling, and it took me a moment to register it. He looked as if he wanted to say something else, but I stopped him connecting my lips with his. He didn’t hesitate to kissed me back, and snaked his strong arms around me. I pulled him closer to me deepening the kiss. He lifted me slightly off the ground and back up till he hit the bed. He sat down and I straddled him, all while still kissing. I pulled my shirt off breaking the kiss for a second to pull it over my head. His hands grazed across my exposed skin, making me smile. His tongue found mine and they rolled over each other in wet sloppy passion. He turned me over effortlessly on to my back and together we moved higher on to the bed. Finally, our lips disconnected. Theo pulled off his shirt, and I unclasped my bra. He blinked a few times at my bare breast. He looked up at me, asking permission to indulge in them. I smiled and nodded and he plunged into them taking one in each hand. He suckled on them, sharing his mouth between the two. I moaned missing his touch on my body. He began kissing his way down my body until he reached the button of my jeans. Skillfully, he undid the button than the zipper and he peeled the off of me. I felt his lips touch me again and I want his on mine. I took his head in both of my hands and pulled him back to me. 

“I want you.” I whispered on his lips before kissing them.

Theo smiled into the kiss and I could feel him fiddling with his jeans. He was struggling because he could only use one hand, the other was holding him up as he hovered over me. I moved my hands down to the fastener of his jeans. opening it and sliding his zipper down. His length could be felt through his pants. I pushed at them and Theo glided them off of him, along with his boxers. He started to kiss my jawline and neck, as he slid my panties to the side. His fingers found my sex and he drew figure eights on my clit.

“You’re already so wet, baby.”

“Put it in.” I begged. Normally, I would have loved foreplay, but it’d been so long since he’d been inside of me. Right now that’s all I wanted.

He pulled back a little from me to line himself up with my entrance. Slowly, he penetrated me. We both groaned and instinctively I wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him closer. Our bodies were connected now and he slowly start to grind into me. I kissed his neck tenderly, I missed every part of him and even though it was slow it was passionate. He quickened his pace slightly, and he was hitting my g-spot. Pulling me closer to my edge. After a few more minutes I came, dissolving into pleasure. Theo placed his lips on mine again, something he only did when he was about to come. A moment later, he pulled out of me coming into his hand.

After we were all cleaned up and dressed, I laid curled against Theo’s chest. He racked his fingers through my hair and I felt myself drifting to sleep. His lips fell on mine gently and my eyes fluttered open landing on his.

“I love you.” He whispered.

Those who are Broken | Chapter Two

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2213

↬ The weekend is here, and I have a lot of homework. Where is the freedom?

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

You sat on the metal chair in a circle with several other students. You had therapy in the gym. There wasn’t even a classroom—that’s how much they cared. And to top it all off, this really wasn’t therapy, it was more like an intervention. An intervention for the Broken.

A sort of fucked up intervention.

“This is fucking stupid. Is this some sort of helping mechanism for us to cope with our planned deaths?” one of the students asked, leaning forward in his seat.

“This is to help you better yourself, and for you to express your feelings,” the therapist said from the opposite side of the circle, pushing her spectacles back up.

“Express our feelings? That’s fucking great. Good to know that this academy takes Broken, but they want us to express the reasons we act like a bunch of rebels. Also, they want us to come to terms with the fact that we’re Broken—the most frowned upon group of people who don’t have soulmates,” another student said, voice getting louder with each new sentence.

Everyone was getting riled up, and from behind the circle, you could see security take several steps towards you. They were ready for whatever you guys might do.

“Y/N,” the therapist said, turning your attention away from security and towards her. “You’ve been quiet this whole session. How are you feeling about this?”

The entire group was quiet, their eyes on you expectantly. You sighed, hoping to not be called on, but that was false hope. “I feel like the rest of these people. Pissed.” Several nodded in agreement. “You don’t understand how we feel, and you never will.” The therapist adjusted in her seat. “You can go home today to your loving husband or wife, or whoever. You don’t even have to be with your soulmate because it really isn’t mandatory. They give you a fucking name of the person you are meant to be with, but you could sleep around with the rest of the world and be perfectly fine while the Broken go home wondering if their time will begin to countdown. We’re the ones who have every right to be pissed, scared, sad and every other feeling in the fucking book—except being in love. You non-Broken don’t have a right to look down on us, criticize us for being Broken because we didn’t ask for this.

“This whole therapy session is fucking stupid. Having us in this fucking academy is beyond fucking stupid. Why? Because we’re on a death sentence, so we’ll be dead before you can fix us. What’s the oldest age a Broken has died? I know the youngest was five years old. Five. We don’t live long enough to grow old, and we sure as hell don’t have any children because people despise us.” You hadn’t realized you gotten to your feet. “So do us a favor and quit trying to make us see the bright side because you and I both know there is none.” The bell rung loudly in the now silent gym. You smiled. “Guess session is over.”

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Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon. “Could you do a Jasper imagine, where your his human mate who just learned about vampires and you still haven’t seen one in the sunlight yet. So you ask Jasper to show you. ” Hope you like it!

In a way, you were willingly signing yourself up for what was certain to be an excruciating death sequence. As you left your home, you found yourself forcing your mind away from finalities. This was likely the last time you locked your front door, yes, but it could very well be one of many more fumbles, just another search for the gleam of brass in the shrubbery. You were quite literally risking your life today, and for what? To answer with love would be a tad too drastic; you’d only known the man for a few months, and the time you’d spent in the know had been an even smaller amount. No, it was not for love, but for something else entirely you couldn’t assign a word to. It was fiercer than curiosity, stronger willed than desire, choked by something close to fear (a cousin, maybe), fueled by an undying urge to see. It was about vision. It was about trust. As you found yourself walking away from your childhood home, you couldn’t help but catch your breath in your throat. The familiar concrete of the path connecting your doorstep to the sidewalk… would you ever see this again? Would you ever scrape your knees on the porous material after one too many ambitious tests of an icy sheen? Would you ever return for the holidays with your family? Would you teach your child how to walk on the very same plain you had learned? Death was a high-ranking probability, but the unnamed emotions driving you onward overwhelmed any lust for a thought as tedious as self-preservation. You needed to see it.

He wasn’t waiting with a car, which you had expected. He wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of being in a cramped, confined space with nothing but the beating of your pulse and the delectable (nay, irresistible) aroma of your blood warming the cabin of the vehicle. He didn’t bring his motorcycle at your request; your parents were likely to blow gaskets if they so much as hard the sound of a Harley’s pipes moments after you left the house. It would be a similar reaction if you had told them you were about to lope off into the forest with a vampire, only slightly worse if you were to mention that said vampire was the most unstable vampire within a ten-mile radius. You had to give him credit; if he was willing to be alone with you, he must consider himself in control… and he really was trying. Jasper was standing beneath the expansive shade of the forest’s edge, his hands clasped behind his back. He couldn’t quite shake the military, could he? His smile was strained, as it usually was, to be in such close proximity with his natural food source, but his butterscotch eyes were brighter than you’d ever seen them. He nodded in your direction, smirking as he dissected your face.

“You’re nervous,” he observed, rooting around through your brain, tasting your emotional atmosphere. You inhaled the scent of the forest, exhaling slowly, your eyes on his. He must have hunted recently. His eyes were as golden as they’d ever been, but there was a vibrancy to his irises that you’d never witnessed. The bruises beneath his eyes were barely visible. He almost looked… well, no one as inhumanely beautiful as Jasper would ever come close to looking human again, but he looked healthier, happier. His charming southern voice crept forward from between his lips, quieter than you had expected. “Y/n, we don’t have to do this today. Perhaps if you’d rather wait…?” You shook your head, dismissing his recommendation the moment he spoke the words.

“No, Jasper, really. I’m good. I’m… I’m excited.” His brow furrowed slightly, his head turning as if to hear you better.

“More so than you are afraid?” He inquired, his voice lilting somewhere between fascination, humour, and regretful understanding. He was aware of the risks he presented; he was the newest vegetarian, that much you knew, and being alone in a secluded location far from town was as close to a perfect recipe for a slaughtering as you cared to imagine. Regardless of the danger, you wouldn’t live your life without having seen this strange feat Jasper’s family had inherited alongside their immortality. If you didn’t go, you’d regret it for the rest of your life. Even if you died today, you’d have fulfilled a gaping curiosity festering in the pit of your stomach.

“Way more. I’m ready to go when you are.” You were glad to hear the strength in your voice. Surely, Jasper could sense a falter in your composure, but he declined to mention anything. The South raised their gentlemen well. He smiled, his eyes glimmering in what little sunlight shimmered through the cloud covering.

“We have twenty minutes before my sister Alice has promised a sun shower,” He lifted his eyes to the overcast skies, grinning to himself at the uncanny accuracy of his meteorologist sister’s precognition. His eyes returned to your face, glowing like evening sunbeams through a crystal jaw of amber honey. He shrugged his shoulders, peeling his rain jacket from his body, extending a rigid hand in your direction, offering you the coverage you’d forgotten. “You may need this. You may be… cold.” Again, he smirked. You rolled your eyes, accepting his offering, careful not to make contact with his icy skin. He would not be bothered by the weather; your touch, however, he may not be ready for. You donned Jasper’s coat, relishing in the chill the fabric carried, overwhelmed by the heady scent of him. You turned, as if in a daze, your eyes searching for your mode of transportation, your attention caught by the uncommonly smooth sound of Jasper clearing his throat. “We’re running, if that’s alright with you.” He extended his hand towards you, his jawline rigid, controlled. He wouldn’t hurt you. At least… well, it wouldn’t be intentional. You slipped your palm into his, watching his shoulders cease to move as your skin warmed the frozen alabaster of his callous-less hand. He had ceased to breathe. He moved, ever so slowly, calculating his every step, until you were a hair width away from his dazzling eyes. He smiled briefly before spinning you in his arms, cradling you to his chest with ease. He lifted an eyebrow, wordlessly asking permission to continue. You nodded him on. You had never regretted a decision more in your entire life.

By the time the forest stopped spinning around you, Jasper had been still for a good five minutes. Running with a vampire was not your favourite medium of travel, that much was certain. You weren’t prepared for the supernatural speed at which Jasper carried you through the wood, dodging tree limbs and fallen trunks at the last minute, seconds before you managed to see the threat. It was… dizzying, for lack of a better explanation. Jasper, however, was completely unfazed. He cuffed and rolled his sleeves, exposing the pale skin of his forearms, his eyes raking the skies as they began to clear. Sure enough, the peaceful sound of splattering rain against the waxy leaves above began trickling to your ears, wrenching you back to reality. He stood a fair distance away, though not quite far enough to ice you out of the picture. He was respectfully acknowledging that you were so very human, and that standing too close might, at the moment, have meant an end to your human life. He was cautious, that was it. The rain began to fall evenly now, advancing from stray droplets to waves of water soaking down the tree bark around you, moistening the moss underfoot. Jasper eyed a river to your right, walking out from beneath the protective cover of leaves you shared, strolling into the open air. His clothing began to darken as the water struck the cloth. His hair suspended raindrops like gemstones among his golden curls. He was absolutely beautiful. He shot you a wary, almost testing gaze, likely attempting to read your scattered brain for any scrap of fear. He didn’t have much time to search, and you didn’t have much time to compose yourself before the sun peeked out from behind the heavy gray clouds. A sun shower, just as Alice had predicted.

All at once, the vampire changed. His skin, which you had thought of as marble, alabaster, could only have been crafted from diamonds. His every pore was faceted like a jewel, refracting light and colour as if he were made of some precious stone unknown to mankind. The rain fell on, continuing to soak through his clothing, the form-fitting cotton shirt he’d worn stained a much darker blue than before, clinging loosely to his carved physique. His eyes fluttered closed, his palms turned upwards as the sun drenched his body in light. You watched on in mystified awe as he glimmered, what little remained of the colouring beneath his eyes erasing entirely. In fact, he seemed to flush beneath the sun’s rays, like there was blood coursing through his veins once more, flooding his cheeks with the palest of rosy colour. He was far more beautiful than you could have anticipated. Quite honestly, to have this creature end your life would have been a blessing. To perish at the hands of an angel rang with promises of Heaven. Jasper tilted his face to meet the rain as it plummeted from the clouds above, his shimmering skin reflecting different light as he moved. He seemed to sigh, contented, basking in the warmth of the sun.

You lifted yourself, slowly at first, from the mossy forest floor, watching Jasper’s eyes flash open as your scent stirred in the air. The guilt you felt for disturbing such a magnificent creature was disregarded instantly, overpowered by your desire to stand beside him beneath the sun. You walked forward, abandoning the promise of drier land as you stepped beyond the reach of the trees, striding closer to the river, to Jasper. He tensed slightly, following your every move with his eyes, his face immobile as he read your emotional state. What he must have found there… the wonder, the awe, the delight… surely it had some impact on him. You trusted him completely, and in sensing that strength within you, he began to trust himself, if only by a fraction. You were standing before him, not quite as close as before he’d pulled you into his arms, but not as far as your greeting earlier in the day. His skin was even more glorious at a close range, if such a feat was possible. Slowly, cautiously, you began to raise your hand, allowing Jasper plenty of time to prepare for what you had planned. He didn’t flinch away, didn’t relocate, didn’t warn you against the movement; he wanted this experience, either to test himself or to test you. Something in him still wondered why you had agreed to come at all, and now was the last place he’d risk scaring you off. Your eyes left his, following your fingertips as they made contact with his dazzling cheekbone. He closed his eyes, sighing into your touch, his face tilting ever so slightly in the direction of your hand. You trailed your fingers to his jaw, encountering unseen ridges there. His eyelids fluttered open momentarily, watching as your brow smoothed out and you continued downward. As you traced along the patterns the sun created on his sparkling skin, you discovered many similar ridges, but Jasper didn’t seem to mind them. Your hand fell to his chest, your palm placed over his heart. Part of you waited for a heartbeat. Part of you waited for death. All that happened was that Jasper overstepped the boundaries he had set for himself, surprising you. His hand closed over your own, holding you to his chest. He inched your hand upward until you were once more cradling his face, this time more completely. He inhaled deeply, his eyes fluttering closed again.

“This is wonderful,” he whispered, more so to himself than to you. You smiled, practically exuding happiness. Even without his abilities, Jasper would have picked up on your joy. His eyes opened, burning low with calm enjoyment, his lips pulling upwards at the corners, lifting his features from the stoic you were used to. “Y/n, words cannot express…” his voice trailed off, his unoccupied hand reaching to your waist, his palm smoothing over your hip. “I hope you can understand me when I tell you that I haven’t felt this human in a very long time.” He paused, drifting closer to you, his chest resting against yours. How strange, this proximity was. You weren’t complaining, of course, but to see Jasper so… uninhibited, so free, it was something foreign to you. He hadn’t been this close to you, even when he shot through the forest with you in his arms. No, he was restrained, pulling away from you, if subtly. Now, however, he was close enough to breath you in, to count your eyelashes, to snap your neck, maybe, but more importantly, he may be close enough to kiss you. His voice filtered through the mayhem that was your mind, his smile tainting his tone with a lightweight dye, granting feathers to his tone and flight to his words. “It has been too long since I’ve last allowed myself…” he trailed off, shaking his head in wonder, his smile growing. “And to feel what you’re feeling! Y/n, you can’t imagine how I feel. I could sing.” At this, you laughed, a motion that brought you closer to him, somehow. Perhaps he had pulled you in, you couldn’t tell, but he was accepting of your shift.

“Yes, I’m sure that’d be quite the performance, Jas-” His thumb pressed against your lips, silencing your speech. The unimaginable smoothness of his skin stroked over your lower lip as his fingers tangled in your hair, his body pressing more securely against your own. Your heart raced in your chest, colour rushing to paint your cheeks. He smiled, his eyes closing as he read the erratic rate of your heartbeat, nodding his head slowly.

“I could think of much better things to do with my time. For example…” He ducked his face to yours, resting his forehead against your own, pausing for a moment a mere second away from your lips. His jaw clenched once before the sweet perfume of his steady exhale billowed over your face, enveloping you in indescribable scents. You scarcely had time to decipher exactly what Jasper smelled of before his marble lips were moving against your own. He was careful in his movements, reminding you without words of the precautions you had to take when you recalled enough sense to return his kiss. He angled his face to better mold to yours as his hands tilted your lips to his mouth, securing your body to his as fully as he dared explore. Your mind was absorbed in all things Jasper, from the pinpoints of light that continued to dance from his skin and shone through the darkness of your eyelids, the delectable cologne of his body, the way his height sheltered you from the rain. It was glorious, it was heavenly, and it was over far too soon for your liking. Jasper detached himself, taking a few steps backward, applying that familiar distance once more. The sun disappeared behind a darker, murkier cloud, and the diamonds of Jasper’s complexion went back into hiding. He smiled, warming you despite the chill of his open palm. “Now you know why we can’t go to school on days like this,” he joked, his voice lifting effortlessly as he laughed. You joined him, lacing your fingers through his, your hands suspended between you as you walked back beneath the trees. Your heart was singing, even if Jasper wouldn’t. You’d never been happier than you were in that moment.

You hadn’t known it when you left, but you could have very well gone with Jasper out of love. After all, time meant nothing to an immortal.

Long Time, No See - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Summary: Damian was out of the life. He was free. He was a civilian. But he was still Dick’s little brother, and he had to warn him about an old enemy anyway. Had to keep him safe, no matter what. No matter how much had changed.
A/N: I was really into some recent hcs about Damian going on the straight and narrow civilian path, so decided to write about it. Damian’s 25/26. Owns and runs an animal shelter/rescue/adoption center. Is probably one of those ones that keeps in touch with all adopters and gets updates on the animals. He still interacts with the family, but as hinted, not very often. Still attends the occasional W.E. gala and visits Gotham when necessary. Dick ends up staying for a few days, and Damian fixes his injuries, shows him around town, and scolds him for being old and still making terrible life choices.


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startofamoment  asked:

2 and/or 12 for the AU + short fic challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(x) Two- Childhood Friends AU

Later, when they’re both older and grown, and proper detectives with proper resources, and with some composure and emotional maturity, Jake and Amy will cite the Great Book Hunt of ‘91 as their first case as partners to every new cop to grace their precinct. 

(And in both of their wedding vows. And in the scrapbook Jake will make Amy when she finally makes captain. And in their children’s bedtime stories.

Even Charles becomes exasperated by it.)

Their partnership began the morning of the Great Book Hunt, one hot July day, when Nana found Jake sitting in front of the TV for the fourth straight hour.

“Go outside,” she told him.

Which he did, and he spent a full three minutes kicking around a pebble down the street and around a corner before turning around and marching towards the Santiago household.

With eight kids under the age of fifteen and a horde of cousins and friends in the area - not to mention Mr and Mrs Santiago themselves - there was always someone in the yard, or in a window, or, on one occasion, on the roof. Most days, Jake had to only walk up the block before one of the boys called him over. 

The Santiago kids were truly a rowdy, welcoming bunch. He met them two months before, when Gina cancelled their plans again and he was hit by a stray spray from a Santiago water gun fight during a lonely walk. 

Suddenly, he had summer plans, too.

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#1158. Sword spirits are actually incredibly dense. If Fi wasn’t constantly floating everywhere, she’d never be able to cross rope bridges or ride in elevators, and she’d leave foot prints everywhere she went, even in concrete paths. Ghirahim is also floating at all times, but chooses to act like he’s walking, for the same reason he does literally everything else: for the aesthetic.
Fish | Jimin, You

You guessed it, another Masterpiece AU! Go ahead and read it first before this if you don’t seem to make any sense of this. Although you could probably read it on its own without reading the whole series as well

Originally posted by jiyoongis

You are the completeness of my incompleteness

“I’ll look after princess, I promise,” Taehyung said sternly, gripping onto Jimin’s hand.

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SVT - Click a Prince: Wonwoo

Originally posted by eonwonwoo

Series: Click A Prince (intro)

Member/s: Ot13 - Wonwoo x Reader 

Words: 1455

A/N: Oooo some kiss up ahead ;) And written/posted with batch 2 per request 

You threw your book at the wall in anger.

How dare he. How dare the author make you believe that the tall, dark, mysterious and handsome man was perfect for the protagonist. Her heart had already been owned by her best friend, who didn’t even see her as a woman. For her to be swept away by the other lad had been terrific. How dare that author make him the antagonist - and rip away the joy she had been feeling.

You huffed in annoyance. You could already feel the fanfictions forming your head, but you decided to ignore them.

Instead you decided that finding a new book would be best, something light, and possibly with no love interests; as your heart felt broken, even if yours wasn’t the one that had been toyed with by the man, the author had.

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Sleep - pt 11

Originally posted by jminies

“It’s me Y/N.” Jimin said.

You sniffled and wiped your tears away but they didn’t stop so you shoved our face back into the pillow.

He continued to rub your back, trying to calm you down.

“Why are you crying? You didn’t do anything wrong.” He poked your side.

You turned your head sideways towards the wall and sniffled. “He’s mad at me for something else. I hurt his feelings.”

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Your Heart Is Your Own.

Request from @forsytheserpents: hi! Do you still take requests? Think you can write an Gideon x reader fic where the reader is Emma’s sister and that Emma figures out that Gideon is in love with her sister and tries to set them up at Granny’s? Thanks!

Note: I have decided that I really like writing for Gideon so bring on more requests my wonderful followers! <3

Gideon x Reader

Words: 1,795

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Your beautiful [e/c] eyes were invading his every thought and he wasn’t even safe when he was asleep either. If anything his dreams only magnified the feelings he had developed for you. Feelings that he knew, deep down, would never be reciprocated. As he stood inside the clock tower, the one place that had always been like a sanctuary to him when the Black Fairy had taken his heart, Gideon let out a sigh laced with defeat.

When he had come here love was the last thing on his mind, thanks to the woman who had stolen him away from his parents the only thing he was focused on was killing the saviour and anyone who got in his way in the process…..and yet now he had his heart back he found himself unable to think of anything but you.

“You know…if you stare at that clock long enough you might end up actually turning into it.”

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Do you ever wonder what it tastes like

the Hate

that drips from their mouths

as they glare at the kids that tread

Hand in Hand

Upon the cracked ground, of a city that doesn’t love them

That doesn’t love anyone

Such a human expression, that fear

That contorts their faces - in absolute disgust -

They writhe in their loose skins- no longer comfortable in their yellow nails and oozing gums

The kids keep moving, keep watching

They Know

The old ones are not old

They’re just hungry


To tear into soft flesh

The kids are too new. Too full of love, and softness, and color

But their bare feet shake the parched concrete

Scorching a path behind them, for the next set of kids

That drip colors on the cold, dead ground

Long after we’ve been ripped apart by yellow nails

And blood wet bigoted lips

Our final laughs ringing between steel bones

We’ve won