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Kaleidoscope Chords

Happy First day of Klaroline AU Week! I hope everyone enjoys the deluge of fics I can only hope we’re about to recieve. Here is my take on the AU Celebrity/Rockstar Klaus troupe!

This particular fic was written in part for goldcaught, candycolamorgan, and thetourguidebarbie. Ladies, I hope you enjoy.

Prequels: kc + celebrity au & rockstar au

Caroline left the venue with flushed skin and a pounding heart. It had been a last minute decision, a bit of a splurge, but as she followed in the wake of the crowd she didn’t regret it. Abstract Choir was amazing. She’d known that, having hidden a few iTunes downloads guiltily on her phone. But when a last minute convention had shown up on her radar, she’d been unable to help rolling the dice on a gamble for tickets.

A dent in her pocket book when she could have scored a free pass was something Katherine would mock her for. Although, her loose and free friend would be highly entertained by straight laced Caroline rearranging her flight home to see her… to see Klaus in concert. But as she fanned herself with her program, she was relieved she didn’t have to see Klaus in person so shortly after watching him perform. The Rockstar who’d been inserting himself into her life - pizza picnics on the floor of her living room, those endearing little sketches, a barrage of text messages - was hot on stage.

If the number of panties flung at him said anything, she was hardly the only one who thought so.

She’d known the details of the group once Katherine had barged over with several Google search printouts after her accidental brush with the tabloids. Caroline had known he was magnetic and charming, the devil in his smile. But until a Time Magazine article was shoved in her face, she’d never had thought to put that playful determination down to a legitimate rock god.

She’d have been wrong.

Klaus Mikaelson might have been lead vocalist, but neither Rebekah nor Kol Mikaelson were shabby. So far, her favorite was when Rebekah and Klaus sang duet, their voices blending in a way that left goosebumps. Rebekah’s husband Enzo rounded out the group, and they were magic.

Caroline waited until she was the airport, waiting to board her red-eye flight back to New York to pull out her phone. There were a few missed texts from Katherine, a call from her mom and the one she’d known would be there.

‘L.A. says hi.’

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Just a Little Bit Closer

6x05 reaction fic. (Has some brief mentions of Karofsky and Walter, just a head’s up.)

The car raises slowly on the lift; a metallic groaning and screeching with the drone of power tools surrounding them. The garage is cold and hot in alternating blasts; freezing wind whipping through the open bay doors, space heaters doing their best with buzzing red coils warming pockets of air and dusty corners. Blaine is a solid, constant warmth at his shoulder, chattering happily as Kurt examines the tires.

“These are actually in pretty good shape,” Kurt tells him, spinning the tires with his hands and examining the treads and the wear on the seams. “I mean, I’ll sell you a full set of tires that you don’t actually need, but full disclosure here: They’ve got plenty of life on them.”

“Oh,” Blaine’s face falls a bit, he ducks his head, shuffles his feet against the oil-stained concrete.

“But they could probably stand to be rotated. I mean, for safety. Just to be sure. Can’t be too careful,” Kurt blurts out, then snaps his mouth closed to stop the flow of unnecessary words.

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Before We Turn to Dust

Fandom & Pairing: Steven Universe - Ruby/Sapphire
Warnings: Rated T; Past family death, mentions of religion (Christianity).
Note: Shout out to my lovely betas, Emma and Rhin, who encouraged me a ton. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your time and support!! 

Summary: Their days were dirt roads and endless blue sky. It would be freedom, except it wasn’t. Sapphire is a quiet country storefront and Ruby dreams.

Read it here on AO3.

Sapphire patted the dust from her apron. It gathered from where her skirt pressed against the small shelves lining the counter of her store, in those crevices and quiet spots she didn’t care to clean. It clung to the tops of jars on the highest shelves and hid between the aged floorboards and spun through the beams of early morning sun and waning afternoon light, day after day. Sapphire ignored it as well as she could.

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Why we all hate the Blue Devils and why we need to stop
Last night, like thousands of others, I sat in a movie theater seat for far too long while staring at feet, flag twirls, and straight lines. I could feel the green shirt on my shoulders, though I was wearing a member jacket and holding a blue slushie in place of a score sheet. As the night wore on my expectations soared higher and higher, and like many many many others, I felt myself hold a scowl through all 15 minutes of the Blue Devils show.   What I found so frustrating about this is that I was actively trying to not judge them and just enjoy the show, to maybe see what it is that the judges see. I come from the world of pagentry, and at WGI finals I am never shocked by Onyx topping the scoreboards. As I walked home I realy thought about it - why do I hate BD? Is it because they were competition? Because I marched with The Cadets? No, quite the contrary. I look at any drum corps and I see 2+ months of hard work. I see the unmowed practice fields, the rainy days in Florida, windy days in Texas, the relentless sun and iron clad caption heads. I see the days you just want to cry, the days you feel on top of the world, and the days you applaud yourself for just flying under the radar. I have an unwavering respect for anyone who was stepped on a DCI field as a performer, and I know just how hard it is to get to that large, concrete Lucas Oil warm up room. I concluded that no, I do not dislike them on namesake and I respect the members hard work.   My next thought was: was the show bad/boring? And once again, this is not true. The show itself was a lot of fun this year. I could see the festivity, they did the cute little add ons that are always crowd pleasers. Was it a little weird? Of course, but it was by no means unexciting. They were having fun and it made me want to have fun, yet I still held on to my grimace. I concluded that no, the show concept was not boring or bad.   This leaves the real reason why people hate BD even if they don’t know it. Over the course of the night the corps got better and better, the work harder and harder, the music louder and faster, the feet sharper and sharper, then you watch BD. I find myself angry because after watching beautiful weapon work with tosses that touch the sky and amazing flag work that is so fast you can barely keep up with the hand grabs, it is heartbreakingly upsetting to watch the BD colorguard. Never would I say they are not talented, that is not where I am going with this. BD vocabulary is honest to god infuriating. For a large part of the show the girls of BD hit themselves with tambourines, sat in chairs making gestures while literally playing hand games with each other, and flipping their hair. I saw the rifle line, all five of them, do handspins while facing one another, standing. I saw walking and joking and just a bit of actual equipment work, but not enough to satisfy me.   As far as brass and drumline go, I will not speak for you, but I will say that I felt the drill was easy. There was a lot of standing still, like there always is, and though there were shining moments they were few and far between.   You see, after spinning a flag so insanely during my only year of corps [don’t talk to me unless you’ve tried teacups with a flag at over 196 bpm] its just heartbreaking to see the BD colorguard get perfect 100s. In my opinion what they do cannot be compared to any other corps. Cadets had scary difficult equipment work and will always have my love, Bluecoats was amazing and so innovative, Santa Clara was fantastic and the amount of uniform changes they had to go through hurt my head, the ever strong Phantomette rifle line makes me feel empowered, and the precision from The Cavaliers and The Madison Scouts makes me feel jealous. All of the corps make me feel good, except BD, but can you blame them?   Think about it. If your corps kept winning metals, you would follow the path you were on when you got them. I’m sure many others saw the striking similarities between Crown’s show this year and their show last year. They are trying to follow what works, like we all are. Cadets grab the gold when their shows get the audience invested and when the work & music are extremely hard and fast. The Cavaliers are finding themselves again, and after this show they are getting back onto the right path for sure. Phantom wins with stories, so its stories they tell. The reason we are so mad is because BD’s strange artsy style is what the judges love to see from them. For some reason the Colorguard judge does not mind that they sit for minutes in their show, but instead revels in the overall effect.   We are mad because no one else can do it, we are mad because we feel cheated, and we are mad because we can’t change it.   I am not saying we shouldn’t be mad, but we need to be mad at the judges and not the corps. Be frustrated with them and how they hold each corps to their own individual standards instead of comparing the shows the way they should be compared. Compare marching talent, vocabulary, music, achievement, visual, and decide who did it best. Regardless of whether they change or not, I will loyally go to the theater every year, buy a blue slushie, and pretend I’m in the pressbox. 

Construction Going Green With Asphalt And Concrete

by Katharine Gammon, Inside Science

Construction and maintenance of roads and buildings use up lots of money and resources. Asphalt roads wear out over time, and acquiring concrete for buildings means digging deeper and deeper into quarries for material. But new recycling technologies may take some of the pressure off the world’s resources while keeping roads paved and buildings safe.

Asphalt is a paving material made of gravel and other materials bound together with a thick petroleum. Over time, exposure to the elements causes asphalt to age, become brittle and crack. This means that roads paved with asphalt must be repaved periodically. As the old asphalt is pulled up, only a tiny fraction can be reused: most of it heads to a landfill or gets stacked up for later use.

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anonymous asked:

Quick question, and this might sound odd. But you know how everyone has a unique fragrance? What do you think the guys each smell like in the 2k14 universe?

I think that…

Raphael smells of leather and blood, bandage wraps, steel polish and lemon oil, concrete that’s been baking in the sun all day

Leonardo smells of incense and candle wax, steel polish, bamboo and freshly steamed rice

Donatello smells of motor oil, potassium and methanol, burnt out engines, stale coffee and soap

Michelangelo smells of strawberry shampoo, sweaty nylon, pepperoni and peanut m&ms, cardboard pizza boxes & skateboard lubricant.