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Robot 3D prints a building

Credit: MIT

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, have designed and built a system that can 3D print an entire building. The system includes a tracked vehicle with a large, industrial robotic arm, which has a smaller, precision-motion robotic arm at its end. The controllable arm is able to pour concrete and spray insulation material and additional digital fabrication end effectors.

Proving concept, the robot recently constructed a 12-foot-high dome in less than 14 hours. The researchers say that it will be able to operate independently, and be able to use an array of materials to construct complex structures. 


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Summary: A 2k14 RaphxLeo fic focusing on the up’s and down’s of their relationship. Will mostly have one-shots for chapters, and some multi-parts. [Smut and/or fluff in some chapters, drama/angst in others. No character death.]

Author: MidoriEyes

Rating: Explicit (for language and smut)

Pairing: Raph/Leo

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Leo and Raph have an important conversation about certain habits…


~:~ Habits ~:~

“What is it with you and toothpicks?”

Raphael’s eyes trailed to the ceiling fan in a lazy roll. His gaze rested back on the vinyl punching bag hanging from across the room, still in good condition after a year of daily use. Donnie had been the one to suggest switching from leather to a more synthetic material so that the humidity in their home didn’t infest the lining with mildew - one of the downsides to living in a sewer.

The two eldest turtles were lounging on Raphael’s bed, side by side, mildly exhausted from their earlier workout, and the round of intense “post-workout” that followed. Typically, they’d exchange praises and silly banter for the first couple of minutes, and then a comfortable silence would blanket the concrete-insulated space until there was nothing but the sounds of soft snoring and the occasional dream-grunt. Every now and then, however, Leonardo still had enough energy in him to keep a steady trickle of conversation going, which Raph normally evaded by pretending to fall asleep if the topic began to bore him. This could be another one of those nights.

With a sigh, the larger mutant threw his hand up in a non-committal gesture and answered his brother’s question that had come seemingly out of nowhere.

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Dutch architects are building a 3D-printed, completely recyclable house

Amsterdam’s Dus Architects is attempting to revolutionize the construction industry forever with major work towards what they’re claiming will be the world’s first fully 3-D-printed house. Complete with 13 rooms made of interlocking plastic parts and reinforced by concrete for support and insulation, the expected three-year process of assembling the domicile has already begun.

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Ponderosa Commons Phase 1 (2013)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

This is a new product of an insulated precast concrete cladding panel. This has been developed for use in the wet & earthquake prone BC environment. The panels vary in size, colour and finishes – they are dark grey and white, as well as having a couple of different form liners to allow for a different texture and appearance. The panels are designed to have sufficient R-value to reduce finishing costs and time in the building.