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The Wonder Years - No Closer To Heaven | Weather References

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I also saw a mother dragging her barefoot son back onto the burning concrete in the 100°+ heat. His feet were very red and obviously in pain and he kept running to the shade when she let him go, but then she'd drag him back again. He looked about 2.

The first time Gabriel suggested the rooftop Jack blushes up to his ears and can’t meet his eyes.

“But that’s out in the open!" 

"Honestly, when was the last time you looked up there? Do you even know how it looks like?" 

And after a month no one had really asked for the key (Jack shakes his head and mutters about ‘safety breaches’) or bothered them at all. Especially in the morning, with only the sound of birds and their voices and the airplne trails streaking the light blue sky.

Not so much of a good idea when the summer days start to get hotter.

Gabriel buries his face in the crook of Jack’s neck, spent and grunting at the burn of the sun-heated concrete on his knees. After a few seconds, he raises his head to look at Jack, and make sure his back isn’t flaying, but he doesn’t even get to open his mouth. 

The Gold Boy of the SEP lays arms outstretched and looking at the sky, completely spaced out and smiling. Undone strands of golden hair glittering in the sunlight, some sticking to his already sunkissed forehead. Contracted pupils on cerulean eyes reflecting the sky, blue on blue. He gleams and looks almost inhuman.

Gabriel leans forward towards Jack’s face and mindlessly whispers into the kiss.


When he hears the snicker, Gabriel curses the heat affecting his damn head.

“For real, Gabe?”

He grunts and gets up to sit next to shade of a vent. Jack follows, sitting next to him. Of course the sun still shines behind his hair, almost like a fucking halo. 

“So what does that make you? Daphne, Cassandra, Hyacinthus?” He’s having so much fun. 

“I don’t know what any of that means. Who knew the high school prom king was, in fact, a nerd.”

“I wasn’t-!” He huffs. “My mother is from Ilios. Though it’s dad the one that is into all that mythology stuff, apparently started as a way to impress her.”

Gabriel just stares at him.

“Am I meeting your parents already?” He laughs at Jack’s face. “Ilios though… Fitting.”

“Huh? What do you-?” Helios. “Oh, who’s the nerd now?”

Gabriel just replies by kissing him again and throwing Jack’s shirt at his face. 

“At least I know I n longer have to worry so much about your pasty self getting sunburnt.”

Still, he can’t keep himself from staring as he gets dressed. Standing there, against the morning light, with a crown of rays shining around his head he really looks like the sun. And at that very moment, unthinkingly, he almost welcomes the shade he’s casting.


Years later Gabriel will fall as the ground breaks under him, scorched face, flames lapping all around him and smoke filling his lungs. And he will crash hard against the concrete and it will hurt more than just red skinned knees. Debris and dust wll cover everything around him and an incandescent metal beam will fall on his back, searing his shoulders. With no air for last words, he will crack a dry laugh at his last thoughts being how Jack had forgotten someone back then.


(If he falls into the waves, he will at least make the sun set with him.)

dedicated to @0kbutmichaelclifford. Allie please don’t kill me

Like a church bell ringing out at noon, the sound makes Calum’s presence known. It’s light but carries a heavy tone; it’s like honey pouring over yogurt in the morning—sweet. It ripples through your bones as if it’s pretending to be like the vibrations of his bass on the dark concert stages. Calum’s laughter is home; it’s warm sunny days with the concrete radiating heat warm enough to melt ice cream. It made you feel like you were at home. Whether it be his head tilted back or his nose scrunched up and his eyes crinkled, his laughter would always dance around you. 

He’s with old friends kicking the football around, his head is tilted back as his friend trips over the ball. You come to the conclusion that Calum could make even an angel jealous. And you think he has because right in the moment of him doubled over in laughter, a crack of thunder rumbles through the sky as rain starts to pour down. You couldn’t believe he had the power to make an angel jealous, but then again his laughter could cure the most horrible illnesses. His giggle was the spoonful of sugar that Mary Poppins would sing about—you were sure of it. 

“Babe!” Calum calls, his laughter making him out of breath. “Babe, you’re—you’re getting soaked go—go inside!” 

It was like the rain didn’t even matter anymore. 

Like a church bell ringing out at noon, the sound makes your heart swell. It’s a sound that makes butterflies form in your stomach. Robert Frost had no power over what Calum’s laughter could do. It was the water that put out a fire, it was the music that brought a sinner to his knees. His laughter was the cup of tea on a summer day—sweet, soft, and full of love.

The bush moves with the same rhythm as the water, each leaf shifts time. Before, before, the song of before. A Great Cormorant spreading his black wings in the water lilies, commanding the fish and waves. I swim all the way out to the walls of the dam and put my palm against the concrete, storing heat from the sun. A cold undercurrent moves through the water. In my dream the sun was blinding like it is now and I put my soft palm against your naked chest and felt your heart beat in fear. I could have healed everything.