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i had a flashback to the above exchange after reading the most recent tweets-

fuckin mr planned out practical and concise boy whiskey vs “uhhhhh idk sure ok sounds fun” tango

like whiskeys just “im gonna do things This Way Specifically because that is The Most Sensible and Works”

tango: im gonna wing it

whiskey: [short circuits] [cannot Deal w/tango’s casual approach to life] [steals last of the pie]

also bitty with the relatable content-

Frameless windows are a classic modern detail, and can be found in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and many other modern architects. In our Sundial House, this frameless window allows a roughly board-formed concrete wall and a smooth concrete bench to flow from exterior to interior without visual interruption. Photography: Taggart Sorensen

Imagine #52 Brett [Requested by thelostboysofsummer]

“If I see you with someone else, I would lose my head. If I had your love for myself. Don’t know what I’d do. I want you and no one else. I want you for myself.”

A zealous torrent of resentment rippled amongst disorientation; the concoction of madness coaxing the beast from the depths. Restraint relinquished at a reckless velocity; florid crimson blood trickling from white-knuckled fists, eloquent aquamarine irises gleaming a savage saffron pigment as a feral growl reverberated in the depths of the werewolf’s throat. Everyone recognized the passionate reverence astir in his lycan heart; his guarded vigilance, the heedful manner in which he circled you. The connection had enslaved him; the supernatural tie knotting around his discretion. Deaton explained the unfortunate kinship, referring to the linkage as ‘Sodales’ from his extensive knowledge. The legend, deriving in Archaic Latin, means ‘soul mates’ and the veterinarian explained the alliance came with side effects; bestial rage, fractious envy and physical yearning that, if left neglected, could result in injury and death. Sodales in Aeternum, he recite with a crestfallen expression on his apathetic face, soul mates forever. The sole cure to suppress the backlash would be love; you had to fall in love with Brett, to be with him.

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How about a small drabble for Hanzo with the word Iridescent? I remember reading that you like a challenge.

this was the first thing that came to mind! it doesnt really encompass the word so much but i hope you like it anyway!

Hanzo Shimada x Reader

You watched the deer scare fill up with clear, fresh water, filling, filling, until it dropped with a soft thunk. The birds amidst the pink cherry blossoms had learned over time to ignore the sound, chirping merrily in the background. The trees lined the outside of the garden, encircled in the bamboo fence. The bench you sat on was made of hard bamboo as well, the same matching yellow reeds.

The garden was beautiful and lush and green. The smooth, white rocks that bordered the pond were covered in a soft moss, slippery, but he was sure-footed and swift. You watched him as he stared out into the lily-covered water, watching the fish swirl beneath the rippling surface. It was his favorite part, you knew. He had been there for a while now. You hadn’t want to disturb him but the sun was beginning to dip below the treeline.

He was at peace here. This was his home.

You stood, walking along a path with neatly trimmed hedges, drooping down with flower buds sprinkled on the leafy branches. The stone path below was surprisingly even. The rush of the small waterfall under the concrete bridge flowed and you stopped to watch for a moment before strolling up next to him, linking your arm in his. He didn’t turn to you but he leaned his weight to favor your side.

“We used to spend much time here,” he said quietly, his eyes fixated on the small school of koi. “My brother and I. He was excited to feed the fish.”

“Did you?”

He gave an easy, lopsided smirk. “Not at first. I had told him that the fish were piranha and would eat his fingers if he fed them. He took a piece of bread to prove me wrong and dipped it in the water. When the koi nibbled at his fingers, he was frightened. He fell back and began to cry.”

“What a mean trick to play,” you tease but he becomes silent again. The sky begins to look pink in the distance and you give his arm a squeeze before letting go. Kneeling down, you put a hand on the mossy stone and outstretch your other to skim the edge of the water. The fish immediately come to you, mouths gaping, their iridescent scales shimmering in the dimming light.

“It tickles,” you say with a laugh.

“Perhaps we could bring treats next time.”

You look up to him with surprise. “Next time?”

He smiled at you. It was a hopeful smile. “It’s late. We should be going.”

What the Hell?! (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: this is 1,111 words to pure crap and I’m sorry

Jason’s heart drummed harshly in his chest as he watched the slow heart beat of Y/N’s. He only really felt two emotions, worry for her and anger toward himself. He let his hatred for the Joker cloud his mind. He was the reason the person he loved was lying unconscious on a hospital bed.


The Joker laughed manically as Jason attempted to shoot him,”Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch me I’m the Clown King! Wait, that didn’t rhyme! Oh well!” The pure casualness of the Joker’s sentiments made Jason red (hood) hot with fury. He screamed as his frustration levels heightened.

Joker felt a stroke of genius come to him as he spotted a pretty girl fighting away some of his gleeful goones. He knew Jason would fly to attempt to save her from any type of demise. That’s why he switched courses, brought out his favorite gun, and charged over to Y/N. Jason saw this change quickly and followed quickly.

Y/N brought one of the clown’s heads roughly down on her knee. The blow quickly sent the man’s world dark. She moved her attention to the one who had a gun pressed against her head, but it wasn’t a goon she realized quickly. It was the Joker himself standing there with a yellow toothed grin.

Jason bounded closer and closer until he heard a loud cackle, two gunshots, and a sentence that will etched into his mind forever,”Let the girl face the fate you did.” Jason’s eyes watched Y/N’s body strike down on the concrete floor. Blood flowed from her thigh and stomach area. Panic rose over himself at the sight of her and the lack of sight on the Joker. Jason demanded help over the intercom as he clutched Y/N’s hand.

~regular time~

Y/N squinted as she awoke from sleeping. Confusion crossed her mind as she saw the IVs inserted in her arm. She sat up with a searing pain in her stomach region. Her hiss awoke Jason who sat in a chair next to her bed.

“Y/N, you’re awake!”, Jason said with a beaming smile

“Why wouldn’t I be? What happened?”, Y/N quizzed.

‘You were sh- Wait you don’t remember what happened?”, Jason inquired.

“No, the only thing I remember is- I don’t know. “, she responded as her heartbeat quickened.

Jason’s did too as he tried to comfort her,”Y/N you have to calm down. If you don’t something bad might happen.”

Just then Tim bursted in and darted to Y/N,”Y/N, hey, you’ve got to calm down.” Her breathing increased in pace and her hands started to quiver. “Y/N, tell me 5 things you can see around you.”, Tim requested.

“Um uh, I see you, J-j-jason, um the heart monitor, that weird spot on the wall, and the bed.”, she reciprocated as Tim held her head in his hands.

“Okay now, tell me 4 things you can touch.”, Tim beseeched.

“I-i-i-i can’t.”, Y/N counteracted.

“Yes, you can. Tell me 4 things you can touch.”, Tim demanded softly.

“You, the um bed, the IVs, and the um bed sheets.”

“Good, good, you’re doing great. Now I need you tell me 3 things you can hear.”, Tim requested.

“Your voice, the monitor beeping, and the fan turning.”, Y/N returned with her heart beat slowing to a normal pace.

“Are you calm now?”, Tim inquired.

“Yes, I’m fine now. Thank you so much, Tim.”, she appreciated as she hugged him tightly. Tim hugged her back with a relieved smile. No one noticed Jason’s slightly angry look at his girlfriend hugging his kind-of-brother.

For the next couple of weeks, Y/N clung onto Tim like he was a tree and she was a koala. He was her saving grace after she entered a moment of terror in her life. He brings her comfort when she feels confused about her missing memories.

Jason, however, wasn’t happy about the lack of attention he was getting from Y/N. He felt like his insides were being shredded every time he saw her flaunting over every move Tim made. It was tearing him apart that he had to keep it in. Of course he couldn’t blame Tim because him and Y/N decided to keep their relationship a secret due to her being Alfred’s granddaughter. And Tim found nothing odd or flirtatious about that way she was acting. He also didn’t notice the way Jason would clench his fist every time the pair would enter a room Jason was is in.

That was still the same when Tim and Y/N walked in laughing about whatever stupid thing they saw or read. Jason rolled his eyes, finding it hard to be salty when Y/N was beaming. “Hey Jason! How are you doing, friend?”, Y/N asked as she and Tim sat across from him.

“Peachy”, he snapped with an obviously fake smile.

“Sheesh, what got in your scotch?”, Tim commented.

“What’s wrong Jase? You can tell me.”, Y/N coaxed.

“Can I talk to you in the other room, Y/N?”, he snapped, motioning to the training room. She nodded and followed him, very confused.

Jason took this long to tell her about what she had forgotten because he didn’t know how it would have affected her. But now, he didn’t care at all. He wanted to have her back by his side. He missed her. He missed waking up with her after sleeping from a long mission. He missed the way she would force him to bend down so she could kiss his head before he left. He missed whenever she would “force” him to listen to whatever new song she discovered that day. He missed holding her close in bed. He missed everything about her.

“Jason, what’s wrong? You’re my best fr-”, Y/N started as she close the door to the training room. She was rudely interrupted by Jason grabbing her by the face, but kissing her softly. Her eyes widened in shock as memories flew back over the past 4 months she had forgotten. Then tears came as she realized the pain she caused Jason. Jason could feel her tears as she kissed him back. He held her closer and moved his mouth to kiss from the corner of her mouth to the nape of her neck.

“I missed you.”, he whispered into her skin. She nodded as she moved to hug him tightly.

“I love you.”, she spoke softly for the first time.

“I love you too.”, Jason responded, him now with a beaming smile.
“Oh you also had a crush on Tim.”

“What the hell?”

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hi! please, write something inspirational or something like one sentence full of joy and calm. I am miserable, nervous and i love when you post stuff like that!

gonna drop a truth bomb bro: literally no matter what i say, your life is going to be in a constant flux between ecstatic, horribly sad, uncomfortably mediocre, and pleasantly comfortable. like there is nothing you can do about this. things will happen, all the time. it’s cyclical, it never stops. it’ll ebb and flow and all you can really count on is that your emotions are not concrete, and they will flow from one thing to the next. this isn’t a grim message, or an uplifting one, it just is