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Star Spangled Man with a Cramp

Prompt request: can i request a story? where the reader is like steve’s little sister and they’re all just hanging out at tony’s pool and she’s talking with Bruce and then tony or someone (not bucky or steve) come up and grabs her and throws her into the pool? but as she’s going through the air into the pool she yells that she can’t swim (cuz she can’t) and bucky dives into save her because he refuses to let steve lose anyone else?

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Reader

Warnings: none 

A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt request!! Tags and requests are open. As always, thanks for reading!

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You sighed and pointed your sunglass-covered face toward the bright sun. It was an absolutely perfect day to be relaxing on a lounge chair in front of an olympic-sized pool. It made it even better when you got to use such a luxurious pool for free.

You squeaked as some cold water flicked against your warm skin. Pulling your sunglasses off your eyes, you gave Steve your best glare.

“Rude!” you exclaimed. You stuck your tongue out at him as he smirked and pulled off his shirt. You couldn’t help but grin at his choice of American flag swimwear.

“Now is that any way to talk to your older brother?” he asked before jumping in the pool.

“Older is right,” you muttered, leaning back against your chair.

Bucky snickered from the chair next to you as Steve surfaced as shook his head. “You know you love me!” Steve yelled as he began to swim laps. You merely shook your head in response.

A series of unfortunate events had led to your arrival at the Avengers Tower, and Steve was there for you from the very beginning. What started as a friendship had blossomed into a bond stronger than family. Tony liked to joke that your relationship with Steve rivaled his brotherhood with Bucky.

“You’re not swimming?” Bucky asked as he took off his own shirt and shoes.

You shook your head violently. “No way.” Swimming was not your forte at all. You preferred to lounge around and soak up the sun instead.

“Your loss,” Bucky said. He tied his hair up in a quick bun before diving in himself. His metal arm glinted under the water as he competed with Steve to see who could swim to the other end the fastest.

“Now what good is a pool if you don’t use it?” a voice asked from behind. You tilted your head back and found Tony staring down at you.

“I’m enjoying my view of the pool,” you replied coyly.

“Uh huh.” Tony ruffled your hair and you whined in protest.

“Leave my hair out of it!” you giggled, swatting his hand away.

Before he could make another snide comment, a shout caused you both to turn towards the pool. Steve was swimming lopsided, and his face was scrunched up in pain. He managed to make it to the wall and pull himself up. He laid on the concrete, clutching his leg.

“Argh!” he yelled, squeezing his aching muscle.

“Did Captain America seriously just get a cramp?!” Bucky yelled from the other end of the pool.

“Shut up!” he screamed back. He banged his head against the ground and sighed. “Mehhhhh,” he groaned. “This is the worst pain ever!”

You sighed. “Stop being so dramatic!” You got up and walked over to the whimpering super soldier.

As you knelt down to examine his calf muscle, you experienced a very strange sensation. The ground disappeared from under you as you were lifted into the air and tossed into the pool. Your jaw dropped open as the world seemed to fly by in slow motion.

“I can’t swim!” you screamed. At least, you think you screamed. Your ears were ringing so badly that you couldn’t tell if you actually screamed or if it was just in your head.

You hit the water with a huge splash and sunk to the bottom of the pool. You were so paralyzed by fear that you couldn’t make your muscles move to reach the surface. You were convinced you were going to drown at the bottom of Tony’s insanely expensive pool.

Just as you were saying goodbyes in your head, a pair of strong arms reached around you and began pulling you up. Fresh air never tasted so good, and you gasped desperately as the arms dragged you to the wall. You clung to a metal arm, and through the fog in your head you realized Bucky was your savior.

Steve reached out and yanked you up to the surface where you spluttered and coughed. “Y/N, are you okay? Are you okay?” He kept repeating the phrase as you took deep, shuddering breaths.

“I’m, I’m, I’m, f-f-fine,” you finally managed to get out.

“Y/N, I’m so-” Tony started. His face had lost all its color, and his eyes were as wide as saucers.

“Shut up!” Steve snapped. “She could have drowned, you idiot!”

You shook your head. “H-he did-didn’t know,” you coughed. “No water, okay?”

Tony nodded. “Okay,” he agreed. He held out his hand and helped you up. He guided you over to your lounge chair and wrapped a towel around you. Now that the initial shock had worn off, you planned on using this incident to your advantage for as long as possible.

“May I please have a glass of water?” you asked, giving Tony your best puppy dog eyes.

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed. He practically tossed your towel over your shivering form as he dashed into the Tower to fulfill your request.

Steve smirked and looked down at Bucky. “Thanks man,” he said gratefully, patting his best friend on the shoulder. “I appreciate you grabbing her.”

Bucky nodded. “I know how much she means to you,” he replied. He let out a soft sigh and looked Steve in the eye. “I just didn’t want you to lose anyone else.”

Steve’s breath hitched at Bucky’s statement. “I, uh…that, uh…” He trailed off and cleared his throat, tears pricking his eyes. “That, uh, means a lot, Buck.”

Bucky just grinned back.

“You two need to get a room.” Your voice cut through the air, and they both turned to you. The color had returned to your cheeks, and you shot both super soldiers a smile.

Steve smirked. “Shouldn’t you be recovering or something?”

“Here’s your water!” Tony shouted.

You dramatically leaned back and sighed. “Thanks, Tony,” you replied, weakly.

Bucky snickered. “Looks like she gets her dramatics from you,” he whispered.

Steve’s jaw dropped open. “I’m not dramatic!” he insisted.

“Uh huh, says the guy who got debilitated by a muscle spasm,” Bucky shot back.

“Excuse me?! That thing hurt!” Bucky backed away from the pool wall as Steve stood up.

“Captain America?” Bucky taunted. “More like the Star Spangled Man with a Cramp!”

“Why you-” Steve jumped in the pool and started chasing Bucky.

You rolled your eyes as you sipped your water. “Goofballs,” you giggled under your breath. But you couldn’t help but smile at your family.

You wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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Anti x Reader
TW: Death, Blood, this is rly sad

You were walking home late at night. There was a back alley that you knew would take you straight home
Passing through said alley, you notice a guy walking towards you
“Hand over your shit” he says, pulling out a small pistol from his jacket
Adrenaline kicked in immediately. You took out your phone, your wallet, earrings, everything
You were about to hand everything to the guy when you see the air behind him start to glitch

“I said HAND OVER YOUR SHIT” he shouts at you
He lifts up the gun just as Anti reaches around to grip his throat
“I don’t think so”
The man jumps, pulling the trigger of the gun on instinct. Anti is taken aback, so much so that he releases his grip on the man’s neck
The man runs off

Just before Anti can glitch away to tear the mugger to pieces, he sees you laying on the concrete, clutching your stomach as blood seeps from between your fingers
Anti immediately rushes to your side, dropping to the ground and pulling you to his chest
“No no nonononono ah fuckfuckfuck y/n, stay with me lovely
You cough and Anti sees the blood dripping from your lips

Anti knows he can’t glitch the two of you too a hospital with a bullet wound like that
He doesn’t notice himself crying until you put a shaky hand to his cheek, wiping away the tears with your thumb
You smile up at him
“Yer gonna be okay, lass. Just stay with me. We’ll get ya patched up in no time, just stay with me.”
You cup his cheek and take a shaky breath in
“Y-you are my s-sunshine…” you whisper

Anti’s tears are falling at a rapid pace now as he holds onto your wrist
“My only s-sunshine…”
You can feel yourself getting both dizzy from the blood loss and pain from the stomach acid melting your insides
“You make m-me h-happy, w-when skies, a-are gray…”
Anti can see the light in your eyes, the one he always looked to for comfort, fading away
“Y-you’ll never k-know dear…”
Anti sobs

“H-how much I love.. you…”
You take one final, shaky breath
“Love, please…” Anti weeps
“Please don’t take, my sunshine…
The hand that you held to Anti’s cheek goes limp
The last bit of life leaves your body, and Anti can see it as it floats away into the night
He looks down at your pale, dead body
And he screams

playing with fire (4) | taehyung

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genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut,

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

a/n: i will be posting more frequently because i don’t want anyone waiting too much. 

last chapter: part three 

   Okay. You realized that Taehyung has been avoiding you for a very long time. Ever since the run in with Jimin, he hasn’t been bothering you like usual. You can finally say you were at peace. Everything was just calm and sort of back to normal. He was off your back, and you hope it stays that way. And you were definitely not going to miss his presence. But for some reason, you minded wandered off to thinking about him.

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My brother and sister in law. Sister in law: "you're not a bad ass you're a dumb ass" barisi or naaaah lol

Omggggg, Rafael saying this to Sonny after he does something stupidly heroic, and it’s made even worse by the fact that Sonny isn’t even on the job when it happens.

Like, he and Sonny are out for lunch one day on one of the very rare days that they both actually have off, and Rafael’s just looking forward to an afternoon spent lounging around, catching up on their shows, and cuddling Sonny close once they get back home.

But, of course, as per usual, Rafael’s plans get completely derailed by Sonny himself.

Because as they’re exiting the little cafe that they ate lunch at, Sonny suddenly seems to catch something in his periphery that causes him to let go of Rafael’s hand and run off without explanation, leaving Rafael standing at the entrance to the restaurant, watching in bewilderment as Sonny darts towards the edge of the busy New York City street and grabs up a kitten just before it walks out unsuspectingly in front of a cab.

Now, normally, Rafael would be all melt-y and gooey at the sight of his boyfriend rescuing a baby kitten, but, ya know, Sonny is a baby giraffe in human man form and somehow gets himself clipped by the cab just as he’s pulling the kitten into his arms.

So Rafael is instead freaking the fuck out, running over to Sonny and telling him not to move as he simultaneously gets 911 on the phone, despite Sonny’s protests that he’s fine, that the cab just got his shoulder a little bit, that he’s completely fine.

One glare from Rafael in his direction as he sits on the concrete, clutching his shoulder, the cat still held tight in his good arm, and Sonny shuts right up.

But once the ambulance arrives and they start to look Sonny over, Rafael grabs his hand and goes completely into doting, worried boyfriend mode, asking questions about Sonny’s injury – his shoulder’s only mildly bruised, he’s lucky it isn’t broken, the paramedics say – and what he needs to do when they get back home to make Sonny more comfortable.

And as the paramedics start packing up all of their equipment, leaving Sonny and Rafael alone with the rescued kitten, Sonny looks up sheepishly at Rafael as he scratches the kitten behind the ears, asking, “You didn’t think that that was even a little bit badass, Rafi? I mean, I jumped in front of a car for this little guy. That’s gotta get me a few points, right?”

Rafael just looks down at the kitten with not quite affection, but also not pure hatred for this animal that his boyfriend almost got himself killed over, much to Rafael’s own surprise. Then he looks at Sonny, who’s smiling softly, still holding the kitten tight, and he kisses Sonny’s temple, hard.

And then he looks right into Sonny’s blue eyes, and says, “You’re not a badass, you’re a dumbass. But I love you, so we can keep the cat until you find an owner for it.”

And that’s the story of how Rafael and Sonny get a cat.


LOSING MY MIND (Theo Raeken imagine)

words: 1 106

A/N: wow, this got very long very quickly. i got inspired by Charlie Puth’s “Losing My Mind” and started writing. hope you enjoy, feedback is always appreciated ! :) gif credits to the owners xx (is anyone else like maybe too enthusiastically waiting for theo to appear in season 6 ??)

warnings: mentions of blood, sad theo, one curse word (not proof read this was so long i had no motivation to read it again)



so much to do do and not enough time
not enough time, oh I got
so much to lose, I’m losing my mind

I’m sorry I’m not there to give you what you want
I’ll think about us some other time
and I’m sorry that I can’t be the perfect type of man
I’ll think about us some other time

One second you were blocking the creature’s blows with the baseball bat loaned from Stiles. Then, out of nowhere, you could feel a sharp pain on your side. Touching the wound, you collapsed backwards, ending up leaning on a thick concrete post, clutching your side. As you were trying to stay conscious, you could see Theo turning to you, screaming your name.

When Theo saw you collapsing from the other side of the room, a wave of anger gave him just the advance he needed to knock out his enemy. Seeing Scott and the rest of the pack fighting, he rushed to you, thinking they could handle them without him.

Crouching down beside you, he took off his jacket, pressing it tightly on your wound. “You’re gonna be okay, Y/N. You’re gonna be okay,” he said hurriedly, trying to reassure you - or, mostly himself. He couldn’t lose you; you were his everything, the one good thing in his life. How he had allowed this to happen ? He should’ve been protecting you ! Too much to do, too much to fight in so many war fronts, at the same time trying to keep you safe, trying to keep you out of it all.

Still being able to stay awake, you could see the mixture of worry and anger on Theo’s face and knew that he was blaming himself - beating himself in his mind till he lost all his self-confidence. Lifting your now bloody hand on his cheek, you stroked the light stubble with your thumb.

“Theo, it’s not your fault. Stop blaming yourself,” you said weakly, already losing a great amount of blood. “I’ll be okay, don’t worry. You won’t get rid of me that easily,” you said, trying to light up the mood and smiled weakly.

“You’ll be okay, babygirl, I know. You’re so strong, stronger than I’ll ever be.” Theo was able to smile back at you, placing his hand on top of yours on his cheek, still pressing his jacket against your wound with his other one. “Hate to break the moment, but we have to get you to the hospital,” Theo said, looking behind his back. Seeing the pack handle the rest of the creatures, Scott made his way towards you two.

Theo sprung into action, picking you up gently. He quickly told Scott you had to be taken to the hospital and started to make his way to his truck. Making your position as comfortable as possible on the passenger’s side, he rounded the car, got in and drove to the hospital, the rest of the pack following behind him.

※ ※ ※ ※

Laying on the hospital bed, hooked on the IV, you could feel the light aching on your left side. According to Melissa, you hadn’t lost too much blood, and the weapon had barely avoided any vital organs. Melissa had fussed around and forced everyone, including Theo, out of your room to let you sleep for a few hours.

Now that you were awake, you missed company. As if on cue, you heard the door open and saw Theo emerge from the hallway.

“Hey,” you smiled at him, feeling a much better after sleeping.

“Hi,” he whispered, sitting on the chair beside your bed. He took your colder hand in his warm, bigger one, holding onto it like his life depended on it. You could see the sadness in his eyes and maybe hints of crying in them, too.
Confused, you asked him, “What’s wrong ?”

In silence, Theo casted his eyes down, trying to hold the tears that were threatening to escape his eyes once again.

“I’m just … I almost lost you, Y/N. Again,” he said quietly. It was becoming harder and harder not to cry - which he hated doing, especially in front of you. He was supposed to be this strong alpha, but apparently had failed to be strong and a proper alpha. Kissing your hand, he continued, “I-I can’t lose you. I really can’t. You’re my whole life, and that means you’re all that I got. And that means I have so much to lose, which is making me lose my mind. I can’t help thinking, how I would survive without you. But the same time, how could you ever love me ? I’m not perfect for you, I’m not always there to give you what you want, and I sometimes put things before you, which I shouldn’t ever do and-“ he was cut by the need of oxygen. He was now silently crying, taking in deep, slow breaths.

You hated to see him in this state. You understood he had so much pressure on him for being the alpha, but you wouldn’t ever imagine not loving him - although he wasn’t perfect, but for you, he was enough. Getting into a sitting position, you put your free hand on his cheek reassuringly. “Hey, hey … you’re not losing me. Not now, not ever, as long as I’m concerned. I love you, and you’re enough for me just the way you are - don’t you ever dare to think otherwise. You don’t ever have to doubt my love for you, Theo Raeken.”

Theo lifted his head, looking into your eyes. Trying to find any hint of doubt in them, but found none. In a loss of words, he lifted himself from the chair enough to kiss you. Passionately pressing his lips to yours, you could feel all of it - the desperation, the need, the love. Caressing your cheek, Theo kept deepening the kiss, until he had to break it to catch his breath.

“I would say that I don’t deserve you,” he said, but before you could cut him off by denying it, he continued, “but I won’t, because it would lead into another argument. So, I’m just gonna say, I love you so fucking much, Y/N Y/L/N,” he finished, connecting your lips into another deep, passionate kiss, which got heated very quickly.

Breaking from the kiss, you placed your both hans to his cheeks. “I love you too. And now, could you get me out of here ? I want to go home and sleep for years. With you cuddling up beside me, of course,” you smiled. Smiling, he pecked you once more.

“Yeah, anything for you, princess. I will go and seduce Melissa with my charms to give you a permission to leave,” he said and went for the door.
Before he could exit the room, you said with your eyebrows raised, “I would prefer if you didn’t literally seduce her - because ugh, she’s Scott’s mother, after all.”

Sending his signature smirk to you, he left the room.

Scar Tissue: Malec AU

Hi there! Here’s an apology fro not being here for Malec-week (I had a music summer school thingy). 

OTP Prompts: imagine your OTP as street fighters

Warning: MxM SMUT, adult language, violence

Tags: AU, angst, a bit of fluff too, injury

Length: 5K

Aaaaannnnnnnddddd here it it.

The air around him felt like a cage. The dense darkness was penetrated only by the flickering street lamp up ahead. He wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand- whether it was sweat or blood he didn’t know, nor did he care- and focused his mind back on his opponent who was scrambling up from the unforgiving concrete, clutching the damage done to his nose, blood flowing easily from his face and down his arm.

Alec’s fist still buzzed with the remnants of the blow he had just struck, his split knuckle throbbing, his hand still clenched tight, no longer a familiar part of his body but a weapon he wielded with an intense, controlled fury. The churning feeling in Alec’s gut, somewhat resembling rage, threatened to betray him and turn to his audience, the rowdy men yelling angrily in encouragement, urging him on in his fight against a man he’d rather not beat bloody, pummel until he surrendered. No, his anger was not directed at the now disarmed man- around Alec’s age and no less- who was now nearing his last few seconds in the fight but continued regardless, the stakes too high to give up till he was completely inept. The only hate Alec had was for the bastards surrounding him, exchanging bets with each other, yelling and drinking; they were ungrateful, fickle, simulators and deceivers, avoiders of danger and greedy for gain- and Alec was truly disgusted. ’So this,’ he thought sourly. ’This is the true nature of man when he is no longer bound by law and by standards; he makes false promises to his fellow man, and then makes him dance.’

Alec was a circus act, an animal made to fight another in the same position as him all because his need for- and lack of- money.

He pushed the obtrusive thoughts from his mind and turned his attention back to the fight, before launching himself forwards and finishing off his weakened opponent.

Alec walked all the way back to his apartment in almost complete darkness, four grand stuffed in his pockets and sweat making his clothes cling to his sore body. It was the most he had made in months, but the fight was long, so joy at the thought of having four thousand pounds more than he had originally hadn’t reached him yet, and he was waiting for it, waiting for the feeling that would make his labours worth it. But the happiness just wouldn’t reach him yet.

And perhaps it never would. Sometimes he was sick of his existence, going to extremes to get the money that he didn’t have to buy things that he didn’t need, but he managed to carry on. Somehow. Somehow, despite his despair, the world never quite managed to take from him his will to go on, his survival instinct. So, in the mean time, Alec Lightwood would plough through his days as a street fighter, hoping that there really was a glimpse of light waiting for him in the future.

When he arrived in his apartment, Alec dumped the cash on the kitchen counter and immediately undressed himself, leaving his grimy, damp clothes in a pile on the couch, eager to have a scolding shower to wash away the sweat, dirt and blood- both his and his opponent’s- from his skin and hair, which was pulled back in a bun to keep it off his face during the fight. He shook it loose before stepping into the shower and turning it on, shivering as the tepid stream of water hit his body which was still cold from the night air. The water gradually heated till it was perhaps a few degrees too hot to be pleasant. He scrubbed the blood from his cuts and from his knuckles, the soap mildly stinging his injuries.

Once he was satisfyingly raw from scrubbing himself completely clean, Alec hurriedly stepped out of the shower, careful not to slip on the wet floor, wrapped a towel around his waist, then continued into his bedroom and sat down on the end of his single bed without switching the light on. His bedroom was only a few square-feet larger than the bathroom, and contained only a bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe in one corner. There was a window, but Alec almost always kept the blinds closed as the view was of a delightfully-red brick-wall, which darkened the already gloomy room rather than brightening it.

After rubbing his hair dry with the towel and putting on a pair of clean boxers, Alec still did not feel drowsy enough to settle down to sleep. A restless nervous-feeling seemed to have permanently settled in his gut, probably caused by the hype of the fight. His body ached, but it still retained some energy that Alec was itching to let loose somewhere- anywhere, but he decided not to do any more damage to himself, given he just had a shower. What he needed, he eventually decided, was sex. Good sex. And he knew exactly where he was going to get it.

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DamiTim. Maybe Tim is surprised that Damian protects him with his powers given their history

This is definitely more than three sentences oops, haha.


The gunman shot repeatedly, and Damian sighed in boredom as the bullets ricocheted off his chest - and even one off his face. Tim could only watch from his pathetic position on the alleyway concrete behind him, clutching his broken and bleeding arm to his chest.

“Shoot at him again and I swear to you I’ll melt your kidneys from here.” Damian promised, eyes fading into an eerie white glow. The criminal dropped the gun, backing away before sprinting into the crowded street. 

Tim’s breaths were short as he tried to wrap his head around the moment. Damian? Protecting him? Is this…is he dreaming? He swallowed thickly. “You’ve…never done that before.”

“…Times changed.” Damian muttered quietly, turning slightly to glance back at him. His eyes were cooling from the glow, becoming fierce and protective. “I changed.”

So Long, Stranger Part 2

Title: So Long, Stranger Part 2 (READ PART 1 HERE!)

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count:  2,570

Theme Song: Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot

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You sat on the edge of the motel bed staring at the patterned wallpaper in front of you, your eyes crossed a bit making double of the mauve and brown stripes. No tears fell; you’d gotten those all out while you drove. Now that you thought about it, you couldn’t remember how long exactly you had driven. Just that you’d ended up here as night fell, figuring it was as good a place as any to stop. Lucky the roads had been empty with your head in the clouds as you drove….had the roads been empty? Your phone vibrated next to you and you reached over, turning it off without looking. You knew what it would say: 26 missed calls from Sam. You shook your head and stood, paced the room once before sitting down again. A knock on the door had you looking up, startled. You slowly approached it, gun in hand that you’d brought in from the glove compartment of your car. 

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Into the Abyss || Molly & Lasciel

She couldn’t run any more.  Her leg hurt and every step threatened to bring her to her knees.  Her cane was no help– not when it came to long distance and endurance, or even speed for that matter… all it did was keep her on her feet, and barely that even.  Molly ground her teeth together, lurching into an alley, her fingers trembling from the cold and collapsed to the ground.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten, or slept for more than a few scant hours, and the last rumble with Listen and gang had taken a lot out of her.

And now the Wardens had her trail.  

Molly scrambled back in the snow to push herself into a little alcove in the alley behind an old bar, huddling on the back stoop to get out of the snow, trying to make herself as small and as hidden as possible.  She couldn’t run, she couldn't fight- her only option left was to try to hide.

It took several nerve-wracking tries before she was able to pull up even the simplest veil, tears dripping down her cheeks and smearing dirty streaks down off her chin.  She wasn’t sure if they were from pain, or terror, or from knowing she was going to die, but she tried not to pay attention to them.  

The veil was shitty.  It didn’t even cover her tracks in the snow.  It was inelegant and obvious- like a shadow bent too far out of place to be natural- but it was all she had. She clutched her ragged clothes close to her and dropped her head onto her knees, trying not to sniff, not to cry, not to even breathe.  There was still a chance that they wouldn’t see her- right?  There was still a chance they wouldn't finally collect her head… wasn’t there?  There was always hope… right?

She prayed.  Molly hadn’t prayed in a very long time, but she prayed now:

Lord, I know we haven’t been on speaking terms recently, I know I’ve screwed up a lot.  I know I’m not worthy of any of Your help, but if You could– if You’d just… Lord please let me live.  I just want to live.  Please.  Please.   If You’re there, just let them pass by, please.  Please help me. pleasepleaseplease…

She held her breath, listening to the crunch of snow under boots, lifting her head just enough to peek out towards the entrance of the alley.


She could see two pair of shoes, the hems of gray cloaks.  She could hear voices- she knew one was Carlos’, he was trying to give her time, but he had a partner with him, someone she didn’t recognize and who wouldn’t give up.

“I think she kept going, man.”  Carlos.  Thank you, Carlos.

“The tracks in the snow lead down here- if you can’t stomach it, Ramirez, wait here and cover me.”

No… no nono…  Maybe he still wouldn’t see her, maybe her veil wasn’t as bad as she thought, even if the spell felt more like swiss cheese than a blanket.


As the footsteps drew closer, Molly buried her head under her arms.  There was still hope, wasn’t there?  There was still a chance… there had to be.  There had to still be something…

She could hear the recognizable sound of a sword being drawn, and Molly look down in a panic, trying to find anything to defend herself with.

…please… please… please…

Just a few inches from where she sat lay an unassuming silver coin, etched with a strange looking, pseudo-hourglass sigil.  Her breath caught in her throat.  She didn’t have to be personally familiar to recognize one of the Coins- she had known about them since before she’d even known about magic.    How did one of them get all the way out here…?

Footsteps crunched in the snow only a few yards away now, and Molly could see the Warden clearly.  An older man- probably Harry’s age- blonde and chiselled like an ex-Marine, his bearing said military training too, which may have been why he wouldn’t follow Carlos’ lead.  He had a mission, and he planned to accomplish it.

Molly could feel his suspicion rising (oh God no…) as he followed her tracks in the snow with his eyes, settling them on the stoop where they abruptly stopped.   He was focusing on her veil, and she could feel him picking it a part. She couldn’t hold it much longer, not under that level of scrutiny.  She ground her teeth together, fighting for more concentration, more energy, more life, but the Warden raised his sword, prepared to stab through the shadowy darkness of her veil and straight into her.  

It was all she could do not to scream.

And in that moment she made a choice.  She wanted to live.

Molly grabbed the Coin off the cold concrete and clutched it to her chest.

She closed her eyes and curled in on herself in anticipation of the Warden’s blow– and this time when she begged, it wasn’t to God.

Help me.

dysfunctional, but we’ll go a long way

jikook, platonic!taekook, pg13 // angst, fluff, idol!jimin au (more fluff than anything tbh)

a/n: this is another long overdue songfic based off fireproof cause an anon out there requested for it ; u ; I’m not really sure how to feel about this because it came out waaaay different from what I was expecting so pls tell me your thoughts/give me some feedback!!! ah yes also thank you to @kookiekeys and @heungtxn-sonyeondxn for getting me through this (whether you know it or not) <33

((this is super extra but i’m trying to keep this blog updated so if y’all want a three sentence fic, send me a pairing & an au and I’ll try to write it asap ;-)))

promise—that you’ll remember me.

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