concrete and wood


I wrote a poem recently about my town. Here it is:

Feels surreal
Same car drives by, colored teal.
A 2005 Honda it’s windows down.
The same block that it always goes round,
Is filled with kids, doing the same things
Playing sports and chasing rings.
Rings they’ll never get, fame they won’t achieve,
And if I’m being honest this town makes me grieve.
Grieve for the loss of the dreamers and the believers, the loss of the lovers and achievers.
This is an endless suburbia, no life no feelings.
Concrete and neutral colored wood smear the landscape with drab textures.
Old minds are giving new ones lectures.
Telling us to get in line, to do our time, to feel fine. You’ll get a job, get married, and have disciples.
You’ll start again the cycle.
There is no time here, only night and day. Seasons change, but the people don’t.
Ages change but the feelings don’t.


Good wood - minimal and perhaps a tad brutal from the outside but an oasis of calm on the inside. This heavenly concrete house with wooden accents has been built into a steep slope in the Eisack Valley, South Tyrol, Italy, by local architect Andreas Gruber.