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The making of MilkMade flavor #97, Purple Passion Pie.

“I was hoping I could order some additional pints of the Purple Passion Pie ‘scream. I don’t even like grape flavored things but the purple passion pie is AMAZING. I have already devoured the pint and I’m so sad it’s gone!”

Yep, we just received that email from a member. She’s in luck, as we have just a few pints left. Before we run out, we have to share with you all how we made this delicious grape goodness.

Step 1: Forage for the concords! This year, since concords are in such high demand, we had to source from three different farms and get past the crowds to pick our grapes up from the Union Square Greenmarket almost every Saturday last month.

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ok so I keep forgetting to take pics when we’re actually putting the jam into the jars BUT HERE IS JUST A FEW PICS OF some of the processes my friend Megan and I go through when we’re having our jam seshes! (also that big jar of pink juice is apple juice which I used to do the jelly with!)

So far we’ve produced over 100 jars of jams, jelly, salsa and apple sauce! The kinds so far have been:

Blackberry jam
Concord grape jelly
White grape jam
Blackberry nectarine Amaretto jam
Apple Earl Grey almond jelly
Caramel apple jam
Huckleberry blackberry chipotle jam
Mango habanero salsa

Here are the links to the apple jams/jellies so if you want the recipes and instructions for them in specific this is where I got them!!

Caramel Apple Jam

Apple Earl Grey Almond Jelly

Anyways all of the fruit used in everything we’ve made has all been hand picked and grown by us or our friends locally! (and processed too!) All we’ve paid for is sugar, lids and pectin really (finally getting to use my moms giant collection of jars!) SO MUCH FREAKING FRUIT (and there is still more to be picked and processed just on my property alone o.o )

So basically you just cook your stuff, make sure all your jars and lids are sanitized (I use the dishwasher) pour stuff into jars, carefully put the lids on without touching the lips of the can so you don’t contaminate and then boil them in a big pot (they have ones specifically that are huge called “canners”) for 10 - 15 minutes depending on what it is!

I’m so excited about all this! I want to get everything I need to do the Cottage Law thing now that it’s legal to sell homemade products in California! I’ll make another post with more pics later of the canning though too!! (and hopefully more daylight photos of the jam) 

Also that last pic is of my Concord grape jelly!