unpopular opinion but on posts where wiishu says she has good news, that doesn’t necessarily have to be 1.) a baby or 2.) engagement. women can have more news than what’s up with their uterus or marital status. women can have news outside of their romantic relationships. women’s worlds don’t have to revolve around a man. women can stand on their own.


Tony and Jan were promptly banned from Morning Jog Time™

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GUYS this is the cool thing I was talking about the other day!
Guerrilla asked if they could use my art to, I guess, represent the company’s celebration of Amsterdam Pride!  I’m totally honoured.  I love that they are happy to use their title character to show Pride, and not just changing their logo. <3

so, today, holt put his career on the line for a teacher’s-pet detective who’s become more like his daughter. he’s fought for three decades, overcome every obstacle imaginable, for this captaincy by being a good cop. and today, he put it all on the line just so a newly-minted sergeant who is somehow just as determined as he once was wouldn’t have to. these are his kids, and this is his precinct, and the fact that he wasn’t quick enough to work this case sure as hell wasn’t going to stop him from getting his surrogate son out of jail. so instead he was willing to sacrifice everything and derail his own life plan just so that amy wouldn’t have to. 

anyway, catch these fists murphy

Compilation of Stray Kids 1st episode

Bang Chan

Originally posted by leadchan

  • Leader (also belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA)
  • He’s been a trainee since 7 years
  • Is the Dad of the group
  • Shy shy boy
  • Dark past
  • Chan with Chaeyoung and Bambam
  • Lowkey strict leader but he just wants the best for his boys
  • Jype is proud of him because of the way he made with the boys a group
  • Belongs to the aussie line (aka the extra line)
  • “of my yeah , soldier challenger, help me Jesus christ”  *insert felix dabbing in the background*
  • His smile never changed
  • Looking out of jisung and Changbin after they were nervous and made mistakes 
  • He’s a puppy


  • a.k.a Mr.StealYoHeart.
  • Dark concept but this guy has priorities called Gyu
  • Belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA
  • Rich kiddo
  • Changbin’s house could be used as the new dorm of the boys
  • His mom is super cute
  • “If I wear ugly underwear, that mean I won’t have any luck.”
  • He wears nice underwear *takes a deep breath*
  • Bromance/ship unlocked with Seungmin
  • He was praised by jype as he stood out in the showcase 
  • Dark aura but actually he’s a cutie


  • Cute bunny
  • Cute personality, different from the MV
  • Meme-able
  • Professional impersonator 
  • Doraemon
  • Belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA
  • Lying on the bed with Jeongin
  • Accidentally dropped his mic because he was too nervous 
  • Soft and cuddly

Kim Woojin

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  • Angel’s voice
  • He trained with NCT
  • Playing a song by 2AM on his guitar while packing
  • Jawline
  • Was sm trainee before
  • Has a small bedroom
  • Cupboard
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • Sexy


  • Mr.StealYoAttention
  • He was playing Day6 while packing his things
  • Pur and precious
  • Boyfriend material
  • So popular among trainees
  • Bromance/ship unlocked with Changbin
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • we have so little seungmin content wtf jype we need more


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  • Honeybun
  • Beautiful maknae must be protect at all costs
  • Braces
  • Busan boi
  • Actually looks like a maknae
  • Voice like honey
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • He can sing trot
  • Jisung x Jeongin
  • Scared of Chan’s


Originally posted by hwanghyunjinnie

  • Grandpa
  • Visuals omG
  • Back-up dancer for BTS *screams*
  • He was with them on the Wings Tour
  • Packs his hoodies in a bag of cloth
  • Empty room
  • Sweety pie
  • Dancer
  • Helping Felix with his korean


  • Mr. Steals the camera atention
  • Everytime he’s on screen the editing is so extra
  • With music and shining light
  • Real definition of ‘looks like he could kill you, but is actually a cinamon roll’
  • Got the most cheer when his pic came out during the showcase
  • So popular among fans
  • Charming
  • Shy visual
  • Animal lover
  • Has a dog called Kkami

Lee Felix

  • Manly voice (and only 17 lord)
  • Belongs to the aussie line (aka the extra line) 
  • Dab dab dab dabing
  • English lines
  • His rap caught Jyp’s attention
  • Jype even asked the staff for his name.
  • He can’t speak Korean that well

I know Im kinda late to the party but I heard you had a request

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the evidence has been under our noses this whole time

ok you know how everyone called it that Chloé was gonna get the bee miraculous and the hex design on her mirror was a piece of evidence for that

so. Chloé’s room is decorated in shade of red and pink:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………. shades of red and pink……………….

Chloé Bourgeois is a lesbeean

thanks for comin to my ted talk