So less the physical ship being the one haunting them and more a memory of the past. Could be multiple things: a night terror? Bill playing tricks and corrupting Stan’s memory? An actual haunting (maybe they’re someplace like the Bermuda Triangle?) So this is more the showing of that little idea, but after discussing it with @impishnature, she took it a bit further in what could be an actual ending to this story (below the cut!)

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Hi my name is Andrew Joseph Minyard and I have short golden blonde hair (that’s how I got my name) with brown streaks and hazel eyes like sunshine and a lot of people tell me I look like Dane DeHaan (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m related to Aaron Minyard but I wish I wasn’t because he’s a major fucking asshole. I’m 5 feet tall but my muscles are big and bulky. I have pale white skin. I’m also a goalie, and I go to a college called Palmetto State University where I’m in the second year (I’m twenty). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black turtleneck and black skinny jeans, black armbands and black combat boots. I was wearing no makeup but I had black bags around my eyes to match. I was walking outside Fox Tower. It was raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Foxes stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them. 

don’t u ever just wake up and think how jaemin could be coming back at any moment?? like any day now we could see his beautiful face and smile one again. Plus what if he’s more mature looking now??? since he’s been gone for moNTHS,,,,, i don’t think i’ll ever be ready for this