Hello, writerly friends! Today decided to sit down to talk about a question I got recently: “When should a book end?”

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iKON <3

My conclusions;
➡Everyone wants Jinhwan.
➡Junhoe knows he’s sassy
and he loves it.
➡Bobby genuinely wants to be close to Junhoe.
➡B.I and his phone is inseparable.
➡Yoyo finally found a friend in Chanwoo with whom he can be dork and still not look stupid.
➡Triple Kim value their friendship so much.
➡B.I is misunderstood by people.
➡Chanwoo can be funny in the future.
➡Can expect hell lot of B.I X mickey mouse.
➡Yunhyeong is gonna rock airport fashion 😉
➡Donghyuk will look hot af in the coming years.
➡Bobby is proud of his abs 😉
➡B.I is a proud single haha
➡Yunhyeong is stylish.
➡Double B truly madly deeply love hip hop. Even their airport fashion 😅
➡Junhoe is the most comfortable with Jinhwan, B.I and Yunhyeong.
➡Chanwoo is adjusting in the group pretty well.
➡All members trust B.I.
➡Team B is very special to them. (even to us)
➡Jinhwan is the girl in all of his otps.
➡Bobby will take his pooh along with him wherever he goes.
➡Donghyuk laughs a lot! 😂
➡Yunhyeong and Jinhwan are very mature.
➡Donghyuk loves accessories.
➡B.I is tiger but hanbin is a normal teenager who is pretty much a pabo sometimes.
➡Yunhyeong is the variety gem.
➡Bobby must have a lot of contacts saved in his phone.
➡Junhoe loves himself.
➡Almost all of them use Nivea lip balm.
➡Yunhyeong and B.I has a good understanding of eachother.
➡No sassy junhoe with Jinny.
➡Junhoe talks a lot 😂
➡B.I eats a lot. (lol)

It’s important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. Otherwise you are left with words you should have said but never did, and your heart is heavy with remorse // Yann Martel.

anonymous asked:

I'm an English major in my second year, and while I've always been able to write really elegant, intricate essays, I've lately been noticing that the better my work, the worse my conclusion gets.... So, basically, I was wondering if you had any helpful advice on how to construct a strong conclusion?

In spite of working as a writing tutor, I always have a bit of an awkward time trying to explain my conclusion-writing advice, but the advice itself is pretty solid. Just bear with any awkwardness I’m about to spew out.

One trick that I tell students to use is to make the final sentence of their conclusions sound nice and complete by writing a sentence that lists three things or has three clauses (similar to the idea of the tricolon and the rule of three). A more basic example of this would be something like, “In following English Major Humor’s advice, Anonymous can hope to improve her conclusions, receive better grades, and come away from the writing process with a greater degree of satisfaction.” (However, if this were your thesis, you’ve already restated a paraphrased version of it at the beginning of your conclusion. Do not say it again at the end of your conclusion.) This isn’t necessarily something you should do for every paper; it’s just a cool trick to have in your back pocket in case it becomes useful.

Here’s some more general advice, adapted from my writing center’s handout on conclusions:

Conclusions can do the following:

-Summarize the arguments you’ve made
-Restate the thesis (but never word-for-word from how you wrote it in your introduction) and possibly expand upon this thesis.
-Explain why the argument presented is important/why the argument presented enhances our understanding of the topic.
-Add something new to the overall argument without adding another point of contention. This means that the conclusion can include new info, but not necessarily another point to be argued. (I presented the last two points in this section word-for-word from how they appeared on my writing center’s handouts.)

If you’re having trouble starting a conclusion:

-Restate your thesis by rewording it. Use that as a foundation and see where you go from there.
-Look at what you’ve already written in your essays and see what you haven’t said yet. Are there any loose ends you need to tie up?

Other things to remember:

-Your conclusion really doesn’t need to be long. You’re finishing the essay, not starting a new one.
-Your conclusion doesn’t need to be complex either. Your thesis/argument should be the complex parts.
-Think BIG PICTURE. Focus on your argument as a whole, not the finer points of your argument.

To me, a conclusion can be about the big picture in another way. For example, you might find something really interesting about Waiting for Godot and you can mention in your conclusion how this is/might be relevant to 20th century plays as a whole. Again, it’s thinking about why your argument is relevant/important. It’s basically about asking yourself that ever-annoying “so what?” question.

I highly recommend that you use this information to supplement a trip to your college’s writing center. Even if you think your writing is good (which it probably is), the writing center is still a great place to go to work on fine-tuning and to learn about new things (like how to write conclusions). There’s nothing wrong with going to the writing center no matter how good your writing is, and writing centers can help you at any stage of the writing process. Going is a truly great way to show yourself that you care about your writing.

iKON <3

My Conclusions, Part ll:

✔ Chanwoo’s height is unknown. It keeps changing~(Maknae growing up well)
✔ Junhoe has a thing for B.I’s phone and gifts 😅
✔ Bobby is mama’s boy.
✔ Yunhyeong always thinks out of the box. He’s fun 👍
✔ B.I is hanbillion
✔ Jinhwan cries a lot
✔ Haru loves Bobby but Daddy Tablo wants B.I 😂😂😂
✔ Donghyuk’s favorite word ‘What’s up’!!
✔ ikon stans want to hear bobby speaking English (YESSS)
✔Donghyuk has pretty good English accent. Even B.I.
✔ B.I can rap in English. (Can he rap LTWYL again?) 😍
✔Junhoe can be musical actor in future. His voice 👍
✔ Tablo is ikon’s second godfather. (1st YG)
✔ Jinhwan is the nicest hyung for all the members.
✔ B.I’s smile has not changed at all.
✔ B.I likes to tease Chanwoo.
✔ Yunhyeong likes Chic fashion.
✔ Double B are Double B shippers themselves 😅
✔ All members know fans ship B.I and Bobby.
✔ Yunhyeong is the least hip hop member. Maybe Chanwoo too.
✔ Jinhwan’s judging face needs a comeback.
✔ Bigbang is a girl group for Yunhyeong
✔ B.I’s towel photo is everywhere.
✔ Junhoe has a sharp tongue 😅
✔ Bobby always spots the camera 😅😅😅
✔ B.I is shy around strangers/not so close people.
Shy with fans too (so cute)
✔ JunDong’s relationship = Complicated! 😂
✔ B.I is the father, Jinhwan is mother, Bobby is the hyung, Yunhyeong is the kind unnie.
✔ Yunhyeong and Chanwoo were not close until the Gapyeong trip happened. And now YunChan is sailing~
✔ Sour cream and Onion Pringles are B.I’s.
✔ Junhoe has nice legs and Donghyuk has pretty hands, B.I has beautiful lips.
✔ Winner and ikon are close.
✔ B.I starts speaking English whenever he’s hungry. (i wanna eat…..)
✔ Junhoe also eats a lot.
✔ No competition to B.I’s predebut photos 😂😂😂 (SOOOO MANY)
✔ Bobby is the aegyo master of ikon.😅
✔ All members will look so good in suits.
✔ Double B airport fashion is going to change when they debut. (It’s just what i feel)
✔ Junhoe doesn’t like skinship.
✔ B.I has 1425636895806696 snapback.
✔ Yunhyeong is YG’s next Ajhumma.

LAST: These kids are so talented. Need to debut fast.