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“I can get home fine on my own,” Lois said.

“I know you can,” Clark said, continuing to escort her home.

“I barely even drank.” She drank a lot. She’d been teaching Steve an important lesson about… something. He’d passed out right at the bar, which meant she’d won.

Her claims of sobriety were undercut when she stepped slightly wrong, had her heel land crooked to nearly give out beneath her. Not that it had the chance to, because Clark was there in an instant to catch her by the shoulders and hold her upright.

Very gentlemanly about it, too. He made it easy to forget that he was goddamn huge. Something about his posture, or the way he almost always stood at a distance. But then he did things like this, walked her home and offered his arm and generally acted unrealistically gallant. And the distance was gone, and all of a sudden he seemed like he’d doubled in height.

She took his arm only because the sidewalks were a mess, and she didn’t want to risk damaging her heels. They were very nice. They were very expensive. They hurt like hell.

“I’m basically sober,” she added.

“I see that.”

She scowled up at him. The fact that she had to look up was irritating. Lois was, objectively, not a short women. And she was in heels. “You don’t get to talk.”

“No?” He always played so innocent. She could see right through it, though. A glint in his eye that his glasses couldn’t hide.

“No,” she confirmed. “Because you didn’t even drink.”


“You never drink,” she added.

“Also true,” he agreed.

“You know what I think?” She was just prodding at him now, really. Trying to get a rise out of him. He could be fun, sometimes, when he took the bait.

“No,” he said, “but I’m sure you’ll tell me.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t try to get smart with me, Smallville.”

Clark smiled. It was a good smile, even she had to admit that. Kind of goofy in the earnestness of it, but that could be okay every now and again. “Never. I’m always stupid with you.”

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Wait has anyone done a Richonne timeline like how they were getting to know each other S3, became an open door in 'Clear" became friends, bestfriend, in like with each other, a family, and finally a relationship?? Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.. also I would love for someone to ask Andy about it so we can know when Rick felt like yeah we are good friends etc...

My friend, let me see if I can help you out. Here and here are good sources for a very by-the-books analysis of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, starting from the end of 3x06 (when they first met and when a lot of us first started shipping them). It’s a very cut and dry explanation of what happened, being as the links are literally 1) a plot synopsis of each episode showing their progression and 2) a concise but effective summation of their entire relationship, which perfectly displays their evolution from strangers, to friends, to best friends, to parents, to two people in love. (Which, after reading ur ask, is something I think you would be highly interested in, and the video is honestly flawless/one of my favorites, so I highly, highly recommend it.) and also it existed!!! before they were canon!!! their love has always been so obvious!!! yay them!!! yay us!!! validation!!!

I also know there was an actual movie-type video that I saw floating around on Tumblr a while ago which put together literally every scene between Rick and Michonne (and maybe Michonne and Carl?) to show the progression of their relationship, although I don’t know if it’s still around or not. I sadly wasn’t able to find it.

However, if you’re looking for, say, another Richonne blog’s take/in-depth explanation of Rick and Michonne’s character and relationship development in chronological order via important episodes and lines of dialogue and thangs, I know I’ve seen (and liked and reblogged) other people’s posts like that, although I unfortunately haven’t found anything that goes too in-depth (probably because it would take up half a lifetime to complete). Although, now that I think about it, it might be fun to go back and rewatch their seasons together and write about the importance of what’s happening an episode at a time… Hmm… I mean, I’m pretty sure others have done it already. (For example, I know for a fact that Clear has been written extensively about [cuz duh – can u say “copious amounts of sexual tension” or “mother-son bonding time”???], and that I for one received an A+ on a project I did in regards to interracial relationships on TWD. I was going to get into Gleggie at some point, but ran out of time and obvi had enough material with just Richonne. Yeah….that’s literally my life. And, you know, not to brag or anything, but may I just say, I went off.)

AND NOW, IN REGARDS TO ANYONE READING THIS (YES, YOU!!! YOU READING THIS!): if you have any links to anyone’s Richonne posts or videos or vlogs or anything that’s along the lines of what’s been mentioned above, please reblog and add them!!! Make sure to include ur own lovely creations that u worked so hard on!!! I feel like we could all use a masterpost of the evolution of Richonne!! I know anon and I rlly want to read them!!! They’re seriously the best things!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Also, about Andy’s thoughts on what Rick thinks about Richonne: fret not, little one, for I believe the longer Richonne is around, and the more Rick and Michonne open up to each other about their thoughts and pasts and hopes and heartbreaks, the more likely it is that either on the show or in an interview they’ll start to discuss when these feelings first emerged, and elaborate on when and how that happened, as well as go a little more in depth on what they both meant when they said things like what appeared in this snippet of an International Business Times article:

“In a behind-the-scenes interview for the upcoming “Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season,” Gurira says she thinks her character, Michonne, has been “in love” with Lincoln’s character, Rick, for some time. Lincoln agrees, saying that he thinks it was “natural” for the characters to explore a more intimate connection. “I kept thinking, ‘Of course, it’s been right in front of me all the time.’ […] ‘It felt like a grown-up relationship that was always meant to be.’”

Also, I’d like to quickly address something just while we’re on the subject. After making my post about why I think Rick is a good (more like perfect) fit for Michonne, lots of people came up to me asking me for Andy Lincoln’s thoughts on the whole thing, even though 1) google exists, and I suggest you take full advantage of that and 2) the post itself was clearly not the right place for Andy to be getting involved. It was all about their relationship from Michonne’s perspective, and thus warranted only Danai’s thoughts on their character arcs/progression, not Andrew’s. She is a real, valid character, who is very underappreciated in fandom (if you ask me and a lot of others), and for many people their favorite character on the show - and rightfully so. She is strong, she is smart, she is soft, she is complex, she is a viable love interest. Please try not to make everything about ur fav, because it tends to push away someone else’s. Rick is not the only one involved in their relationship (obviously). Please stop making everything about him. There are already hundreds of thousands of posts/interviews out there just like that if you wanted to read up on them: about how Michonne is good for Rick, what she brings out of him, etc. Trust me, they’re there if you really want to look, but that wasn’t the question I was being asked to answer so it never came up.

That being said, there is a reason why Andy (and his mom) are the best captains a ship could ever ask for. Like honestly, before Richonne became canon (ugh, remember what an angsty, desperate, hellish place the world was back then?), he was the one who got me through it because I knew that beautiful man was never going to let it go. Andrew has repeatedly gone out of his way to bring up Rick and Michonne’s relationship (despite no one even remotely asking him about it), and often through the thinly-veiled excuse of his mom’s shipping of them, before finally getting fed up with everyone’s years of brushing him aside which led to him flat-out stating, just TO BE CLEAR FOR THE THOUSANDTH MILLIONTH TIME, “That’s what I want it to be. I want Michonne and Rick to get together.” Ahhhhhh. God bless him. He wasn’t going to give it up until it went canon. Danai could keep her cool, but Andy…

Just look at him light up every time someone so much as mentions them getting together, or the way he defends the idea at every possible chance he is given, or the way he interjects Danai CONSTANTLY just to talk about her and Rick’s relationship. Guys, he’s so obviously smitten with Richonne.

I mean, when one half of ur otp and THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE MOST-WATCHED SHOW ON PLANET EARTH wants something to happen, it has a lot of sway over what’s going to happen. And if he saw that it made sense to him, and he thought it was the right place for his character to be, who’s going to tell him otherwise? Guys. He IS Rick. He knows that “he trusts her with his life, and with his children’s lives” and that “[they both have] a deep respect and a deep love for one another.” (ugh, just watch the video, it’ll help you sleep better at night).

SO IN SUMMARY: Andy never shut his mouth up about Richonne, using his privilege and his power to will it into being (cuz rlly, what could they do? fire him???? he had the upper hand and used it to his/all of our advantage), and now look where we are. In canon bliss.

P.S. “Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.” I agree, there are so many great tumblrs out there that are always coming through with their interpretations of Richonne scenes and their beautiful second-by-second depictions of Richonne kisses that make me squeal <3 And the fact that I am a part of this “you all” is just… like….. the best thing to ever happen to me??? thank you??? I think I love you???? but it’s whatever

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Please help me, why is the comm. manifesto so important???? From what I can tell there are way better work even by Marx himself so

provides a brief but concise summation of general marxist theory

Fic: A Day at the Fair (Emily Grey)

Oh, you’ve probably seen the ads on TV: Visit the FUNtacular temple FUNfair! FUNnel cakes! FUNdamentally inexplicable gravitational phenomena! It’s fun fun FUN for the whole family!

Minor spoilers for 13x03. Written for this week’s rvb60min challenge: “Once, she knew kindness.”

[AO3 | FFN | 2015 Fic | 2014 Fic]

The temple floats.

Emily stands with her hands behind her back, rocking on her heels, and cranes her neck to try and see the cloud-obscured top. Are those clouds coincidence, or micrometeorological phenomena induced by the heat radiating from the thing? She’s seen Mom’s scientific footage of a volcanic eruption on the coast, the surging clouds flaring with lightning, the soot-stained hailstones dropping miles and miles downwind. Emily cocks her head to one side, then thinks, sadly, that there probably isn’t enough energy coming off the artifact to create its own cloud cover. If there were, more people would be reporting radiation poisoning. Probably just coincidence, then.

“Bummer,” she mutters, out loud. Ma hears and rests a hand on the top of her head. Emily presses up into the touch, then remembers that she’s eight years old and it’s well past time for her to move on from her childhood need for physical reassurance and pulls away. “Can I explore?” she asks.

Mom and Ma exchange glances. Mom rolls her eyes, but she’s grinning. Ma just rolls her eyes. “Emily,” she says, “you’re a very bright young girl, but there are big crowds here, and we don’t want you to get separated from us again.”

Emily knows exactly which incident they’re referring to and relents, kicking at a pebble as her sole concession to the wave of disappointment. Logically, it makes sense. There are a whole lot of people swarming the festive fairgrounds, and despite the vanishingly low probably of abduction or other harm, her mothers’ worry is in itself an undesirable outcome. She needs to introduce additional variables. She needs to—

She pauses, then points. “Those girls are in a group by themselves. Can I go with them?”

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