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can u write more headcanons about Carlisle please?

Is the earth round? Is the pope catholic? Is Edward Cullen’s phone crushable???

 OKAY OKAY so if you want like a huge pile of Carlisle headcanons I’m gonna redirect your right to Haley at @doctorcarlislecullen because she’s the queen.

Anyways here we GO:

( sad one first so you can recover)

- after he drained that first deer back in 1640, he was internally torn apart. He’d been starving himself and had tried to kill himself for several weeks, and suddenly he felt slight hope that he might not be as doomed after all. Weak and desperate, he went to a church in the middle of a foggy night, and stood in front of the doors, unmoving, for an hour. When he reached for the doors, his hands shook. He remembers that his silent chest felt odd, because his heart should have by all means been racing. Then, he took a step forward and crossed the threshold. The night was cold and the village silent; the only sound a single, broken sob as Carlisle sank to the church floor, unburned, face buried in his hands, at the feet of a tall cross. He stayed there on the floor for the rest of the night, dry sobs shaking his frame,basking in hope and talking to god. He hasn’t swayed in his faith ever since.


-he loves sailing and owns several boats and ships in several ports all over the world and he also owns a little sailors cap ( courtesy of Rosalie)  and once when they moved to a new house he suggested a maritime theme for the bathrooms and Alice had to be restrained by Jazz and Emmett because she wanted to pummel him to death

- he actually has a really dirty sense of humor ( okay this is practically canon)

- HICKEY KINK ( credit goes to Haley, although I think we can and should accept it as canon)

- he loves warmth and due to this he loves long, hot showers, because he likes the warmth spreading through his body because it makes him feel human- afterwards he wraps himself in a blanket while he does paperwork or reads a book to keep the warmth in for as long as possible

- ( shower sex)

-  he has tried River Dance at least ONCE and he giggled

- he has dressed up as Sherlock Holmes for several hospital halloween fundraiser parties until Esme and Alice burned it

- he also was a pen pal of several famous personas throughout the last 300 years, unfortunately Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was not amongst them, because he didn’t answer Carlisle’s letters. This pained him greatly, since Doyle was a big idol of his. However he was on friendly terms with Joseph Bell, Doyle’s mentor and supposed inspiration for Sherlock Homes as well as Queen Victoria’s personal surgeon, whom Carlilse met when he attended Bell’s lectures at the medical school of the University of Edinburgh around 1870.

- his favorite color is blue, except when he looks at Esme, then it’s caramel brown.

- since he was born in the 1600 and spent most of his life in America afterwards, Carlisle’s accent has nothing to do with the modern british english, however, wheever he meets Garrett he suddenly develops a completely posh accent and takes pains to say the word ‘holiday’ as often and as british as possible

- the scarf fetish  thing developed very early because he was very self-concious about the bite mark at the joint of his neck and shoulder, and he was afraid that someone like his father would see it and discover what he was. ( Imagine how glad he was when the 1700′s rolled around with all their cravats) Today it’s more of a habit, and he likes that it has become his signature

okay I’ll stop now because I still have to write some for Ed, Em and Aro and otherwise I’ll never stop