Rakuzan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!


Hayama Kotarou as Battle Lover Raiju

From the noble Rakuzan High, this popular student must face his very own Student Concil President as a mortal ennemy, the leader of the Conquest Club!

Can he beat this very powerful and incredibly charismatic man, the one and only Akashi Seijuurou, also known as the Chevalier Red Emperor?

You’ll find everything out… well, maybe one day…

Bonus : Kirisaki Daiichi edition, starring Hanamiya Makoto as the Chevalier Bad Boy!

Because yeah, you know… same seiyuus and all…




- hahaaha, since many girls is uncomfortable about the skirt and the buruma (japanese gym uniform) you can switch , just the shorts and the pants from the boys XDD , feel free to do it if you dont like skirt :3

ask me anything~ <3 i will answer you guysss ~ <3

We are starting
A schoolAU! xDSo, lets have fun everyone! :Dc

Im your captain/prez from sport club! >:P
@pen-astron is our concil student prez
@demonic-pancakes is the vice-prez
@gosextri is the prez of the jornalist club
@ink-pallete is the art teacher
@askmalengil is our student that makes you follow every rule!
@keban-kiin Is our spanish teacher
@yahto-oriba its the soccer coach
@ms-vali is the Music Teacher
@prim-floret is the Gardening club prez
@danandhisdemon is the Student who gets by easily due to family working at the school
@brittneythecircleoflife is the the quiet student when alone, but really creative
@martyini sells “not-allowed``stuff behind the bike shed
@nina-nebula is the english teacher
@dell-drop is the student that is left behind because he wants to
@gear-iq Yandere Student
@magi-nate Student consoler
@laney-of-the-stars is the trouble maker student
@solomon-ciel the shady nurse
@soleil-demon-booty the student who is always sleeping
@cheese–wheel joins the sport club (MY KOUHAI :Dc) but she wants to take my place XD
@mus-note the music teacher 
@paris-eiffel-the-demon the sex Ed. Teacher XD
@firstlordoftime president of the language club
@rolethedicetoseewhatyouget is the physiology teacher
@timtrouble and @quinn-gambit is the class/school clown
@princevnightfury :
Luke- the substitute teacher!
Dick and
@boo-and-candy - Gym teacher!
Hugh- the advanced literature teacher
@devronier-demon-of-memory the librarian :3
@pin-codex unfairly attractive world history teacher who’s high-key going out with the stab team teacher :DD
@ign-ite the stab team teacher XD
@splatplat Art club prez anddd joins the sport club (swim)

/to be updated :3c

  • book: Myrcella is older than Tommen so she should be queen! we're gonna make her queen!!!! Arianne is such a smart woman! she will be a great politician!! let's send Nym to take her father's place at the small concill in King's Landing! #girlpower
  • show: DIE MYRCELLA! who the fuck is Arianne??? of course we have to send a MAN to represent dorne! like our symbol is a SERPENT, Oberyn's daughters are the SNAKE SANDS, venom is a woman's weapon, IT MAKES SENSE THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS IN THIS ARC IS A MAN