Look who’s holding Conchita’s hand. Look who is happy to be next to Polina.

Conchita even scolded the entire audience in the event because they weren’t cheering for her when she introduced her. You can even see the anger on her face (Don’t believe me? Check it out!)

Do you even think she would support her if she was an homohobe? Polina is even defending her from the hate comments on her instagram!

So, I’m sure you all root for Conchita, don’t ya? Do yourself a favor and learn another example for our fabulous queen: DO NOT JUDGE A PERSON FROM WHERE THEY COME. THEY ARE NOT THEIR COUNTRY. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS.

Final thoughts on ESC 2015:

1) Nice work, Sweden, congrats!

2) PUTIN #GETREKT but seriously, nice work Polina, you were great

3) Ireland gave Latvia 12 points WTF

4) UK sucked again. Surprise SURPRISE.

5) Spain got screwed

6) Estonia got screwed

7) Where is the cheese

8) I want Australia back. They were nice.

9) Conchita is a fucking goddess holy mother of

And finally…

10) Still missing Ukraine…