Conch Punch Diary - Day 1

Before I got my conch punches done I tried to do a bit of research on what to expect during the initial piercing and the healing afterwards but found limited information. There were only a few personal stories and the after care instructions were vague and varied. So I decided to document my personal experience in the hope that it might help someone who is thinking about getting it done.

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Conch Punch Diary - Week 1

After the second day I noticed that my ears had relaxed and washing them got to be MUCH easier! I was able to settle into a routine which is pretty much wake up, soak my ears, wash my ears, take ibuprofen. I take ibuprofen at work as needed, then come home, soak, wash, and more ibuprofen. Before bed I again, soak, wash, and another dose of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is my friend lol.

Bleeding is still almost none, swelling comes and goes, and pain is random as fuck. One minute they are fine the next they are throbbing! The swelling seems to slowly build between sea salt soaks and ibuprofen doses. Mornings are the worst because I cannot seem to stop trying to sleep on my ears. I bought a travel pillow and the idea was to push the sides together and stick my ear in the middle but I just toss and turn way too much. 

I think I just have to keep trying to sleep on my back. I know I’m setting my healing back every time I lay my head on my ears but during the day I do my best to leave them the hell alone. I’m hoping they will settle down soon and sleeping won’t be an issue anymore. I would also like to stop taking so much ibuprofen. That shit can’t be good for my system over the long term. I’ve been taking up to 6 pills a day for a week now and I noticed I’ve started feeling nauseous after taking it. 

Overall I’m still SUPER happy with them and thinking about maybe getting my septum done next :)