conch plugs


4g (5mm) Bookmatched Botswana Agate Conch Pins for a rad customer


We feel like it’s pretty obvious why Jade has always been such a coveted and beloved stone, the stuff is just plain gorgeous! These beautiful single flare pieces are from Oracle Body Jewelry, and we have them in stock from 10g to ½". Come get some for yourself and understand why this stone has been loved by folks since the dawn of time!

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Superb sodalite this month! Here we have a spectacular set for a very lovely lady consisting of 1" (25mm) plugs, 7/16" (11mm) cartilage Plugs & 4g (5mm) conch plugs

I love making matching sets of jewelry, there is something exquisite when each piece seems intricately tied to the one next to it

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