conch pin

Aw yiss, we got in some of those adorable new trinity threadless ends from NeoMetal! Come in and adorn yourselves with these little cuties!


30mm Bookmatched Parana Agate Geode plugs with matching 0g (8mm) & 2g (6mm) Conch pins

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Backlit shots of these 28mm Moss Agate Plugs with matching 2g (6mm) & 0g (8mm) Conch Pins for a beautiful lady with a big heart!

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Maybe you’re bored and you’ve got no one to talk jewelry with?

2 am and Pizza becomes your salvation as you drool away at a waterfall of jewelry porn that flows through your dash?

Plain bored and lonely and just wanna say hi?

Imperial Organics is all about community & building relationships. You aren’t just a customer, you are witnessing my progress and evolution every day of my life, my struggles and my successes, my sore hands and my aching back. When I was a kid I wanted to start a revolution about everything. What revolution do you want to start? What dreams did you forget about? What hopes did you let go of?

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There’s nothing like an ultra-translucent Agate to start up your day! Pictured here are 30mm Bookmatched Parana Agate Geode Plugs with matching 0g (8mm) & 2g (6mm) Conch pins.

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4g (5mm) Bookmatched Botswana Agate Conch Pins for a rad customer


0g (8mm) Moss Agate Conch Pins

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Glorious Moctezuma Agate set I finished up for a real sweetheart! 1" (25mm) plugs with 1-¼" (32mm) front flares & a matching 2g (6mm) conch pin. I feel like the exaggerated front flares really suit the banding of the material itself.

I just cut a bunch of this lovely Agate which is suitable for plugs up to 1", I will be purchasing more of this wonderful material in the future as well so don’t despair those above 1"!

Moctezuma Agate is well known for an interesting palette of pastel colors mixed with opaque banding and general deliciousness.

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Reworking my 16mm Conch-pins from Gorilla Glass to better fit my anatomy. Not that there is any issue with the quality. Pictured above is the original conch pin, altered, and the last one is what I normally wear. I cut down the flares a bit, and made them more oval, I also angled the backs to fit the curves of my ear.  It currently has a matte finish to it, it still needs to be tidy’d up and to revive it’s final polishing. I’m considering making them dome flared. :]


It’s not always such a bad thing to have the blues! 4g (5mm) Single Flare Plugs from a larger Namibian Sodalite set

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Remember folks, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be gorgeous!


1" (25mm) Brazilian agate plugs with 28mm flares and matching 0g oval faced conch pins