A Win-Win Situation

Will was getting better at sword training. Much better, in fact, and Nico was aware he wasn’t solely responsible for this improvement. Will didn’t always practice with him, after all.

“I just want to be good enough to at least deserve to train with you.” Will had told him one day, and Nico gave him a dirty look in response to that show of self-deprecation. 

“You know I don’t care about that.” Nico said, serious, but Will only shrugged, his soft grin not fading – or his resolve.

And so he practiced with all the campers willing to train him, for months. Almost five weeks passed until Will came up to Nico again in the Arena, a bright smile on his face.

“Okay, I think I’m ready now.”

Nico raised one eyebrow.

“I’m still not sure why this is so important to you, but okay, bring it on.”

They started to fight, and Nico soon realized that Will was right. He was ready.

Okay, he wasn’t perfect. He still fell short on attack, but his defense had improved drastically, as well as his stamina – enough that Nico had to really focus on what he was doing, but there rarely was a gap in Will’s defense. He was proud.

“Who the hell did you train with?” Nico grunted, barely being heard as their swords clashed. “Chiron?”

Will only smiled at him as he blocked Nico’s attack once again.

Nico immediately drew his sword back and swung it again and again and again, too fast for most people to keep up with, but somehow Will’s eyes and hands followed his movements and were just as fast, deflecting them. It wasn’t working, so Nico changed tactics.

He swung his sword from the right to the left, at the level of his opponent’s abdomen. He recalled helping Will with that, but he cursed himself when he realized he trained his boyfriend well. Their swords clashed once more, and Nico put more strength to it, trying to make Will’s grip weaker.

It wasn’t working.

He looked up at Will’s eyes, which were showing nothing but focus and concentration. He knew he could go further, but his arms were tired. It was a hot day, and he was sweaty all over, already dreaming of a cold shower and a comfortable bed.

Will didn’t seem much better. Drops of sweat were streaming down his face, some of his blonde curls darkened and glued to his forehead. He was panting, his cheeks blushed, and his blue eyes were piercing through Nico’s, determined. It made Nico gulp, the feeling of the skeletal butterflies in his stomach more alive than ever. A chill went down his spine. He wouldn’t be surprised if Will could do this for another hour.

But then Will grinned, very slowly, and Nico stared. He only had a second to think that this – his blue eyes contrasting against tanned skin, which was glowing with a layer of sweat, and that knowing grin on his lips – would be a pretty painting he would be happy to make, if he had any artistic skills at all. Will swung his sword and made a movement that made Nico drop the grip on his.

He only realized what had happened when he heard his sword hitting the earth.

He stared at his weapon for a long moment – perhaps a minute or two –, before returning his gaze to Will and his bright smile. Now his eyes were back at being expressive, and they were full of joy.

“So what did you think? Did you have fun?” Will asked as soon as he could speak with some clarity, although his breathing was still heavy.

Nico stared.

He had just won – won in a sword fight against the son of Hades, Ghost King, survivor of two wars, let it be noted – and the first thing he asked was if he had fun.

“You’re just a complete dork, aren’t you?” He wondered aloud, then stepped forward, circled Will’s neck with his arms, and kissed him. His mouth was warmer than usual. Nico was aware that they were both a little disgusting at the moment and in desperate need of a shower, but he didn’t care.

“I thought you were great.” He informed his boyfriend in a low voice, then gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “We should definitely do this again.”

Will giggled.

“Yeah. Now you don’t have to worry about me being defenseless in a fight, and we can practice together, if you want.” He was obviously very satisfied with himself.

Nico almost said he would want to practice with Will even if he was the worst sword fighter in the universe, but he didn’t. He just nodded, and appreciated the sight of Will’s face illuminating with happiness. The last time he had been this excited because of Nico had been after their first kiss.

As they left the arena, holding hands, Will rambled on and on about all the techniques he wanted to try. It was strange to see terms of swordfighting coming out of Will’s mouth instead of medical expressions, but he seemed happy to talk about this, often looking at his boyfriend in search of approval.

Well, Nico reasoned, enjoying the sense of contentment blooming in his chest, losing isn’t always bad.

He doubted he had lost at all.

8-2-14 // 18:45

Big marketing test tomorrow. I’ve been preparing for this test since Friday, so it’s review time today. I was able to get a 10 in marketing the previous term so, although I haven’t been able to concetrate much at studying because muy grandpa is currently staying at the hospital since last monday, I hope I can get a 10 mark again this time :(

anonymous asked:

I hate studying i cant concetrate i need help

I am sorry to hear about this! here are some things that might help you reconfigure your relationship with studying and concentration:

  • Make a list of the reasons why you want to study - not why you should, but why you want to. I know you say you hate it, but think deeply about what is good about it. You can then keep those reasons in mind when you feel like not studying!
  • For concentration, try listening to music that will help with that. I sometimes have trouble with concentrating, but the Spotify ‘Intense Studying’ playlist literally has solved my whole issue with this. Try it!
  • Try to study with friends. If you’re enjoying spending time with your friends then it might make you enjoying studying a little more too.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself! try studying with the Pomodoro technique.

I hope this helps!xo


Notice how Kylo Ren’s every expression here follows Rey. She calms down and concetrates and his eyes soften. She slightly snarls and he feels the need to push and keep his position. Her lips twist even more and he can feel the force building in her so he tries even harder to keep his ground and when she opens her eyes and her expression’s changed, his is tired and it seems that he knows what’s coming and how strong she is.
This is one of my favorite scenes because of the acting. Because of the changes in Daisy’s expression and how Adam follows each and every one of them. It’s refreshing seeing scenes so carefully and beautifully done.


“WELL. It isn’t mine.” An odd sort of smile curled his lips.

  ❛ Then whose is this ? ❜
    natacha looked at the blood spilled on him, the smell was familiar so to say. she drew closer of john lowe, sliding her index finger from his cheek, to gather the blood as she put it on her inside of her mouth, tasting the blood….  this taste so… familiar. her tongue playing with the tip of her own index finger as she pulled away from him, cleaning her saliva finger onto her dress. she could hear his blood pound through his vein, the sound  of it was definitely deafening, but she tried to concetrate in now & the man before her.