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I've seen Liam stans fornyears insist the rest of the fandom bullies him but I've never seen it. Before this, what has there been?

 just a few examples:

- liam didn’t stop to take pictures once bc he was with his family and his gf and some ugly person was like “this is why everyone likes harry better”
- everytime liam defended his gf people would shit on him or said gf even more
- whenever liam says “pls stop doing this thing it upsets me” ppl are like “oh my god shut the fuck up you’re annoying”
- whenever liam said “sing it!” during a concert ppl would make fun of it for MONTHS, it was literally the “running gag” in 2015 to a point where he tweeted that he just wants the audience to enjoy the show and wants to get everyone involved. meanwhile niall always said “you sing!” during his little things solo and that was considered the sweetest and most thoughtful thing
- when liam said in the attitude interview that the larry thing was too much and annoying and that he doesn’t want ppl to send him explicit fanart of him or his bandmates he got called sensitive and ungrateful
- when he gained a bit of healthy weight in 2014 ppl called him fat and ugly and wanted him to go back to his 2013 self (when he had severe mental and physical health problems, he spoke about those in the attitude interview as well)
- whenever he did a note change he was called extra and annoying but when harry did literally the same it was the most beautiful thing

in case anyone wants to add, feel free to do so

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ugghh i want to cry :(( onces on twitter are super angry about june's imitation of momo and are bringing jinhwans fall during their gfriend cover up again :(

jinhwan didn’t fall on purpose he has a weak lower body (iKONICs have been trying to explain this for a year now) It only happened at ONE concert, since he actually fell and didn’t try to make fun of anyone. 

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Hey so!! I've been seeing the responses you've been giving to some other questions and they seem pretty thorough, so here's my question. I have been in marching since 6th grade, and I am now continuing marching band as a college freshman. I get anxiety going to new places and meeting new people, no matter what. I've been drum major my last two years of high school, I know what I'm doing, but I'm still nervous. Tips? (sorry this is broad lmao anything will help!!)

hi! sorry it’s taken me a little while to answer this! it’s amazing that you are continuing marching in college! here is my advice:

1. think about the friends you currently have. they were once strangers too! think about how many more amazing people you’ll meet, especially the ones that also share an interest in band with you! meeting new people is always bit frightening. but it will be worth it in the end.

2. imagine how many cool things you’ll see. i’m not sure where your college is or where it goes for marching, but there will be so many fascinating places you’ll get to see. you’ll be able to expand your horizons, and explore more of this world! sure it will seem scary, but think about all the fun experiences you’ll gain from visiting new areas.

3. you already have experience! you won’t even have to worry about figuring everything out again (especially since you were drum major for two years. congrats!) you’ll know what you’re doing, and that already gives you a head start for college band!

4. college is a time for change! it’s a place for you to try new things, meet new people, and learn more about yourself. college may seem a bit unnerving, especially since it will be quite different from regular schooling. but you gain freedom in college, and i’m sure whatever life throws at you, you’ll overcome.

5. college bands are fun! sure they are a lot more professional compared to the typical high school band, but they have the same energetic energy to them! people join band because they love the activity. you’ll be surrounded by people with the same interests as you! you might even share some courses or your major with some of them!

whatever happens, you’ll always have a band family to be a part of. i’m sure you’re gonna be a fantastic college marcher. i wish you the best!

19 people have just been confirmed dead at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester tonight. 50+ more injured.

They also confirmed they’re treating it as a terrorist incident.

My thoughts are with all my fellow Arianators, the victims and every single person affected tonight. I’m so sorry this happened during what should’ve been a safe, fun evening 😢 ❤❤❤

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Once again the #1 Hypocrite Grog makes 50 different tweets about the Manchester attack and claims that no one else cares, claiming he's "Right". On the day it happened I actually talked about it outside with my mom and started to cry. He claims that us white's only care about white deaths? Every day I pray for those who survive the constant bombings in Syria and Thank the White Helmets for doing they're jobs. He doesn't know shit.

I’m glad you brought this up, because I’ve been ranting about this in my head all day and I kind of need an outlet for my thoughts. 

I find it incredibly ironic that Greg accuses other people of not caring about all the people dying in Syria on a daily basis because they’re brown, and that they’re only doing it for attention; but you know what? When was the last time you saw Greg tweeting about those tragedies himself? He doesn’t give a shit about those people any more than he cares about the people in Manchester, or his own fans (whom he admittedly hates) - ironically, he just uses them to get attention and make a point, just like he accuses everybody else of doing. Greg, projecting? You don’t say!

He also keeps bringing up the “bus crash” in Syria where 68 people died, using it as an example of why nobody cares - “How many people have you seen mention the bus crash that killed 68 people? Nobody, because they’re fake and they only care when white people die.” First of all: it wasn’t a bus crash, Greg. It was a fucking terrorist attack. And secondly, the reason why I know that it was a terrorist attack is because it’s splashed all over my news feed. I’ve seen at least half a dozen of my friends mention it today. What happened to Mr. Fact Fucking Machine? Did he not do any Fact Fucking Checking this time? (Just kidding, Onision never fact-checks his opinions for validity.)

If we had to talk about every single death in the world or none at all or else we’re being ~discriminatory~ and ~fake~, then we would have to spent literally all day long doing nothing but talking about everybody who’s died. It’s human nature to relate to people from your community, groups of teenage girls who were just out at a concert with friends on a weekday evening, having fun - not expecting at all to be murdered. It’s normal to be worried, concerned, sympathetic, and shaken when people with a lifestyle that’s very similar to yours are brutally murdered. What’s not normal is to experience so little empathy that you literally cannot comprehend why anybody else would identify with the deaths of 22 children, and it says a lot more about him than it does about us that he’s projecting those intentions onto the people who claim to care. /endrant
A-List TV Titans' Best & Worst: Every Ryan Murphy Series Ranked
Sick of run-of-the-mill best-and-worst lists? We were, too. So in this new series of features, TVLine is singling out the small screen’s biggest behind-the-scenes titans, then
By Team TVLine


Such a monster hit was Murphy’s musical dramedy that it spawned albums, concerts, a concert movie, its own reality show (The Glee Project)… and, we’d be willing to wager, just stuck “Don’t Stop Believing” in your head. What’s more, when the series was good, it was exceptional. It even won Murphy his first Emmy.


Evidence that the true-crime genre fits Murphy like a glove: Season 1 of his second FX anthology series set a skyscraper-high standard for all future installments, won a whopping nine Emmys (including, natch, one for its EP) and left us counting the months, weeks, days, minutes until Katrina’s 2018 premiere.

Don’t Hold Back

Request: *flips table* Desolation Row era Gerard daddy kink with lots of pet names please!

There wasn’t much to do in this town. The only place you could to have some fun was the Tower. The Tower was the only real venue around that was big enough to feel like a real concert. It also had a bar of course, which lured in even more people. 

The real beauty of the Tower was the music though, alcohol was just a bonus. 

I breathed music, I felt it in my heart and lungs and every inch of my body. I loved losing myself inside mosh pits and the bruises that littered my skin after. Maybe bars weren’t so bad after all. 

The band playing was loud and screamed about rebellion, the one common factor everyone in the room had. The mosh pit following the heavy music was rough and maybe a little too pushy. At one point someone elbowed me in the shoulder, leaving a pretty bruise in its wake. 

A few songs later and I found my way back to the bar, ordering myself water before I passed out from exhaustion. I chugged the whole glass in one drink, feeling the cold liquid cool off my body almost instantly. I slid the empty glass towards the bartender, ordering a beer now that I was refreshed. 

I sipped my beer as one of the band’s popular songs began to play. Soon the crowd around the bar began disappearing back over to the floor. The energy in the place was crazy. The band was on fire, the fans were up front, trying desperately to touch the singer’s hand with their cell phones held high. Bar regulars were off to the side, sipping drinks and swaying to the music that they were familiar with. The pit was alive and wild, full of punks and metalheads, all together and united as they pushed and shoved. There was something quite beautiful about it.

There was one person who stood out. He leaned against the wall across from the bar, hip cocked out and arm resting above his head. He watched the crowd with a blank expression, taking in the scene displayed around us. His raven hair was pushed back, sticking up in all different directions and looked freshly teased. He had on a black, tattered shirt with an equally ripped red one underneath with a leather jacket thrown on top. His pants were skin tight with rips running up and down his upper thighs.

Combat boots that cut off mid-calf were suddenly heading towards me and I panicked for a moment, not sure what to say or do. I tried to keep my eyes on my drink, on the floor, on the stage, fuck anywhere but on his face or the obscene hole on the crotch of his pants, but my mind blanked when I saw him more clearly in this light.

Pointed nose, long eyelashes, crooked smirk, every facial feature was perfect and he knew it. The only flaw was the dark bruise around his eye, accompanied by a butterfly stitch on his brow. He definitely pulled it off though, if anything it made him even more hot. Confidence practically radiated off of him and he seemed to love all the attention he was attracting from other onlookers. I recognized him. He was the lead singer of one of the regular bands who performed here. His stage persona boldly represented sex, using his sex appeal to add spice to his performance. 

His hand rested on my hip as he squeezed in between me and a drunk on my left.  "Excuse me, darling,“ he whispered lowly into my ear, sending a chill up my spine. Then he leaned over and talked to the bartender as if it never happened. My mind was blank and I couldn’t move, I wasn’t even sure if I was breathing as all I could focus on was the pale hand resting on my hip.

He suddenly stepped back, taking his hand off of me and walking back through the crowd with a drink in hand. I swayed slightly and my mind spun. What just happened? It felt like I got hit by a truck. His mere touch spread warmth throughout my body and it was almost embarrassing how hard it all hit me. 

I turned to face the bartender, who was wiping up a few spills with a washcloth. “Who was that guy?”

“That’s Gerard, he’s a regular around here. When his bands not playing, he just stands over there drinking and watching. Quite a charmer,” the bartender dded with a chuckle.

That wasn’t a surprise.

After a few more rounds of drinks and dancing to the next band, I felt unbelievably hot and sweaty. My lungs burned and being crammed shoulder to shoulder in the venue didn’t seem much fun anymore. I shouldered my way through the crowd and towards the door, taking a deep breath as I staggered out of the building. It was late and the streets were deserted, only a few people down the street sitting on the curb. Desolation Row actually looked breath taking at night, the weathered down buildings and spray paint tags were hidden by the dark, the only light provided by the dim street lamps and neon signs. It looked like something that belonged in a painting.

“Cold night huh?” I heard a deep voice behind me, making pivot around in surprise. It was Gerard. He was leaning against the brick wall of the Tower, one hand in his pocket and the other hand ruffling his hair almost deliberately. A cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth as the other corner pulled up in a lop sided smirk.


My throat felt dry and cracked. I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on in my entire life, especially just from looking at a guy. His hazel eyes locking on mine made goosebumps form on my arms and everything felt a million times more intense than when I spotted him in the bar. Because it wasn’t just me looking at him now, he was looking at me too.

His boots made a scuffing noise as he kicked off the wall, swaggering towards me. His fingers picked at his belt buckle, which had zero purpose besides for show since his pants seemed two sizes too small for him. He was barely a foot away from me, dark eyes raking down my body very slowly.

“What are you doing outside all by yourself darling?” His voice was raspy and had a thick Jersey accent, the beautiful sound going straight to my core. 

“It was too hot in there,” I shrugged, a small slur in my voice. He nodded, accepting that as a reasonable answer. I watched intently as he took the cigarette in between his fingers and blowing a think cloud of smoke over our heads before placing it back on his bottom lip. I gulped, my mouth watering at the sight.

Before I could think it over, I reached out and plucked the cigarette from his lips, bringing it up to my own and taking a deep breath. His eyes seemed to get even darker and he raised an eyebrow at me. I mimicked his smirk and blew the smoke on his neck before taking another hit. Before I could exhale, Gerard grabbed my wrist in a tight grip. He used his other hand to take the light from my mouth and drop it on the ground, smushing it into the cement with his heel.

“You’re being naughty,” he chuckled darkly, his smirk curling up into a taunting grin. 

I would like to think the alcohol in me was controlling me, making me bold and confident. But the truth is, I was far from wasted and was fully aware of what I was doing, just didn’t know why I was doing it. Maybe his confidence was rubbing off on me, subliminally corrupting me. Or maybe it was the deep urge I had to let him do anything he wanted to me, which was growing stronger with each passing second.

Mentally blaming it on my last drink, I leaned forward onto my toes and pressed my lips against his, a thin trail of smoke leaving the corner of my mouth when I parted my lips. He kissed back eagerly, his gloved hands cradling the back of my head and the other holding me against him with a firm grip on my lower back. His tongue explored my mouth while he sucked the smoke out of my mouth, the white fog coming out of his nose.

I gasped as his cold fingers dipped under my shirt, running up and down my lower back and making the hair on the back of my neck rise. The kiss grew more heated, Gerard taking over and manipulating it to a raunchy, sloppy make out session. He let out a small grunt as he pushed his tongue down my throat, doing tricks with his tongue that I was sure was illegal in four states. 

He finally broke away when I started balling my fist in his leather jacket, panting and lips glistening. “How about we go back to my place, kitten? It’s right down the street and we can pick up where we left off?” His voice was soft and filthy, resting the leather of his gloves under my chin as he slowly wiped his thumb along my bottom lip.

I couldn’t nod fast enough.

The walk to his apartment felt like an eternity, Gerard intertwining our fingers as he led me down the street. He took the stairs up to the fourth floor of course, almost as if he knew how bad I wanted in and wanted to take his time and torture me even more. The front door barely clicked close before he slammed me up against the wood, making me squeak in surprise. Both hands cupped my face as he kissed me roughly, pressing himself firmly against me. One hand abandoned my face and rested on my ass, gripping tightly and lifting me higher up the wall. I felt the bulge restraining against his jeans as he grinded against me.

I moaned softly as he moved down to my jaw, licking his pointed tongue along my jawline and nipping lightly with his teeth. His head dipped lower and latched his teeth onto the skin next to my pulse point, pinching the flesh between his teeth as he sucked greedily. His tongue swiped back and forth on the bruise forming to help soothe it and add to the pleasure. The pressure from his mouth dragged the blood up to the surface, which he smeared around with his skilled tongue. 

He flashed that signature smirk when he pulled away to admire his work, biting his bottom lip as he ghosted his fingers over the purple tinted skin. He pressed a firm kiss on my lips, leaving the metallic taste in my mouth.

“What do you want baby?” He whispered in my ear.

“Everything,” I replied back.

He chuckled lightly, shaking his head lightly before meeting my eyes. “As you wish kitten,” he purred with a wink, sealing the deal with a kiss. My grip on his shoulders tightened as he began to work on my clothes, literally ripping off my shirt by the collar. His fingers undid my bra at a world record worthy speed, letting the fabric fall to the floor. He glided his tongue down my neck, dragging his teeth along my collarbone. 

His lips closed around my nipple, giving it the same treatment as the hot bruise on my neck. I whimpered and fisted his hair, tugging on the jet black strands. I kept my mouth firmly shut, not trusting my voice or my words. 

You learn a lot about yourself in the heat of the moment, all of your inner, darker desires coming to the surface that you may not even be aware of. Like the word threatening to bubble out of my mouth, creeping up my throat and dying to be screamed. I could tell just by looking at Gerard he was experienced and surely encountered this before, but the small ounce of pride I had left forbid me to say it. 

It would be creepy. Weird, forwards, and creepy.

The sound of buttons popping added to the wet sucking sounds of his mouth as Gerard’s fingers undid them with ease, pushing down my pants. He ran his fingers along the hem of my underwear, growling in satisfaction. “Dressing so pretty for me baby. Did you wear lace panties just for me?” 

There was it again, literally balancing on the tip of my tongue. I bit on my lip before reinforcing them shut, simply humming in response. His hands brushed my panties aside, sliding a finger up and down my heat. I made a noise that vaguely sounded like “fuck” behind gritted teeth, bucking my hips into his palm hand. His thumb rubbed my clit, flicking the sensitive bundle of nerves as he licked my neck.

I stayed fairly quiet, besides letting out a few uncontrollable noises, which Gerard didn’t seem to like. He moved back to eye level with me, pressing our foreheads together.

“You’re holding something back kitten,” he said matter-of-factly, cocking up an eyebrow accusingly. He slowed his hands down, circling my clit at an agonizingly slow rate. “Come on babe, I know you want to say it.”

“What d-do you want me to say?” I was playing stupid, far too embarrassed to admit it.

“How about one word. One, short word that I can tell you’re just dying to tell me,” he provoked. 

He knew. Of course Gerard, whose name probably translated to sex god in some language, would be able to see right through me. My mouth flew open when he roughly pushed his finger past my folds and the word slipped. 


It was like a light bulb went off in his head, a fuse shortening and something new, darker, pushed out of him. He grinned, showing his white, tiny teeth. “There you go kitten. Being such a good girl.” His voice was soft and gentle, as if he was talking to a child and it made my breath hitch in my throat. My whole body throbbed with want and the animal before me sensed it. 

“How about you show me what else that pretty little mouth can do honey?” I nodded, dropping down to my knees when he took a step back. I undid his belt with ease, struggling briefly to get his pants off, which had to be cutting off blood circulation by now. He was big, much bigger than anything I was use to.

He smirked cockily, rubbing the back of my head in a petting motion. “Go on baby,” he encouraged. I slowly took him into my mouth, feeling the salty taste of pre cum smear across my tongue. I bobbed my head at a steady rate, trying to adjust to his size and ease myself into taking more. His fingers threaded into my hair and he sped up my actions, making a low groaning noise as his length pushed down my throat. 

I felt the warmth of his leather glove caress my cheek and I looked up at him, who somehow looked even more hot at this angle. He grinned again and tugged at his bottom lip. “Such pretty eyes baby,” he complimented, his voice even more raspy and hoarse. 

I rubbed my tongue along the underside of his cock, slowing down and giving his tip an extra hard suck each time I pulled off him. He hissed and swore under his breath, running a hand through his hair. “Shit baby…you look so good with your lips wrapped around my cock,” he growled, sending a surge of pride in me. His hand gripped my shoulder and sudden;y hoisted me up to my feet. I didn’t have time to ask before he crushed our lips together, wrapping an arm around my back and pulling me into his chest with such a grip I thought my ribs would crack. He walked me backwards towards his room, navigating through the messy apartment fairly well for having his tongue down my throat, besides bumping into a few walls and furniture. 

My knees hit the mattress and I fell backwards, him landing on top of me. Gerard emitted a cackle like laugh at the surprised squeak I made, clinging to his neck for dear life. “I got you kitten,” he chuckled, pressing a hard kiss on my lips before sitting up. He knelt down near the edge of the bed, resting on his knees as he gestured me towards him with his gloved hand. “Come here sugar.”

My heart lurched into my throat as I scooted towards him, my breath hitching when he hooked his arms around my legs. I watched in a trance as he took the lace hem between his shiny teeth, winking at me as he pulled them down my legs and flinging them off to the side. He licked his lips and gave me that evil grin again, never breaking eye contact as he lowered his head down to my inner thigh. I felt the tip of his nose drag along my skin, followed by the occasional touch of his wet lips. 

“So soft baby,” he purred, getting teasingly close to where I wanted him before retreating back to my thigh when he got too close. I involuntarily bucked my hips up to his face, making him chuckle as he slumped his forearm across my stomach to hold me down. “Patience kitten, patience.”

“Daddy,” I whined in protest. He quirked an eyebrow and bit his lip at my words. Maybe pet names weren’t so bad after all. 

“Yes baby?”

“Please do something…I need your tongue.”

“I’m gonna make you feel so damn good,” he smirked before dipping his head, taking a long lick up my slit. I moaned, wrapping my legs around his neck and trying to pull him closer. He encouraged me to spread my legs wider again, placing his hand on my inner thigh and pushing them apart. The first kiss to my clit was enough to make me whimper, and when his tongue slides, hot and slippery, through my folds, I curl my fingers into his already wild hair and moan loudly. Gerard’s hands root me hips into place while he eats me out with practiced movements, his death grip preventing me from rolling me hips into his face like I was itching to. 

He wiggles his face in deeper and presses me back to get better access, his lips making my legs shake with his his open mouth kisses to my clit. His gloved hand leaves my hip bones momentarily, only to come down hard on my ass, leaving a pink, hand shaped mark and making me gasp. “Daddy, oh my God…”

“You taste so damn good, kitten,” he mumbles roughly against me, his hand slipping between my legs to rub me while his mouth is preoccupied with leaving spine tingling love bites along the crease where my ass meets my thigh.

Im sure his head is killing him from how hard I was tugging on his hair, pulling the strands every time I felt his tongue dip inside me. He thrusted a finger into me, curling it at the knuckle and stroking my G-Spot. My toes curl against the comforter, eyes squeezing shut and mouth falling open in wracking pleasure. My hands kneaded through his hair, chanting a string of profanities as he pushed me over the edge.

“D-Daddy…fuck…i’m gonna-” My voice cut off with a high pitched moan as I hit my release. My orgasm was almost violent, wracking my body with waves of pleasure as my vision blurred. I could still feel the laps of his tongue, dragging out my orgasm until I was whimpering from over sensitivity. 

“You taste amazing. You’ve been such a good girl tonight kitten, sucking my cock and letting me taste you, now how about I reward you?” He crawled back up to my face, stroking my cheek as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear in that soft, velvet voice. 

I nodded feverishly and tried to pull of his leather jacket. He put his hands onto mine, stopping my actions. “What’s the rush baby? We have all night and trust me, it will take all night for me to be finished with you.”

“I need you now. P-Please, I need you to fuck me,” I begged, giving him my best pouty face. He growled and his eyes rolled back before fluttering back open.

“I like you begging, do it again.”

“Please fuck me daddy. I want -need- you so bad please f-fuck me. I-”

“Oh i’m not just gonna fuck you, i’m gonna break you,” he promised with a teasing smirk, pressing a chaste kiss on my forehead before sitting up. He dug through the night stand next to his bed, pulling out a condom. Ripping the package open with his teeth, the condom fell out of the foil package and into his palm. “Now, I think I want to take you against the wall. How does that sound princess?”

I didn’t care. I just needed him now. I grabbed his hand as he helped me onto my feet. I leaned my back against the wall he gestured to as e slowly stripped away his remaining clothing, tossing the torn shirts and his jacket into the dim lit corners. His hands rested on my ass and he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist in response, gulping when I felt his length poke at my thigh. He kept me pinned to the wall as he lined himself up with my entrance. He pushed into me, making me push against the wall with each thrust, moaning loudly at the over sensitiveness but loving every second of it. 

The stretch stung at first, not use to anything near his size. But, his lips were working wonders on my neck and helped distract me from the pain. The burn subsided quickly, fading out into a hot rush of pleasure that made my back arch into him. His thrusts were hard and fast, the wall banging with each thrust. 

I felt myself close already, reaching back to grab onto any part of him that i could find. He pushed me back roughly, holding me down in the same position. I groaned with frustration and my orgasm came quickly, shocking through me and making me scream with pleasure. “Daddy!” I clenched around him, my body going limp. Gerard moaned each time i squeezed my walls around his length, all the way inside me. 

He went still to let me calm down, pulling out just a bit and slamming back in, deep when my breathing slowed, making me scream out his name. He chuckled and pulled all the way out, attaching his lips to mine, rubbing his hands over my body. I whimpered as his fingers played with me, circling my entrance.

Once the fire spreading though me died down, Gerard slammed back into me so hard my head slammed against the wall, a hard throb already spreading through the back of my head. I moaned loudly, grabbing onto his shoulders in shock and opening my eyes wide. Gerard moaned with each thrust and I could tell that he was getting close, clenching around him to make him cum as soon as possible. My head fell back against the wall, letting my mouth hang open. I was completely drained, worn out from tonight’s events. 

He thrusted into me deeper, as deep as he could go and moved fast within me. “Oh….fuck!” I screamed, coming undone around him and pulling at his hair. The orgasm seemed to last longer than any I’ve ever had. I squirmed against him, whimpering as I held onto him. 

“So fuckin’ tight…kitten,” he growled out one last time before spilling into the condom, panting loudly and leaning his head on my chest. I combed my fingers through his hair as he caught his breath, letting him breathe for a few minutes before he carried me to his bed. 

Our sweaty bodies curled together in a tangled pile of limbs. He lifted my chin up to look at him, craning his head down to place a soft kiss on my lips. “Give me a minute kitten, and then we’ll continue round two in the shower.”


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The bro's reaction to their s/o getting into a car accident and thinking it was fatal but in the end she was fine

Phew, and here I thought I was gonna cry while typing– XD

Osomatsu: He’d always been someone who took what he had for granted, a fact that he knew but could never prevent from happening, because one way or another he’d forget how much something or SOMEONE meant to him and take it/them for granted. So when the news about you being involved in a car accident reaches him, Oso feels like his heart has stopped as he stared into nothingness, a million thoughts racing through his mind. Flashes of the times you’ve spent together and instances in which he thinks he should have done more, instances in which he SHOULD have shown how much he loved you more played in his mind like a movie as if to mock him that he should have shown how much he cherished you. He doesn’t even notice that he’d already started to cry, too lost in his thoughts until he’s shaken out of his stupor and told that you were alive, a bit bruised but otherwise fine. It’d feel as if the force that had previously been squeezing his heart had disappeared and before anyone knew it, Oso was already running towards the hospital to check on you with a thankful expression on his face.

Karamatsu: At the news, Kara would feel as if his whole world was starting to crumble right before him. The future he had planned and fantasized for the two of you going down in flames as he himself got down on his knees, unable to stand up right anymore due to the weight of the news. A torrent of tears would drip down from his eyes as he stared at the ground, quite sure that his heart was going to break at any given moment. Why? Why was life so cruel that it had to take the only person who ever truly loved him for everything he was? You were supposed to become engaged, get married, and start a family one day! But how can he do that without you?! The moment he manages to understand that the other person was telling him that you were fine and just at the hospital to fix some of the bruises you had, Kara would swear that it was as if the world suddenly became brighter again. With a quick ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’, he’d hightail it out of there and towards the hospital. He’d be shouting how the fates looked down upon him and you with favor all throughout the journey there, not caring that he was being looked on by pedestrians as if he was some kind of lunatic. He’s seriously too happy at this point to care whatever it is everyone else thought of him.

Choromatsu: Whatever he was previously doing would be forgotten, even if he was currently having fun at a Nyaa-chan concert nothing would stop his own emotions from overwhelming him, especially his regrets and faults when it came to you. He’d be the only one standing still and staring at his cellphone while everyone else in the crowd would continue to cheer for the singing idol, too focused on the words displayed on his phone to care about anything else. You…You were gone? He’d have to choke back his own tears as he ran through the crowd of people to a more isolated place so he could digest the information more easily. Once he’s alone inside the men’s bathroom, Choro would break down crying against the sink, not caring that his voice was bouncing against the walls and could be heard from outside. He always knew that he wasn’t the best lover, on account of not only his inexperience but also his shyness that prevented him from being intimate enough with you. But he was supposed to make himself better for you! He would stop being a NEET, get an actual job, move out of his old home, and basically just become someone who was worthy of you! Choro would be sobbing in relief when he does find out that you were fine, mentally thanking any god who was looking out for them before heading off to the hospital.

Ichimatsu: For him, it was always a fact that you were way out of his league and deserved someone much better than trash like him, a fact that made him wonder why you didn’t leave him already for someone better. A minuscule part of him was always just waiting for you to leave him, but he didn’t want you to leave him like this! Ichi would have collapsed to the floor by then, too overwhelmed by the weight of the news as his mind kept processing the information. When he does fully make sense of the situation, he’d be bashing his fists against the floor as he sobbed and screamed out at the same time about how you weren’t supposed to leave him like this and that he should have died instead of you. Ichi could remember all the times you spent together, especially the ones in which he felt that he lacked in showing you affection, in showing you that he loved and cared for you as much as you did him. It was just his own fears and insecurities that held him back again and never did he hate himself anymore than he did as he screamed his heart out. It would take Jyushi pulling him back up for him to take his attention away from his grief enough so that he could be told that you were okay. At that moment, he would internally promise to himself that he’d be more truthful to his feelings because he almost lost you and he can’t bear to lose you for real without you knowing that he truly did love you.

Jyushimatsu: That sunny smile of his wouldn’t disappear, but he’d be frozen as a statue and staring unblinkingly into nothing for several moments before tears would pool in his eyes and drip down his cheeks. Even so, Jyushi would still continue smiling even as his tears poured down like a waterfall. While that might be the case externally, internally he would be a complete mess as his heart shattered into tiny little pieces which he was sure would never be picked up and put back together again no matter how he or anyone else tried. He’d already experienced a lost love before and was able to get over it, but this…this was something he was sure he’d never be able to heal from. Jyushi was sure that you were HIS future, although he didn’t have any specific plans, he just knew that you were going to be a part of it and at the knowledge that you’d lost your life….it’s like basically saying his heart, his other HALF was gone. It hurt, so so much– What, you were alive? He can’t help himself from embracing the nearest person to him and spinning them around in happiness as he proclaimed that you were alive. After his bout of celebration, he’d be gone like a blur to see you.

Todomatsu: He’s a sobbing mess as soon as he receives a text that you’d been involved in a car accident, head buried in his hands as he sat at the break room of the cafe he worked at. Small whimpers and sniffles would escape from him frequently along with the torrent of tears, trying so hard to stop but unable to do so because of the gravity of the situation. How can you leave him like this? When he saves up enough money, he was supposed to move out of his old house and move in with you before using the money he’d saved to propose. You were supposed to have the cutest children together and become a family! How can you do this to him?! How…How can he ever love again when you were everything he ever wanted and needed in his life? Totty would cry even more when he receives another text that told him that you were fine, but this time he’d be crying of relief. He’d tell his boss that he’d be taking the rest of the day off without waiting for their approval of disagreement and merely walked out the door, sights set upon the hospital you were at.

(Trans) Haru Hana Vol. 30 - BTS Interview

*Japanese original single has a theme of long-distance relationship*

In Korea you won #1 on music programs as BTS is gaining momentum. You will also be releasing your 4th Japanese single ‘For You’ on 6/27. This is the first time you’re releasing an original Japanese song as a single.
J-Hope: We, BTS, is challenging a new genre that we’ve never tried before.
Rap Monster: Since it’s a very Japanese-style song, I really like it. It’s impossible to use such a song in Korea as a title song. Even though it’s not my choice of music style, I thought I would still try it once.
Suga: When I was producing this song and in order to fully understand the views of the song, the members and I watched a Japanese movie with a long-distance relationship theme. After watching the movie, we were able to express even all the Japanese lyrics that we couldn’t clearly understand before.

As usual, the rap lyrics this time is also written by the members!
J-Hope: Yes. In addition to everyday life, we also got a lot of insirpirations from different Japanese works.
Rap Monster: I write my lyrics based on actual feelings I’ve experienced. I tend to feel very happy during the weekends but will turn depressed on the weekdays. I use those feelings as the theme. There’s no one lying next to me on the narrow bed so it feels spacious. Because I long for love, I feel lonely - it’s that type of content.
Suga: It was really difficult for me this time around. I’m usually the type to write [lyrics] according to my own experiences. This time even all of my indirect experiences are incorporated in this. Next time when I produce new songs, I want to be able to go travel and think while organizing my thoughts. I really want to go to new York but even if I can’t go to that side, it’s okay even if I just bring all my equipment to Jeju-do.

Since the theme (of the song) is long-distance relationships, which members can accept long-distance relationships?
Jimin: Long-distance relationship… It feels painful just thinking about it. But I don’t think Suga hyung would think it’s painful.
Jin: I think Suga should be OK with it since he’s kind of colder/cooler. But on the contrary, it seems like Jimin is the type that wouldn’t be able to stand the pain. I think I’m the type that wants to see the other party so bad that I’ll cry (laughs).
Rap Monster: Because Jimin has not had any real love experience, isn’t it good to start with long-distance relationships? If you’re always stuck with that person, it would be even more painful when you break up later. I think V is the one that is unable to do long-distance relationships.
V: Because I’ll want to see the person all the time. I think I’ll go crazy even if I don’t see the person for just one day. If I have a girlfriend, I just want to watch her all the time. (In Japanese) Only you!
Jungkook: I think Suga hyung’s the one that can’t do long-distance relationships. Not sure why but I’ve never seen him use Kakaotalk and seems like he doesn’t use SMS either. I think Rap Monster hyung would be able to do long-distance relationships?
Rap Monster: I’ve had a similar experience… Even though it was very painful, I think I would still accept it if there’s another situation like that.
J-Hope: I think Suga hyung would accept it. Jungkook probably won’t accept it. He wouldn’t even know where he’s flying to. The girl would be chased away [by someone else] any time.

There are many members that think Suga can be in long-distance relationships!
Suga: I also think so myself. I perhaps would like the other person even more if I’m in a relationship with a person on the other side. I can’t stand meeting every day. I think it’s enough to meet once a month. But it’s probably because I haven’t thought about love since work is still my priority.

*1 year annivesary in Japan! What changes do you have in your impressions of Japan?*

You released a new Korean album in April. You also held a concert in Seoul in March.J-Hope: Jimin and I had our own dance stage. I think it let the fans see all of our charms. There was almost no MC talk and just us performing our songs.
Rap Monster: We also performed songs we produced during our trainee period. It feels like our “first chapter” is ending.
Jungkook: I cried during the last day of our concert. During the last MC Talk, my tears just fell when I saw what my parents said to me.
V: Because Jungkook is a crybaby. I didn’t cry. Besides in front of family or the members, I won’t cry! I think it’s embarassing so I hold it in.
Jimin: I also didn’t cry! But when we were singing 'Born Singer’ as it’s a very meaningful song to us, I didn’t even know when my eyes turned red. Jin hyung was bawling too.
Jin: Because many fans came to see us… As to why I cried, I think you’ll understand once you step on the stage.
Rap Monster: Even Suga hyung cried! Don’t say “I’m not going to cry” ever again (laughs). Suga: Huh? Who cried? I don’t know what’s gong on. I’m cherishing my tears so I can cry at the Gymnastics Arena (a large venue in Seoul).

You ate barbecued meat for celebration?Jin: Of course! But for our comeback, we started dieting three months before… It’s so depressing to not being able to eat whatever you want. I’m the type to eat to eliminate stress. I used to eat almost 7 meals a day.

Speaking of live, the DVD for the concert tour you held in Japan in February is also released.
V: First, I was standing in the middle for the opening. Just please pay a lot of attention to me (laughs).
Jungkook: I hope everyone will notice the song 'Blanket Kick’. I fooled everyone. I will emerge on the stage from an unexpected place! Also the videos played during the live were very interesting and I had a fun time filming it so everyone must watch it.
Jin: Whether it’s those who came to our concert or those who couldn’t come, I still really hope you can watch our performances.
Jimin: I would be very excited if you watch the DVD and then even more people want to come to our concerts.

What happened at the venues?
J-Hope: ARMYs helped celebrate my birthday in Nagoya! If I knew this would happen, I would prepare in advance my thank you speech in Japanese. I was so surprised that I almost cried. Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday. I’m really happy.
Jungkook: It feels like the cheers there are very loud.
Jimin: I know everyone has been waiting for us. From now on we will learn more Japanese so we can convey ourselves to everyone. While I can’t do other things, I do think Japanese is very interesting.

It’s almost your 1st anniversary in Japan. How have your impressions of Japan and the Japanese fans changed?
V: Everyone became even prettier.
Rap Monster: I don’t think much has changed. No matter where we go, Japanese fans are very polite. But it’s just that I feel a bit stressed about speaking Japanese when I go to Japan. There should be at least one person in the group that can converse but right now it’s still impossible… Other than that, I still feel very relaxed and happy.
Jimin: When we initially had activities in Japan, I was able to feel everyone enthusiastically supporting us. I also think nothing has changed. Food is still very delicious. In fact, I want to travel in Japan.
Jungkook: I’m happy as long as I’m going to Japan. (Using Japanese) I really like it~. Also I really like Japanese anime, but I’m really surprised that there are girls in real life that can emit the high-pitched voices like in animes.
J-Hope: Even though we initially performed at small venues, the venues got bigger and bigger afterwards. Although I do feel stressed, the activities are more fun than expected. That’s how my desire to perform started. I don’t know how long I have to wait but I really want to perform at the Domes. I have established that goal.“

This was not translated directly from Japanese so I apologize in advance if there are mistakes.
Thank you to BTS Taiwan!

TTYL Part 4

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

Genre: smut

Word Count: 2,986

Summary: An incredible amount of luck leads to an unforgettable experience on a video-chat website with a sexy stranger.

A/N: Alright, here we go! Let me know what you guys think :) Now we’re getting back onto the “smut” track of the story. Enjoy! <3 ~Ashe

Jess was beyond ecstatic when I surprised her with the new tickets later that night.

“HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET THOSE?!” She had screamed. She tried to give me money for them, but I insisted that she keep it because they were a gift. I refused to tell her how I got the tickets, but it was quickly overlooked because of her excitement.

We got to the venue early the next morning to ensure we would be close to the stage. Surprisingly, we weren’t the only ones. There were five other girls ahead of us, and we spent the rest of the day bonding and holding spots for each other while we took turns running to the bathroom or going to get food from the nearby McDonald’s. Before we knew it, the line of ticket holders was wrapped around the building, flash mobs were happening, and then the sun started to set. That meant it was time for the doors to open.

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Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 18

Archived | Posted December 23, 2015

It’s here~ ^^ I want to say thank you to my darling imlostbutnotreally, for the inspiration for a specific thing in this part. You know which one, honey~ ;) Hope you’ll like it and enjoy, lovelies~

Summary: It was finally time for you to go to BIGBANG’s concert and you were definitely excited.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think it's weird to go to a concert alone? Theres a concert I want to go to, but don't really have anyone to go with. I'm pretty introverted and private so I don't have any like close close friends (I have friends but not like a BFF or anything), and no friends that like kpop. I feel like it would be embarrassing or something.

Omg definitely not weird! At the end of May, I flew over to Sydney by myself and went to the BTS concert and another concert completely alone, and it was as equally a great experience as when I have attended concerts with my pals. I never once felt embarrassed or awkward, and I will even admit that I believe I had more fun alone than if I had gone with someone. You do what you are comfortable with, sweets, but I promise you that you will find a lot of people will be attending the concert by themselves too!

anonymous asked:

What are some anti fascist actions that a person can participate in if they aren't able to protest or literally fight Nazis. I'm a teacher if I get arrested I could lose my job.

Glad you asked!
Antifa has an image of going in hard, meeting fash toe-to-toe, but that’s not all there is to it, there’s so much useful and necessary work to do. you could:
-Write texts, make flyers
-Make posters, design visuals
-Orgnise info evenings about the dangers of the far-right, or local nazi groups
-Organise benefit actions for other antifascists’ legal fees (be creative, concerts are fun, but maybe you can raise more money by organising a ‘restaurant night’
-And, very important: do research on far-right groups, who’s who? What groups are active, what people are active in them, how do these groups relate to each-other, who gets along with who, and wich groups can’t stand each other. This is long-time work, it can be tedious, but it’s oh-so useful.
-Think outside the box:maybe you’ll find something incrediblyuseful to do, no-one’s ever thought of before.

Also, if you’re not sure what help you can be, try getting in touch with local antifascist groups and see what kind of help they could use.

Hope this was helpfull.

Mariah’s interview with Clash Magazine:

From our prudent vantage point of a hotel lobby couch, Clash watches incredulously as all around us the anticipation of an impending appearance from one of their noted guests sends officious-looking staff members into a flurry of impertinent gestures and repeated anxious checks of order and protocol, hovering around the front door, doing their best to maintain the dignity and decorum of this luxury establishment within its safeguarded dominion.

Meanwhile, the view to our left is a tall glass door through which we can survey the bewildered expressions of an antiquated doorman — the only defense between the entrance and a horde of impatient fans and paparazzi, some of whom have begun climbing trees for a more shrewd position. He remains noble, his flat black cap unruffled, but there’s a sense of relief when a team of young, hulking American brutes join him to secure the perimeter.

All this apprehension and expectancy is high entertainment for Clash, especially after a three-beer lunch. Fellow guests are unperturbed — some appear curious, perhaps unaware of the identity of their famous cohabiter, while others pretend not to care, yet stealthily keep one eye on the elevator. We, however, find ourselves caught in the middle of this maelstrom — part of it, yet somehow removed. But **** it; we’re on holiday.

We arrived here in Paris a few hours ago, heading directly to this opulent abode, just off the Champs-Élysées, for over-priced steak frites, and to stay close as we awaited the latest news on the capricious movements of our interviewee. It took a couple of hours to hear anything, but then, finally, we got the call: Mariah wanted to go shopping.

And so this, all of this, is what happens when Mariah Carey fancies a bit of retail therapy.

She flutters gracefully at the inside edges of the lobby, her inner calmness and confidence conspicuous in the surrounding mania. This is normalcy, it seems, and, when she’s ready to move, she glides across the floor with absolute purpose, a vision entirely in black — shades, leather jacket, jeans, and ankle boots with killer heels. Those prying guests have leaped out of their gilded seats to thrust phones in her face, where a patient and practiced smile withstands their intrusion as she makes her way through the first scrum, making a beeline for the glass doors.

When they open, hysteria erupts — the once-placid crowd suddenly pushes through the barriers to squeeze around her tiny frame. Despite the frenzy, Mariah pauses to greet her public, posing for more selfies, warmly receiving gifts, a. saying hello to familiar faces while gradually edging closer to the waiting car — black, of course.

In her wake, a teeming entourage follow — largely female, with similar aplomb, clutching oversized handbags prepped for an assault on Avenue Montaigne, the most glamorous shopping street in Paris. Then comes a camera crew, recording this hurried getaway. And finally, a young man wearing only a dressing gown comes hurtling through the lobby — on crutches — and dives into another car.

Then, as all vehicles depart, silence. The feverish mob disperses from under the door’s crimson awning — some joyously crying, others singing their favourite Mariah hits as they leave. The despotic hotel staff slink effortlessly back into routine. The doorman straightens his tie and resumes watch. Clash, thirsty for another beer, goes in search of a more affordable boozer.

Two or three hours later (who’s counting?), with the rails of Balmain reportedly emptied, Mariah has returned to her penthouse suite after a quick dinner nearby. She’s in her private quarters putting to bed her five-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, while Clash negotiates the best place to erect our makeshift studio.

The rooftop terrace, with a breathtaking view of the neighbouring Eiffel Tower, would have been perfect when the sun was shining, but is now just dark and chilly, so our pink backdrop is built as the centrepiece of a swarming lounge.

All the faces from earlier are here, and Clash is introduced to everyone. The camera crew, making the most of the downtime, are changing batteries and awaiting the next scene. They are from E!, and have been granted full access to Mariah’s inner sanctum with the intention of chronicling the behind-the-scenes reality of her first European tour in 13 years. The guy with the crutches — now fully dressed — is, despite his injury, a bundle of energy. He bounces over to Clash and introduces himself as Bryan Tanaka. He is Mariah’s choreographer, but an awkward fall the other day put him in a cast and out of action. Over in the corner, representatives from Dolce & Gabbana have assembled a rail of new season wares for Mariah’s consideration. A handful of children cheerfully play while one — somehow — lies sleeping on the couch. The grooming team preps the dressing table, conferring with Clash’s photographer on plans for the shoot. Various personal assistants pop in and out, sharing in-jokes we are not privy to. The PR nervously picks at her Maltesers, assuring Clash that Mariah will appear soon. Her creative director, Anthony Burrell, shows up, keen to introduce some new dancers and awaiting a timely opportunity. Dominating the room with a forceful presence is Mariah’s new manager, Stella Bulochnikov, who’s wickedly funny; a self-confessed “Russian dictator,” she governs from a chair, seamlessly flitting between devilish witticisms to her team and doting whispers in her daughter’s ear. She is wearing an earpiece for her phone, and without notice will slip into a private conversation — at one point raising her volume, in true Brooklyn warrior style, to demand, “Is Bradley Cooper in or out?”

Once again, the emergence of Mariah only seems to inject an aura of tranquility to proceedings. She saunters through the coterie on tiptoes to the dressing table, talking in smooth, hushed tones to her hair stylist and make-up artist. The volume in the room descends to the same level, but the silence is deafening. “Where is the music?” she pleads, cueing Tanaka to act as Bluetooth DJ from the comfort of the couch. Suddenly, the sound of Michael Jackson drowns out the chatter in the room, launching a champion hip-hop and R&B playlist that will soundtrack the ensuing shoot — Lauryn Hill and The Notorious B.I.G. notably receiving impressive sing-alongs.

We had been warned that Mariah was a night owl, but hadn’t fully expected to finally sit down for our interview at tam. But, so it was, with the room fully cleared out for total privacy, that our formal conversation was set to begin. Noticeably tired but gracious to a fault, Mariah lifted herself onto the armchair next to ours, tucking her petite bare feet under her, and turned to face the music.

Tomorrow she will play the 21st date in the European leg of the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, her first jaunt of the continent since the Charmbracelet World Tour in 2003. The gigs have been an opportunity to explore her back catalogue and pull out more unexpected cuts from the past — ‘Loverboy’ and Know What You Want’ seeing the rare light of day — while a more scaled-back presentation ensures all attention is firmly on the star.

After so long away from these shores, why was the time right to return now?

“You know, it’s interesting,” she begins, softly brushing the hair out of her face. “I was doing a Vegas residency and people were coming from all different countries around the world, and it was such a great audience that I was like, 'Maybe we should do a slightly different show and document it?’ It seemed like a good idea.”

In contrast to the fixed set-list of her Number l’s residency, which resumes at Caesars Palace this summer, and finds her performing her 18 number one hits in chronological order, on the Sweet Sweet Fantasy outing Mariah is definitely having fun with spontaneity. With the intentions of making this series of concerts a more personal affair, she’s even been inviting fans to join her on stage.

“The whole point about me and my fans is that we have a very exceptional relationship; it’s not typical,” she explains. “They are there to have an experience with me — it’s not just like, 'Come and see me because I think I’m so…something,’ you know? I’m literally there to have an experience with them.”

A committed commander to her devoted fans — or 'lambs’, as they’re known; collectively her 'lambily’ — Mariah has been known to treat and surprise her loyal followers throughout the years, even establishing a Lambs Appreciation Day to show her gratitude for their love, but aside from the occasional behind-the-scenes glimpses found on her social feeds, Mariah remains quite guarded of her private life. Certain topics are off limits — not that Clash was going to enquire into her imminent third marriage, to Australian billionaire James Packer — so it’s curious to find her exposing herself so readily for the TV cameras.

“Well, you have to do a little bit of that,” she begins, keenly aware of the balance required to enjoy a private life while keeping her public sated. “And that’s why I said we can document the tour and we can see how that feels, because I should have always had that. I should have had my older tours documented — I should have had those moments — and I didn’t.”

It obviously feels okay, as the camera crew is allowed full disclosure on the most exclusive aspects of the tour, and is capturing everything. Well, not everything. “It’s not just me painting my nails and calling my friends,” she giggles, adding that it’s important to her that her lambs have this authentic window into her life. But, isn’t she worried about the possibility of them seeing a side to her that perhaps she wouldn’t want them to see?

“It’s a series, but it’s more of a documentary, so it’s not like I’m doing some weird reality thing where I feel weird about everything,” she says, alluding to the glut of its embarking on staged reality shows that pollute our TV channels. “I would never do that because Is too proud. I it [the camera crew) off (clicks fingers) so quickly. I really do. But there’s a lot of jokesters and characters around me and you see the nonsense that I endure.”

From our experience, Clash confesses, it would appear that you’re the sanest person in this crazy world. She laughs heartily. “I think that was the point,” she nods, “to showcase that.”

There’s a sense that Mariah’s confessional habits are an attempt at absolution — a baptism from which to be reborn. It can’t be a coincidence that she’s so openly happy at work with a wedding approaching. A new life beckons. Look back to the 2005 album, 'The Emancipation Of Mimi’ — named after Mariah’s nickname reserved only for close friends and family — for previous evidence of a renewal of faith. It stands not only as a career highlight (gleaming an international number one single, 'We Belong Together’), but the restitution of an avowed artist that had long fought for creative control, negotiating her way through a difficult divorce from husband/manager Tommy Mottola in 1997, then exploring her musical identity with a series of creditable adventures — most significantly, fusing her hip-hop influences into a mainstream pop sound -with mixed results. In 2001, following the disastrous rags-to-riches movie Glitter, and its disco-themed soundtrack, and still reeling from a split with both her record label and her boyfriend — Latin singer Luis Miguel — Mariah was hospitalised with nervous exhaustion. Her rehabilitation began with 2002’s 'Charmbracelet’, which focused on her struggles (“I can make it through the rain / I can stand up once again on my own / And I know that I’m strong enough to mend,” she sings in 'Through The Rain’), but it’s with the more fully realised ….Emancipation…’ that Mariah’s comeback was assured, her assertiveness palpable throughout. Having the temerity to collaborate with names such as Kanye West, The Neptunes, Snoop Dogg and Welly, yet sound completely cohesive and distinctly Mariah, she valiantly justifies the creative control she fought so long and hard for.

“I’ve always been about being in control of my music,” she upholds, “and even as a teenage girl, when I first got my record deal, I said, 'You can’t make me do other people’s songs.’ I had two other record companies that wanted me, and I said, 'I have to do my own songs. I’ll write with somebody else, I’ll work with somebody else, but I refuse to just be told what to sing.’ Because even as a little kid, I knew that a lot of the songs that I was hearing were not what I would have chosen, you know?”

We touch briefly on the topic of Marilyn Monroe, a hero and inspiration to Mariah (and namesake of her daughter), who also sought to exert autonomy in her career — she’d become one of the first women in Hollywood to form her own production company — and it’s interesting to note that both came from impoverished childhoods (Monroe’s undoubtedly more tragic). These humble beginnings, she says, are the root of her conviction to be successful; her uncompromising work ethic “comes from having nothing as a kid — literally no money — and never wanting to be that way as a grown-up.”

“From the time that I was four-years-old I was determined,” she reveals. “I mean, seeing my mother as an opera singer and knowing that it was a possibility — like, when you grow up you can be a singer, and that’s what you can do for your living — I always knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Growing up in the suburbs of New York, Mariah always claimed to have felt like an outsider, her mixed race heritage rendering her indefinable among the various segregated communities around her. Music was an escape from the discrimination, the bullying, and the dramas at home following her parents’ split. It became everything. It was a way out.

Suddenly, the suite door bursts open, and in run three little girls in their pyjamas, too excited to sleep and restless in their own chambers. They sit by us, unaware we’re mid-interview, and playfully interrupt our conversation to speak with Mariah.

“I think you should text your friend and see what they’re doing at home, because you’re really neglecting your friends,” she tells the eldest.

“ I am?” she asks.

“Yeah,” Mariah advises, “you’re neglecting your friends.”

“But you’re my only friend,” the rascal retorts, teasingly, “don’t you know that?”

Mariah explodes into fits of giggles, scooting them back out of the room so that our interview can continue. She’s clearly very close to her travelling family, and you can tell that the children idolise her. Clash suggests she makes a good role model for them.

Another laugh.

“Oh really?” she scoffs. “I don’t know if I am.”

When it comes to her own kids, however, “I’m different with them because I have to be their mommy.” They’ve been asleep for hours, and in the morning will get to experience another incredible day in the French capital. Their charmed upbringing, a blessing to Mariah, is testament to her own resilience and resolve that they not face the difficulties she endured, but she works hard to ensure they remain grounded despite enjoying the lavish lifestyle of their pop queen mother.

“I want them to still feel normal,” she confirms, “So, if they don’t like travelling around at some point, they won’t have to travel around. But they love travelling. They love flying. If I keep them home for like five days, they’re like, 'When are we going on an aeroplane?’ They really love it. They love doing all these things and seeing places — they love the Eiffel Tower. It’s amazing, you know what I mean? I just have the best time with them.”

Beyond the positive influence she imparts on her children, as we wrap up our conversation, Stella lingering nearby to whisk her off for one more duty before bed (the replacement dancers need auditioned before tomorrow’s — sorry, tonight, — gig), we ask Mariah whether she is aware of the impact she has made on the wider world, on contemporary singers, and what her legacy is.

“I think my work is my legacy,” she humbly offers. “Other people that have been inspired by me have maybe incorporated that into making it a part of their legacy, whatever that may be.”

And is she proud of the work that she has amassed?

“I believe so. There’s at least a couple of songs that, no matter what, people will know. But, yeah, I think we’re all just here and doing our best… I don’t know, is this a normal life, she shrugs. "I don’t know.”

Exo reacting to seeing your room for the first time and it’s full of other K-Pop idols/bands’ posters


Originally posted by dokynsoo

At first he was really excited and glad you finally let him see your room because you avoided it until now. As he entered it though a frown replaced his soft smile and he froze in place. The reason were various posters of a certain Bts member and he could even spot a few of Chanyeol. Now he understand why you were so wary before, still that didn’t help raise his mood. As you asked him why he wasn’t fully coming inside he gave you a blank almost angry stare.
“I get that you like other bands and I would have ignored their posters but Chanyeol? That’s too much. I really don’t want to see his face when I spend time with you.”
With that he turned around and left. Let’s say that now he only comes to visit you after all your posters were hidden.
(Why does this gif fit so well???)


Originally posted by purpleuhan

He’d suddenly come over to give you a surprise visit, it wasn’t the first time but your new decoration wasn’t there the last time. Excitedly he stormed into your room before you could even close the door properly. He screamed as his eyes trailed over the many posters, not out of horror but joy. Chanyeol would recognize quite a few of the people that filled your walls. He’d probably inspect every last one of the posters carefully, ask you lots of questions about them and give his own opinion on whoever was pictured. Throughout everything he would grin happily.
“Wow I never knew you liked DBSK! Did you know that I’m pretty close to Yunho-ah? Would you like me to introduce him to you?”


Originally posted by qrishan

He’d be somewhat torn when he saw your room for the first time. First he noticed all the cute decorations that instantly reminded him of you. Then he looked at the many posters and stopped his little tour for a moment. For a while he glared at a poster of SHINee’s Minho. How could he dare invade his lover’s room. Upon being asked what he was doing he turned and smiled softly. There was no way he would admit his slight discomfort right to your face. Later he might try to drop some hints though. He might slowly but slyly try to change out the posters in your room.
“I really like your room. It truly shows who you are. Oh since we’re talking about that how about we go out and buy some new decoration and posters for your walls?”


Originally posted by mminseok

Xiumin wouldn’t really mind all the posters of other bands. First he thought that it was only your choice which bands/idols you liked so who was he to tell you otherwise. And second he knew that he was your favorite out of all of them since in the end you were his love and not theirs. Honestly that thought made him pretty happy so he would never interfere with your choice of decoration. Though I think he’d unconsciously would start leaving little things in your room that would you remind of him when he wasn’t around. He might even suggest putting up photos of the two of you.
“Hmm….do you think this picture of us should stand here or on that shelf over there? I want you to be able to look at it from every angle of your room.”


Originally posted by purpleuhan

Lay also wouldn’t exactly mind other idols’ posters on your walls. Yet he’d still react slightly different. The first time he saw them he was still a little drowsy so he accidentally greeted the big poster of Suho hanging on your wall thinking it was actually his leader. Wondering why he wouldn’t reply and noticing you laughing he took another look finally seeing that it was in fact just a picture. From then on he started to greet/talk to all of the people in your posters just as he would greet you when entering the room. It became somewhat of a ritual. Also it would never fail to make you smile and that’s always something he’d like to do.
“Good bye everyone, see you again soon. I hope you’ll keep my jagi safe and well until I’m back.”


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun might be more on the jealous side. He would clearly pout and tell you how he was somewhat bothered by the huge poster of BTS’ V in your room. He knew Tae from the shows they attended together and even if he liked and respected him he couldn’t accept that it was Tae’s poster that decorated your walls. He’d even go as far as removing it, of course carefully. As he was asked why he did it he’d hug you tightly and start to act rather spoiled. If you promised to never like V more than him and add a few more pictures of Baekhyun too he’d let you keep the poster. Also because he actually understood that you liked V for a whole different reason that you liked him. From time to time he’d tease you about it though.
“You don’t have a crush on Taehyung, do you? I’m way cuter, sexier and better than him though. So you gotta love me more, ok?”


Originally posted by daenso

Kai might react a little worried when he first encounters the many different posters you owned. Especially the one’s of SHINee’s Taemin. Sure he did know him and they got along well yet he also knew that the two of you had met before because of him. He might be scared that you could like Taemin more than him. He’d stare down the posters as he thought about how to tell you about his worry. Only after you assured him that you only enjoyed the music he made while you loved him for himself he was content. Besides being worried at first he’d be also pretty smug and glad you fell for him and not for any of the other idols’ you liked. Kai would also try to impress you, trying to make you fall even more for him.
“Taemin might sing really well but he’s still no match to my dancing skills….isn’t that right jagi?”


Originally posted by chenmorningstar98

Chen wouldn’t be really jealous or angry because of the posters. At first he might be a bit surprised because he didn’t know about you being a fan of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Yet since the two of them got along pretty well themselves he was actually quite positive about it. He would probably start telling you fun stories about him, maybe even arrange for the three of you to hang out.
Also he’d start to ask you more about which idols or other bands you liked as well as told you about the people he looked up to. Chen is also someone that would take note of everything you liked so he’d surprise you with fan merchandise or concert tickets. Sometimes he’d slip in a few of his own merch just to make sure you know you’re his.
“Sweetheart, I got you a new sweater. See it has my name on it. Now everyone knows who you like best!”


Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun would probably have a bit of a problem with all the posters showing different bands you liked. It might even hurt his ego that him and Exo weren’t part of them as well. The first time he entered your room and glanced at your walls he felt rather shocked and unsure how to react. On one hand he understood that it would be stupid to think you only liked one band but on the other hand he felt a pinch of jealousy.
One day he had enough of all the posters so he replaced them with pictures and posters of himself while you were gone. He’d proudly show you around your room telling you how he carefully choose each of them.
“Look! Isn’t this much better? I think your room was really lacking some class so I changed it a bit.” Also add a cheeky grin there.

Just to say this now I am very sorry if I got something wrong/messed up but I tried to find out who they actually know/are friends with/look up to themselves.

My ask box is open so if you want to request a reaction or scenario on your own please go ahead. You can find the “rules” here and the ask box over here. For the other things I already posted on my blog you can check out my masterlist. Thanks Sen~<3

Your Kids Bios (Luke)

Andrew James Hemmings

As a baby:

Andrew wasn’t planned, but he wasn’t a mistake, just a surprise. Although he was the youngest, Luke was the first member of the band to become a Daddy. It shocked a lot of the fans considering you were still a teenager. .Although Luke was nervous (okay maybe he was scared shitless) to have a baby, he was so excited. He talked to your baby bump all the time but when your son arrive he held him in his arms for the first time, for once he had no idea what to say. He eventually said, “I feel like I’m gonna drop him!” You were on tour with Luke when you had him (since he couldn’t bare to be away from his girlfriend when she had his child, and as his new born baby grew up) and Andrew was born in Paris. He was a really cute baby, he had Luke’s blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. When he started to talk he was a chatty baby, but hid behind you leg when you were with strangers. He cried when he was away from you or Luke, unless he was with on of your uncles.

As a toddler/child:

Drew was one of the cutest children ever. He liked apple juice, Legos, cuddles, superman and playing hide and seek (especially in empty arenas). He is really shy when he is with someone he doesn’t know very well, so he chooses to sit on your lap and not talk much. Until he starts school, you and Luke have no problem with this as you both love cuddles with your little boy. But then he must start school and the whole idea of it scares him and he cries so much on the first day that Luke’s takes him home and promises that he can wait until next year when he’s 6 to start. He’s so like Luke in many ways, he’s shy, sensitive, caring, cute and he LOVES penguins. He still used his Pacifier up to age 7, which causes constant teasing from Alex Clifford and then Ryan Clifford, but they were all good friends really. He was diagnosed with social anxiety when he was 8 and he thought that it made him a bad person. He never really grew out of it, but managed to get past it with some meds, and your and Luke’s love and support.

As a teenager:

Drew was a really smart boy. He liked school, he didn’t have many friends outside the 5sos kids, but they were like family to him. Maths was his forte, which made Grandma Liz really happy. He has lots of interests besides school. He loves listening to music (but sadly he can’t seem to get the hang of the guitar), swimming and he is really good at basketball. He loves video games too, especially Fifa. He doesn’t go out to parties much, (Unless it is a small group with Aria and he friends) he prefers to spend Friday nights cooped up in his room. He has always been such a Mummy’s boy, but his Dad is his hero, his idol, his biggest inspiration. He is just like the awkward,giraffe-like, insecure (but so hot!) teenager that Luke was. He is really popular with the ladies, even if he fails to realise it. He has had a few girlfriends, but they all asked him out first. Once he gets to know them, he is such a gentleman and brings them on really cute dates which would even make your daughter Aria jealous (she hated everything cute!). Andrew loved his family. He always listens to you and Luke and helps you with whatever you need them for. He always hangs out with his brother Cody, and would kick anyone’s ass if they broke Aria’s hear (even if she did mock him a lot!). He shared a special connection with Ella though, despite the 14 year age gap.

Nickname: He goes by Drew

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Dirty Blonde

Style: Casual

Personality: He’s shy, a bit less so once you get know him, caring and sweet.

Likes: Fifa, maths, family, basketball, nice girls who aren’t sluts and food.

Dislikes: Horror Movies, parties, otters, chicken and asshloes

Best Friends: Alex Clifford, Cody Hemmings and Ella Hemmings

Girlfriend: Amy Sheeran

Pets: Family dogs called Elmo and Stitch and a turtle called Frankie.


Aria Elizabeth Hemmings

As a baby/toddler:

You and Luke were so happy to be having a little girl, you loved being parents and couldn’t wait to have another little one. She was born right on time, on the 31th of October, giving her the nickname “Pumpkin.” She was born with big blue eyes just like her Daddy. Andrew was so excited to be a big brother and the two and a half year old sat on Luke’s lap, holding her for the first time. He told her, “I lub you!” and then kissed her tiny button nose. Then Aria puked all over him. She was a really, loud fussy baby but you and Luke both agreed it was worth it. Her first word was “No!” at just 8 months old and she said it for everything. “Are you hungry?” “No!” “Do you wanna go see uncle Ashton?” “No!” “Do you love your Daddy!” “No!” You could tell that she was gonna be “Punk rock” from a young age. She wanted to wear black boots with her pretty dress instead of pink Maryjanes. She wanted to dance to MTV’s Rocks instead of Yo Gabba Gabba (which was a blessing more than a curse!). She constantly stomped her foot and whined “wanna be punk rock like Daddy!”

As a child:

Aria Hemmings wasn’t weird. She was just different. She wore black opaque tights with her uniform instead of knee length white socks. She wore her long blonde hair down with a black hairband instead of in pigtails with bows. She wore skull and cross bow earrings. Spooky stories didn’t scare her, and she had a blue and black bike unlike the normal pink and purple. She didn’t make friendship bracelets or draw kittens and or play with dollies. But you and Luke didn’t see any fault whatsoever with that. She was just expressing herself, being who she wanted to be. Little girls, however, could be very judgmental. And even if Aria was “punk rock” words still hurt. “They think I’m weird, Daddy!” Aria would say every morning over her cheerios and apple juice, after insisting that she stay home from school. “I’m not weird though am I? I just wanna be like you!” “No you’re not weird pumpkin. I think you’re awesome! You’re much cooler than all the other little girls. And so much prettier and smarter!” Luke would tell her. Aria was an exceptionally beautiful girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin. She was smart too, not exceptionally but still able to maintain straight A’s. She was really fun too. She liked soccer and playing pranks but her favourite thing to do was go to concerts with Daddy.

As a teenager:

As the years went on Aria got more and more beautiful and she cared a lot less about what people thought. She grew apart from her Dad even though he still tried to please her and let her do basically anything she wanted to, even if he did regret it immediately afterwards. When he found out that she used sneak out and go drinking and even smoked a few times, Luke hit the roof and went back to babying her, which made her hate him even more, which made Luke think he was a bad parent, even though he really wasn’t. Aria was a really clever girl, but she didn’t even bother trying at school. She bunked off class and hung around the town and new pictures of her would emerge on Twitter everyday. She didn’t really like parties, but she found herself being dragged there by Sienna Hood and Alex Clifford a lot. She didn’t have much friends, but the ones she did have were very loyal and thought the world of her. Her best friend in the entire world is Ryan Clifford who was bullied in his first year of secondary school before Sienna surprised everyone by standing up for him. She was usually a head down kind of girl, I don’t like you and you don’t like me so why bother talking? Luke was so proud, but not so happy when he found of they were dating years later.

Nickname: Pumpkin (she was born on Halloween)

Eye colour: Blue/Blue-green

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: Punk rock/grunge

Personality: She’s dark and has a strange seance of humor, and she’s not shy, just quiet.

Likes: Grunge bands, drinking, black, thunderstorms, thriller and suspense movies.

Dislikes: Parties, Disney, pink, cutesy-stuff, boybands.

Best Friends: Alex Clifford and Sienna Hood

Boyfriend: Ryan Clifford

Pets: Family dogs called Elmo and Stitch and a cat called Dog.


Cody Lucas Hemmings

As a baby:

Cody was born when Aria was two and Drew was five. He was born really premature at 32 weeks, and it scared the shit out of you and Luke. He was so so tiny, Luke was able to hold him in his palm. He had breathing problems and couldn’t feed properly so he ended up in the NICU for almost 3 weeks. You and Luke visited everyday and you always ended up crying at the sight of your little boy, lying there helpless and you couldn’t even do anything to help him. You had a lot of support from your family and Luke’s bandmates, who also came to visit Cody and also took your other children out a lot, so they wouldn’t feel ignored. (This upset Ashton a lot though, because his wife was expecting their first baby soon!). You were so relieved to have your baby home for the first time. You were so careful with him, he slept in between you and Luke and at least one of you were with him at all times (or Grandma Liz if you needed a break). This made Drew and Aria jealous because of his constant attention.

As a toddler/child:

Cody grew pretty fast, mainly because he was a hungry little monser. Anyway, he was at a perfectly normal weight and height by the time he is 18 months old. He was a slow walker, but a fast talker just like his brother, always babbling about something (usually cheese or pigs). He is out going, smart, sweet and funny and makes a lot of friends once he starts school. He liked food a lot and going to the zoo, which your family did a lot because well Drew and Luke want to see penguins all he time, Aria loved the reptile house, and Cody basically loved everything about it and you loved to see your family happy. Cody is really funny and laughs just about everything and only cries when he misses his Daddy when he’s on tour. He has no urge to turn “punk rock” like Aria and frequently says she looks scary but isn’t as sensitive as Drew and sometimes teases his older brother before feeling guilty and hugging him. Luke tries not to spoil his kids, but maybe he does give in to giving Cody almost everything he wants cause well, he almost lost him.

As a teenager:

Cody is everything every parent wants in a child. He is gorgeous, smart, talented, kind, funny, cute and a gentleman. When he 7 or 8, Luke thought his son to play guitar. Soon he discovered, he was really good at this. And he could sing very well. By age 14 he was writing his own songs, and decided to put them up on YouTube. Since he was the son of Luke Hemmings, he immediately received a lot of attention and positive feedback. At age 15, he was touring around the world with his Dad and his uncles, opening for them every night. At age 16 he was signed to a record label, and Luke thought he could never be more proud. At age 17, he released his first EP, and it went to number one. Luke almost cried, before throwing a huge party for his son where him and his bandmates, their wives, you Cody and 10/12 of the 5sos kids (including 13 year old Harry Irwin!) got drunk off the asses. Anyway, Luke wasn’t going to do that again, but he was so proud of his son. He did drop out of school, which made Luke sad because him and Aria, who were very smart kids, never got a proper education. Cody Hemmings was having the time of his life, girls all around the world screaming his name, but like his father, never did he once get a big head.

Nickname: n/a

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: Preppy

Personality: Outgoing, funny, sweet, kind, likeable.

Likes: Zoos, making people happy, oranges, music especially song writing.

Dislikes: Rain, hospitals, hamsters, feeling alone and mustard

Best Friends: Amelia Irwin, Noah Horan and Poppy Devine

Girlfriend: Lilia Clifford (despite her Dad’s protest because Cody was nearly 3 years older)

Pets: Family dogs called Elmo and Stitch


Ella Adalyn Hemmings

As a baby:

Ella was you and Luke’s little girl, and she always would be. She was another preemie, but just by 2 or 3 weeks, but she arrived when Luke was on tour. You were determined not to push, but somehow, you ended up giving birth with your 14 year old son (who was half scared to death) holding your hand and your best friend (who would not come in the room for the life of her) waiting outside with your other two kids. When Luke arrive, (with the rest of 5sos running behind him) you were asleep and ther was a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket in your sons arms. Then Luke cried. Then Ella cried. Then she woke up and you cried because of how cute they looked. And then Drew stood there like “WTF is wrong with my family?!” Amelia was such a good baby, which was such a relief after alll our other noisy babies. Amelia was such a cute baby too, she opened her blue eyes whenever anyone was around, and giggled anytime Luke said anything.

As a child:

Ella was the youngest of all the 5sos kids, but was by far the smartest. And she liked school too, all of the other kids were fairly smart, and they all seemed to resent school. She started school when she was barely 4, a full year younger then her best friend Sophie Irwin, who was also starting. She seemed to be good at everything, she was so clever, she could sing, she was pretty, she was good at art, she wasn’t bad at soccer and lots of little girls wanted to be her friend. She was fairly shy though (but she could throw a fair tantrum when she was with Luke). From a young age she was really insecure, even though there was nothing to be insecure for. People liked her, but she never trusted them. “You’re beautiful Ellie,” Luke would tell her. “You just need to open up a bit. But you’re absolutely perfect in my eyes!” Luke really couldn’t understand why Ella was like this (you were positive that she got it from him!) she had her whole family, all of her uncles and cousins, and millions of her Dad’s fans thought she was perfect.

As a teenager:

Ella wasn’t a trouble maker, but she wasn’t a goody two shoes either. She went through a rebelling against everything her father said phase, like most teenagers did, but it didn’t last long because Luke is cool - well for a dad. All through her teenage years Ella never let her grades slip once (even when she was on tour with Luke) and when she graduated Luke re-payed her by paying for her and Sophie to go for London on their own for a whole month. Sophie’s favourite hobby was drawing, but Ella’s favourite interests included photography, and she always wanted to stay in London for more than a few days with her dad. Ella never had much interest in fashion, until Sophie dragged her shopping in vintage shops in their teen years. She was into it a lot then, but even though it wasn’t until she was 15, she had been rocking the messy bun since she was less than 2 years old. Ella has always been surprising people with how smart she is, winning lots of different competitions Luke had entered her in. All the nights studying in her room instead of going to parties had paid off.

Nickname: Ellie(her dad), Elle, Ellie-Bellie (Uncle Ash)

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: Vintage/Retro

Personality: Shy, insecure, clever, kind, funny and easy going.

Likes: Reading, writing, butterflies, photography, maths, old cities.

Dislikes: Perfume, pop music, frogs, golf, loud noises and old men.

Best Friends: Sophie Irwin

Boyfriend: Levi Tomlinson-Styes

Pets: Family dogs called Elmo and Stitch and two love birds called Romeo and Juliet.


Michael’s KidsAshton’s KidsCalum’s Kids


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I was holding off this post for quite sometime because its the hundredth post and it coincides with this blog crossing 100 followers ( I feel like many people are acknowledging BGyeom these days and it obviously makes me happy). 

I wanted to commemorate that by posting my favourite BGyeom moments but I’ve been so heartbroken over JB’s injury that nothing else seems to matter more than his health right now. The fact that he won’t be able to perform at GOT7′s first concert in Korea must have hit him hard and fans probably can’t even imagine what he’s going through physically and mentally.

But while I was literally crying over it yesterday I realized Jaebum has not one but six friends and brothers who treasure him more than anything else in the world. With only a few hours left before the concert, these six people must be feeling the pressure of performing well for the group and their leader, yet their hearts must be in so much pain knowing that their brother is suffering right now. 

It was while my mind wandered off with these thoughts that I realized that although in kpop ships and OTPs are fun and endearing because of the love and affection two people share, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the brotherhood of a group of friends. In GOT7, all seven members are each other’s strength and thats what we should remind ourselves every once in a while.

Praying for JB’s quick recovery so that he can perform to his heart’s content with GOT7 once again.