concert ticketes

guys smth big happene d. big concert happening

dad impulse bought concert tickets and guess whom..guess’s . i can barely type but.. it’s an emmylou harris (she worked with bright eyes on i’m wide awake it’s morning!!!! she sang on that album!! her!!) and the nash ramblers reunion show,,and. oh my gosh,,we..are… so close to the stage..ill be able to touch it

if kal el landed on earth in 1987 he’d be 28/29 in 2016 but more importantly he’d be 17 in 2004 which means he probably had an american idiot t-shirt and wore it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. with thumbholes in the sleeves. lana lang probably looked like avril lavigne, except they were rural so she did the best she could with what smallville’s thrift stores had to offer. she probably pierced her own eyebrow even though clark kept telling her she’d get an infection. how many of those little wrist sweatbands do you think he owned. did he have a wallet chain.


last night i went all the way to the adele concert without a ticket so i could yell at people and tell them to hurry up cause she starts at 7:30 on the dot and then i went home