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My favourites @rosegoldeyelids and @allthelovelouie tagged me to post 10 songs I’m listening to at the moment, so here we are:

1. Back To You by Louis Tomlinson feat. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals
2. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
3. I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
4. Gold by Imagine Dragons
5. Вахтёрам by Бумбокс
6. Feel (The Power of Now) by Steve Aoki & Headhunterz
7. 2AM (Matoma Remix) by Astrid S
8. Kiwi by Harry Styles
9. Ultralight Beam by Harry Styles
10. Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons

I tag @goldbootsandvans @gaynklegate @lionheartnking @victoryjacket @louisosoft and everyone else who wants to do it xx

My heart goes out to the parents driving home without their children. To the teenagers with an empty desk beside them at school today. To the best friends who turn to make a joke to someone, only to remember they’re not there. To the teachers who call out the register, only to stumble on a name. My heart goes out today to all those affected by this horrific, barbaric and heartbreaking attack in Manchester.