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Park SuMin (shin-dancer)’s Instagram Update:

These hyungs jokingly suggested this pose, why are they so cute? 👶
Even with 5 of them staring, Hyesung hyung refused to do it kekeke
#Shinhwa #19Anniversary #Concert #LongestRunningMischiefMakers
#ChaDoNam #HyesungHyung
#WeAreShinhwa 👋 🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵
*Cha-Do-Nam: Cold City Guy
Cr: malpabo(eng-trans)

a dead poets society au set in high school:

  • Keating encourages Todd to enter a creative writing contest with an original poem and Todd wins - both Neil and Keating put up a framed copy of the poem on their wall
  • one time Neil is having doubts about being gay and he confides in Charlie and says, “how do I even know if I really like boys?” and Charlie’s just like, “want me to kiss you?” and Neil’s like, “what??? … ok” and Charlie does and then grins smugly, “and?” - “yep, I’m gay”
  • Charlie hits on Todd for Neil
  • “so, Charlie, did you get another girlfriend during the summer break?” - “no” - “you didn’t? but you always do” - “no. got a boyfriend, though” *Meeks high-fives him*
  • Pitts is that guy who everyone likes, both the students and the teachers
  • Charlie secretly joins the school’s jazz band and his friends get a mysterious invitation to the next concert and they spot Charlie on stage with the biggest grin
“Imperfections” (Jungkook x Reader)

“hey there lovely! could u write a jungkook scenario where his acne is getting really bad and he feels really insecure about it and tries to hide it as much as possible because he thinks he looks ugly?? the ending is up to you !!!”

Name: “Imperfections”

Character: Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Genre: Sad

Word Count: 1,176

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(i want to hug him every time i see an article about his acne. he’s in no way ugly and i hope he knows that <3)

Being an idol, or any figure in the public light for that matter, requires having a lot of eyes on you all the time. Each set of eyes is that much more capable of examining you, critiquing you and ripping you apart without even having to be in your proximity. The power of the internet. Any tiny imperfection is immediately exacerbated  into something a million times more severe. It could be something entirely natural: a weird mole or a slight bump in the nose. That public influence makes you want to scratch it off your face and make you look perfect merely for their wandering gazes. We wish it was that easy. One of these imperfections, standardized by the media, is acne. It’s a reality Jungkook was far too used to.

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All I Ask of You

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 2007 (1753 without lyrics)

Summary: The Reader gets paired with Sam on a specific project.

Italics is the reader singing. Bold is Sam singing. Bold and Italics are both singing.

Listen to All I Ask of You here.

This is for @nicolejones412 ‘s challenge!! I loved writing this, and I hope you all enjoy!

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Junjin & Andy spotted on naverblog

According to the post, these photos were taken in Taiwan on February 5th, so after their concert.
The person sharing these photos explains that on the 5th, she received a message via LINE frome her friend saying, “I think Shinhwa is going to eat in our restaurant!”.

[Note: You can fnd more pics & one video on the blog]

Selon le post, ces photos ont été prises à Taiwan le 5 février, donc après leur concert.
La personne partageant ces photos explique que le 5, elle a reçu un message via LINE de son ami(e) disant, “Je pense que Shinhwa est sur le point de manger dans notre restaurant !”

[Note: Vous pouvez voir plus de photos et une vidéo sur le blog]

Cr: gosweety_jin’s naverblog

Kim Namjoon As Your Boyfriend~

Listen to Change and support Namjoon please! He truly deserves the world, please stan this man.

- Admin Tamra

- romantic dates out to dinner

- cute walks in the park afterwards

- him writing songs about you

- late night talks about things on your minds

- simple skinship (ie. holding hands, kissing on cheek)

- video chatting daily while he’s on tour

- him looking for you in the crowd at his concerts until he finally spots you at the front

- deep conversations about the world

- him trying to cook you dinner but failing miserably (he cant even cut onions correctly)

- dirty texts & videos

- bringing food to the studio for him & the members

- traveling

- you taking pictures of him for ‘kimdaily’

- cute pictures together

- shopping

- passionate & sometimes rough sex

- comforting him when he’s sad

- constantly reminding him how much he means to you

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Exo's reaction to when their GF tells them that they are your first BF

Request said: Can you make EXO reaction when you say to them that they are your first boyfriend? Have a nice day!

Xiumin: You guys were dating for a month now. You never had a boyfriend. That made you very nervous because you had no idea how these type of relationship work. But one day there was a misunderstanding between you and Minseok. You blamed yourself over and over. You decided that it was time to tell him your secret “Minseok, I have to tell you something” you said while facing him. “What? Y/N” asked a curious Xiumim. “See the reason why, sometimes I seem cold towards you, is because I had never had a boyfriend before”. you said looking very serious.  “Are you serious, Jagiya!. How could someone like you never had a boyfriend?.” he said very surprised by your answer then he completely understood the misunderstanding and forgave you. 

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Suho: As you walked around the apartment wondering if you should tell your boyfriend about your secret when you heard the front door being closed signaling that he finally arrived home.  Since, he just got home tired you did not wanted to annoy him or something. “Hello, Jagiya..How was your day?” asked Suho. “It was ok and you?” you answered. “It was very busy as always.” he simply said. “Oh..” was all you could say. “Do you want me to order food or do you want me to make you something quick?” you asked. “Let’s order….Jajangmyeon” he said looking for your approval. “Sure” you smiled. After some minutes, the food finally arrive. You guys sat down and started to eat. “Suho, There’s something I want to tell see ….Your….my…first” you started to say but it was so embarrassing for you to say.  He just nodded his head waiting for you to finish the sentence. “boyfriend” you finished saying and quickly grabbing quickly  the chopsticks and getting food in your mouth. His reaction was so priceless that he almost chocked on his food but he quickly smiled and said “Don’t worry about it Jagiya, I’ll sure love you and protect you like you deserve to”. 

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Baekhyun: “Hey babe let’s go out tonight!” said a very happy Baek. You just nooded your head and quickly got ready. You got hair and makeup done and headed down the stairs, being greeted by a whistle and Baek saying “Woah, Jagi, looking good!”. “Thank you” you said while blushing and covering your face. “Jagiya, don’t cover your face you look super cute when you blush!” said a pouting Baek. After you guys finally arriving at the restaurant and got seated, while browsing at the menu you said “I know we been dating for months now” you started to say. “Uhum… what’s your point” said a loving Baek. “I’ve never had a boyfriend before and that makes me wonder if you really want to be with me because I know that I am not the only girl that truly wants you and loves you” you said sounding kind of sad. “Jagiya!! Really, you are not playing with me?” said Baek. You simply said no and him starring at you with such loving eyes and said “Look, Y/N that is one of the things that I truly love about are a very pure person and that’s what make me want to fall in love with you every day” 

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Lay: “ Baobei, I am home” said a very tired but happy Yixing. Yixing you are homeyou said while jumping into his arms. “I missed you” he said while hugging you tightly. “Did you eat?” you asked and he nodded. “Did you?” he asked concerned. “No because I was waiting for you” you said. He looked at you and said “ Sorry “Don’t worry about it, I would make myself ramen” you said. He just smiled and said. “Ok, I am going to take a shower”. You just smiled and simply said a ok. While he was taking a shower, you decided to prepare your ramen. Since, it was a plain you decided to add veggies and already cooked chicken. After a few minutes the ramen was done and you delightfully started to eat. Yixing sat right next to you admiring your beauty. “Do you love me that much?” you asked. You looked at him and he had a puzzled look on his face. “Yixing, I’ve never told you about this but you are my first boyfriend and I am afraid that I am not good enough for you” you said with tears filling your eyes. “Are you insane, I love you no matter what” he said smiling widely at you and still admiring your beauty but he still be confused on why you never had a BF before.

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Chen: You were backstage waiting for your boyfriend to finish his concert. You were just sitting around looking at your phone when suddenly you felt arms on your shoulders, you got scared suddenly and said “Yah!”. “What!” said a voice. You turned your head to face the person touching your shoulders, it was Chen. He was so confused on why you yelled at him “You scared me” you said. “Ah…” he said. “So, How was my performance” he said smirking. “It was one of the best” you said, while smiling at him.  “Really” he said. “Yes! Really!” you said sounding very convincing. Chen was about to kiss your lips ,but to tease you he kissed your cheek. “So Jagi, ready to go home and watch comedy movies?” asked Chen. “YES!” you said sounding very excited. Everyone started to laugh at your sudden reaction.  You waited for Chen to get changed and then you guys headed out of the concert venue and into the car. Out of nowhere, Chen started to ask about your past ,you answered every single question. But one question caught your attention “So jagi, How many boyfriends you had?” you knew that he was teasing you with this question. “I had like 10″ you said lying. “Oh…What a liar! at least you had 2 right?”  he said laughing. “No, actually you are my first boyfriend” you said sounding serious. “WHAT!!” Chen said choking on his own laugh. “But how could have this happen?. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen” said a very surprising Chen. 

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Chanyeol: You arrived at the restaurant that you were suppose to see Chanyeol. You told the waitress at the reception that you had the reservation name under his name. She gladly walked you towards the table but to your surprise Chanyeol was already there waiting impatiently for you. “Jagi, you are here” said a very happy Chanyeol as he got up and quickly got to a chair pulling it out and gesturing you to sit. You sat and just waited to Chanyeol to sit down, he did. “So, Jagiya, How was your day?” he asked you. “It was fine but I missed you!” you said while pouting your lips. He smiled at your sudden cute reaction. “I did too” he said smiling. “I’ve already ordered the food for us to eat” he said. You just nodded your head. “Did you guys finished recording your new song?” you asked very curious. “YES!, we finally got it right” he said sounding happy/exhausted. You smiled. “Chanyeol, I know this is our one year anniversary but I want to tell you something important. Something I have not yet told you about me” you said. “Yes… Y/n what’s wrong?”  said a very concerned Chanyeol. “Uhm.. I don’t know why I feel embarrassed every time I tell this” you started to say but Chanyeol looked at you reassuring you that it was ok to tell him.  “You are my first boyfriend” you honestly said. “WHAT???” said a very confused Chanyeol. 

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D.O: You got home to see the table settled and hot cooked food on the table. “Kyungsoo” you called. “Kyungsoo” you called again, you waited a few minutes to hear his response. “I am at the kitchen” screamed D.O. You went to the kitchen. You saw D.O quickly taking his apron off. “Come, let’s eat before the food gets cold” he said while grabbing your hand. You followed along. You sat down at your chair and D.O sat down facing you. You guys ate and you and chatted. You offered to help him clean the kitchen. You started to clean the dishes when you decided to tell Kyungsoo your most covered secret “Kyungsoo, I have to tell you something” you said while still washing the dishes. “Yes, Y/N?” said D.O. “I love you so much.. you are my first boyfriend and I am afraid that one day you’ll leave me” you said with tears streaming down. He quickly came to hug from behind. He made you face him and he kissed you passionately  “Sh…Haven’t I told you, you are my goddess and I’ll never leave you” he said while drying your tears. *imagine you are Baek*

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Kai: Your loving boyfriend begged you to go and see him perform this time around because last time you couldn’t see him due to your work. So you decided to go and surprise him by talking to his manager to see if he could find you a seat very close to the stage. He did and he quickly handed you the ticket. Days passed and the concert day came. You were so excited to see him since you haven’t seen him much because of the practices and concert preparations.  You dressed comfortable but still looking cute/pretty for your boyfriend and did your make up and hair and headed to the venue. You did the line and waited for a couple of minutes in order to head in. You got in and after 30 minutes of waiting the concert finally got started. You were screaming your head off and yelling Kai for the rest of the concert. Kai spotted you on the 3rd song and he was smiling uncontrollably because you surprised him. After 2 hours and some minutes the concert was over. A security guard approached to you saying to follow him. At first you thought it was weird but you decided to go along with it. He leaded you backstage, where Kai was already waiting for you. He ran to you and hugged you and then kissed you. “Jagiya, you made it” said a very happy Kai. You smiled. “So want to go and eat something” asked Kai. “Yes, my stomach is growling!” you said touching your stomach. He laughed. “Is fried chicken, alright?” asked Kai. “Of course!” you said. He leaded you to a empty room with food already with it. “OH…so you knew that I was coming, HuH?” you asked. “Of Course, my manager told me but I didn’t believed it until I saw you and I prepared this just in case”  said an embarrassed Kai. “What about the boys?” you asked. “They are in another room eating other kinds of foods” he said.  “Oh..” was all you said.  “So, I know I haven’t been with you all these months but I wanted to show you that I love you” he said while you sat. You smiled widely. But suddenly you said “You are the only person that had made feel loved and special”“Nah, that can’t be true” he said. “It is…you are my first boyfriend” you said and looking at his face reaction wondering what he was thinking when you told him this. But he stayed calm and he smiled and nodded his head. He felt very special when you told him that. 

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Sehun: “Jagiya!! Let’s go and buy some boba!” exclaimed your boyfriend. “Let’s go later, I have to do something before I head out of the apartment” you said. “BUT, JAGIYA!!” said a puppy face Sehun. “Alright” you said while giving in. “But, who’s paying it?” you asked. “You are silly” said a sassy Sehun. “Ah ok…Next time is your turn to pay” you said while giving a death glare and he just shrugged your reaction. You guys got out of the apartment and walked to the closest Bubble Tea place. You got in and ordered your favorite boba flavor while Sehun did the same. You guys sat down on a empty table and started to talk. When suddenly the conversation about realtionships came and you got nervous for some reason “What’s wrong Jagiya, you don’t want to tell me about your past boyfriends. Is cool if you don’t tell me” Sehun teased you. “It’s not that.. It’s just that..” you started to say but Sehun cut you off “It’s just what..” sassed Sehun. “You are my first boyfriend” you said while him slurped some boba but ended up spitting it because he could not believe what you just said. “WHAT!!” said Sehun. “That’s not true” he said again. When he saw that your face expression never changed he went on with a loving voice and said “You are beautiful and I love you!, Do you know that?” said Sehun. You smiled and said “Yes, I do”. He smiled more widely. 

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There is something entirely unique about concerts. Seeing Bastille at the O2 last night made me feel so alive and I’m still buzzing with excitement from it I just feel such a passion for life.

There are a lot of artists that I adore but last night I realised that no artist other than Bastille has such a depth and breadth of music that I relate to. I just feel so many of their songs - music and lyrics - on so many levels.

Then there’s the huge influence of me as an English nerd which is taking over atm. There are songs with Shakespeare references and there’s an entire song (Four Walls) about a book that I’m studying for my A Level. Dan Smith’s songs are just so well-written and I feel like I understand so many of the lyrics. The political and dystopian mood is something that really intrigues me and it feels so current (no pun intended).

The quality of Dan’s writing and the literary references show that he’s well-read and I think that’s what makes me most excited. I feel like I relate to him as a writer and he inspires me so much.

I so desperately want to have a conversation with him to unpick all of the meanings behind the tracks and the story of the album. I could analyse his lyrics like poetry.

river444  asked:

Hey Shelly, what do you think of the rumor that Taka wrote the song "Right by your side" (on the Skyfall album) for Hiro? I'm mostly hearing it from the Japanese fans who were able to buy the CD at OOR's concerts. It would certainly put down the idea that the brothers hate each other.

Hey there!! ヽ(^o^)丿

You have tempted me to hunt for that single straight away XD. Too bad the Skyfall single is venue-limited. It will be a cool limited item because it features Taka’s buddies Ken Crossfaith, Mah SiM and Masato Coldrain ;-)

There has never been any doubt in my mind that the Moriuchi brothers are supportive of each other away from the public eye and that Taka cares about Hiro very much. I talked about it many times but most notably on this post ♥:

Anyway, looking at the lyrics that other fans had uploaded and then trying to link it to any other events in Taka’s life, it seems like the strongest connection would be Hiro. Taka wrote “home" a lot in there.

Fans had connected MFS’s Home to OOR’s Nobody’s Home when ANTITHESE came out. No secret that both songs are about the brothers’ family. Taka clearly cried onstage when he performed that song as the finale in the Yokohama Arena DVD. Hiro totally broke down performing Home at the Budokan.

I personally think Home is Hiro’s personal follow-up to Nobody’s Home. Could the brothers openly yet discreetly respond to each other with Right By Your Side being a possible response to Home? Certainly possible based on the situation described in the lyrics. Unlike the lyrics for OOR’s Listen which clearly mention “friend", Right By Your Side doesn’t say “friend".

I’m sure Home caught Taka’s attention from the start when ANTITHESE was released. There is no way Taka would let Hiro’s tears go unnoticed. After all, he has been known for stopping OOR mid-concert when he spotted fans passing out or getting crushed. He wasn’t going to turn a blind eye on Hiro’s tears at the Budokan. I’m sure Taka was among the first to reach out to Hiro too after his tearful performance at CDJ 15/16.

As usual with the Moriuchi brothers, the strongest emotion is usually expressed in the Japanese lyrics. So, I looked at the words and compared a few different translations to see interpretation by different people.

* The part I’m not sure of is which meaning of “realize" was intended in this song. “Realize" as in “becoming aware"? OR “realize" as in “turning it into reality"? Both kinda fit to me. The song meaning will change a bit though.

If the song really is for Hiro and about the family’s split, then these lines …………… very likely refer to Taka’s own strained relationship with their Papa back then. The words he (probably) had said in his frustration at the time which he feels were too immatured / childish now.

繋ぐ 言葉は 若すぎて
超えるべきは そう いつだって
自分自身以外にいない Oh
Kuyashisa majiri kotoba wo haita
Tsunagu kotoba wa wakasugite
Koeru beki wa sou itsudatte
Jibun jishin igai ni inai Oh

Regretful words that I spat out
Even the connecting words were too immatured
The one we should overcome is always
within ourselves Oh

Then, provided that the song really is for Hiro, these lines could be the big brother’s advice saying that it’s ok to express that sadness and then reassuring that he’ll be there always.

燃える尽きるまで 叫べば良い
Right by your side
Kimi ga kakaeta sono zetsubou
Moerutsukiru made sakebeba ii
Kaeru basho nara itsudatte
Right by your side

Even the despair you’ve been holding on to
It’s ok if you shout it out till it burns to ashes
If there is a place that I return to, it will always be
Right by your side


Even if the song wasn’t for Hiro, the message is still exactly about being there for that someone.

I just hope Taka would clarify it someday (^^)

Ziam Masterpost: 1 of 48943587 reasons to believe in Ziam

These two dumbasses like expressing their love by giving each other gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accesories that mean something for them. 

So me and strangefurydream decided to make a post about most significant ones. 


Cartier bracelet

So on  February 14th 2015 on the OTRA Melbourne concert, Zayn was spotted wearing a gold bracelet. At that time he didn’t actually wear lots of gold bracelets, so that was kinda unusual.

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You Have to Kiss Me - Phan

Summary: Dan had a random thought. It’d be really cool if there were any telepaths in this room. Cough if anyone can hear this. Dan nearly had a heart attack as someone coughed. His head shot up. Who did that?
Word count: 3000
Note: found this prompt on Phanfic a while back. It’s been sitting in my prompts folder for a while just begging to be written, but I only just now got the inspiration. Enjoy, Anon. I hope this is close to what you wanted.
Another Note: Gosh this is almost entirely dialogue (is it dialogue when it’s not spoken? I guess so) I’m sorry but I really like it the way it is so enjoy.

Dan smirked as he turned in his copy of the test packet and sat back down in his seat, making sure to put a little jaunt in his step. Of course he would finish first. He always had. Bad boy or no, Dan was smart. Smart enough to know that being a punk with a devil-may-care attitude wouldn’t score him any brownie points when applying for a college or a job. And also smart enough to memorize the information first time through.

He plopped back into his hard plastic chair and drummed his fingers on the desk obnoxiously. Sure, a devil-may-care attitude wouldn’t help him later, but it certainly wasn’t hurting him now, at least in this respect. He saw the person next to him bite the inside of their cheek to keep from saying anything, as talking was forbidden in the exam.

Unfortunately, being smart and a quick worker also meant that Dan would have to sit for the next hour in silence.

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