concert shell

anonymous asked:

Wait what do you mean company ? How does it work ?

for bangtan to bring their concerts to different countries, there must be an events/concert organizer willing to “buy” their concert fee/price. So like, there’s a certain amount you have to pay to bring bangtan to your country, and it’s the concert organizers that shells out this huge amount of money. So there must be a company that’s willing to spend a lot and organize and take care of the event for that specific country. 

So if you’re in Europe, you need a company/events organizer who will do this to bring The Wings Tour there. Without this, Bangtan/Bighit won’t be able to do it even if they want to. 

Also just to add, for the events company to profit from this, they are the ones deciding the ticket prices to sell to fans. Because that’s where they will get the profit from.