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take the time now and become so fucking good. practice; constantly, everything. learn everything you can. get upperclassmen, staff, anyone you can, to teach you. learn from your own mistakes, learn from the mistakes of people around you. learn from every source you have at your disposal. get creative. play easy songs you enjoy, because they will motivate you to practice. practice hard exercises that make you want to give up, because they will make you better. take the years you have now and become the best you can be, because regardless of what situation high school lands you in, you will be so good your chances at become better will soar. your peers will look up to you, because you have so much to teach and share. your superiors and staff will look up to you, because you have developed habits and skill and that are invaluable and have so much to give. you will have so many doors open to you, because you took the time to open them before you knew they existed. and finally brother, you will have learned, before your time, the most important lesson of all; what it truly means to be a musician, and that there is still so much more room to grow

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the last shadow puppets - everything you’ve come to expect // 01 april 2016


Dance Gavin Dance’s final 10 year anniversary show with Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis at Dynamo Eindhoven, The Netherlands (26-11-2016). 

Hear me out:

I’m not from USA, I don’t live there. But I watch the Tony’s every year. Since I saw the Newsies presentation I’ve been in love with the show. I heard the OBC as much as I could and watched as many bootlegs as I could find but I lost some of the dialogue for the bad audio and the speech pattern and accent used in the play which I don’t get sometimes. To finally see it on HD was amazing. Newsies live was everything.

I waited five years for that: to see Newsies. And It was totally worth it.

This is why professional stage recordings are important. In my country, theatre is a thing that gets really overlooked and isn’t appreciated. We rarely get new plays. And usually they use theatre-actors-wannabes; they use soap opera actors cause the multimedia mass media company we have owns the only big theatre company we have so it reuses its actors. We barely get a musical that’s well sung or acted or danced. And we rarely get any broadway musical adaptations.

I own a copy of every professional stage recording out there: Rent, Phantom of the Opera 25, Les Mis 10 & 25, Chess in Concert, Shrek the Musical, etc… And I’m definitely gonna own a Newsies Live copy.

I just wish we were given this option more often.

Theatre culture is important.
Some Must Watch Yoongi Performance Fancams

In no particular order (Long post warning)

1. 160315 KBS Open Concert Recording: Dope by ARIS 

WHY? Silver Haired Yoongi + Tongue Technology 

2. 151231 Gayo Daejejun: I Need U + Run by It’s Your Day

WHY? Mint Yoongi + Piano + Sleeveless Run

3. 160604 BTS Smart Campaign: Fire by It’s Your Day

WHY? That outfit + Lip bites + Eye Contact

4. 151106Hope Concert: I Need U by It’s Your Day

WHY? Blonde Yoongi + Iconic look

5.  160723 HYYH in Beijing: Tomorrow by It’s Your Day

WHY? Sweaty blonde Dance God Yoongi

6. 160907 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Concert: FIRE by MeToo

WHY? Cute, fluffy, extra brown haired Yoongi

7.   150920 All Force One: Cypher 2 & 3 by Real Recognize Real

WHY? Because All Force One was a blessing

8.  151229 SAF: Run by Pop! Suga

WHY? Mint haired iconic look

9.  161027 M Countdown in Jeju: Blood Sweat & Tears by M2

WHY? That look! The day the Jeju winds blessed us!

10.  Wings Tour Japan Edition 2017: First Love - TBS

WHY? Close-up First Love shots

Any Available Surface
The Mountain Goats

any available surface - the mountain goats

i waved at you when you hit the disappearing point
turned in for the night the next day around ten
i caught the sweet scent of your hair on my pillowcase
felt so much in love i felt like myself again
someday the only thing i wanna rely upon
is any available surface that you’ve rested your head on

back in the cave i traced the arc of our awakening
shimmering down in the darkness, like hidden gold
and i said my secret to myself out loud again
we may live to see miracles, if our faith can hold
someday the only thing i want to rely upon
is any available surface that you rested your head on