concert pit

Do you ever think about something funny while playing your music and then you can’t play because you trying not to laugh

but it doesn’t work

and then

for the rest of forever 

you think of that one stupid thing that makes you laugh



time you get to that part of your music

you're just like, I will never be able to play these three measures ever again.

Don’ t worry, you’re not alone.

even if your not the best drummer your still a percussionist? i don’t care if you play the triangle or the quads, you are important no matter what part you are. i know snares get all the credit and fame, but your part is just as important as theirs and your director notices this even if he never comments on or praises you. you and your part is essential to the group, never forget that.

I Need Your Guy’s Help!!

Okay. So at the The Story So Far show In Indy (11/6/16) I met this boy!

I need your help to find him. I don’t have any pictures of him though :(((

His name was Jacob, and he’s 18. He lives in Indiana and loves Chicago, but really wants to visit San Francisco. He’s kinda tall and pretty skinny and he wears glasses and has blue braces and has a kickass friend named Pat. I wish I could help more, but please help me! I’m not kidding!!

I need to find him and thank him because I don’t think he realizes how much he helped me at the show. I am on a mission.

Pleeaaassee. I love you all. 

when section leaders start telling the band to blow warm air into their instruments and the percussionists decide to be sassy


If you go to a concert and you try and push your way to the front, you don’t deserve to be there! Accept the fact that you didn’t get VIP/wait long enough to get a better spot. Wherever you are in line is where you deserve to stay in the venue! My partner had multiple anxiety attacks, we watched a girl throw up and no one would let her through so she could get out. I had to leave second row and miss out watching the band I paid for because of this!