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Why is that all of the recorded videos of their concert is filmed with a potato camera? Lmao. If only i could attend their concert, I'm a photographer & videographer but i'm from asia:( but don't worry guys if they're going on tour here i'll provide u the best hd pics of the girls and specially 🌓

Thanks fam, you got us

The darkest night 

Never felt so bright 

With you by my side 

 5 Seconds of Summer // Sounds Live Feels Live // Atlanta, GA // 7.24.16

Joe Sass, 12.07.2016

1/320 sec - f/2.8 - ISO 6400 - EOS 700D

Hazmat Modine:

Wade Schuman : Harmonica, Lute Guitar, Vocals
Erik Della Penna : Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Michaela Gomez : Guitar
Steve Elson : Sax, Clarinet, Flute
Kevin Garcia : Drums
Charlie Burnham : Fiddle
Pamela Fleming : Trumpet
Jon Sass : Tuba

live im Savoy, Bordesholm