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I believe in magic.
No I don’t believe in wizards hiding in the shadows pointing wands and shouting incantations. I don’t think there’s witches standing over bubbling cauldrons cackling as they stir in frog legs and unicorn tears. I have no illusion of necromancers summoning the dead in Louisiana as they try to evade death.
No, I believe in something small. Something you never see. Something that lies in the air in comfortable moments. Something that can’t be made or summoned. I believe in a feeling that warms your toes and makes life seem peaceful. It reminds you that the world isn’t perfect, but for one calming moment, it could be.
I believe in magic that is different for everyone. I’ll never experience the same magic moment as someone else. And they’ll never experience the same one twice.
It happens on a dirt road in summer when it’s not hot, but it’s warm enough the windows need to be down. When you’re driving under the speed limit past a field and an old Johnny Cash song starts playing.
It’s being at an outdoor concert when people pull out lighters, not their phones, and sway in unison. The artist holds a note longer then the band plays and their voice cracks.
It’s driving through a city in the middle of the night when the windows are down but they leave you with a chill. There’s a few lights on in buildings and the radio cuts out for one beautiful, silencing moment.
It’s going to an old post office before hours and hearing your steps echoing through the vaulted ceilings. The automatic lights take a second so there’s a bone chilling darkness before the buzzing of the lights start.
It’s waking up early on a trip in a new city and going to the lobby so you don’t wake anyone and it’s completely empty because it’s the front deskman’s break. You can see the steam from the coffee you just poured while sitting in a stiff, overstuffed chair, then the sliding doors open and someone drags their bags in from the frigid morning air.
You can never make the moment and you can feel it when you’re there.
I believe in magic. I don’t believe in witches and wizards or necromancers. But I believe in simple magic that happens in ordinary moments.
—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #66. 
The Signs as Summertime Aesthetics
  • Aries: staying all day at the water park and getting to ride all the good rides a whole bunch of times
  • Taurus: being outside in the oppressive heat and then the instant relief of an air conditioned house
  • Gemini: going for a car ride at night with all the windows down and the only breeze is you moving against the still air
  • Cancer: falling asleep to the sound of cicadas and the drone of a running fan
  • Leo: going outside in the tall grass to catch lightening bugs and watch fireworks
  • Virgo: waking up a lot earlier than you usually do, well rested, with enough time to get a cup of tea/coffee and be at peace with your mind while you watch the sun rise
  • Libra: getting ice cream with your friends at a summer festival and getting to finish the day with a free concert illuminated by lighter flames and faerie lights
  • Scorpio: going adventuring on a whim and not caring about getting all scraped and muddy because you found the coolest spot to build a fort in the woods
  • Sagittarius: rolling out a sleeping mat in the back yard to watch the stars because the sky is so clear you can see distant galaxies
  • Capricorn: getting to wear lightweight flowery sundresses with freshly shaved legs that swish past each other like satin
  • Aquarius: hitting the pillow after a whole day of swimming with no sunscreen, feeling that slight burn whenever you move but being too tired and happy to care
  • Pisces: walking with your best friend down a street illuminated only by street lamps and feeling absolutely safe and content

The crowd at the O2 during Therapy (I know it’s a bit crap) All Time Low & You Me At Six - 14/2/15

okay i don’t have time to reply to all of my birthday messages but i read each and every one of them and i feel so loved right now its unreal

im so happy ive found my home and my family in the clique

im so glad you people put up with me

thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart really and truly it meant the world to me to get all of these messages