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im just waiting for the day hoseok releases his mixtape and single handedly slays my entire existence

Autograph | kim namjoon

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Pairing: namjoon/rap monster x reader
Genre: one-shot, idol!au, fluff
Length: 1.0k
Warnings: none
Summary: You are the main vocalist in a new 4-member K-Pop group. You and your group were holding a fansign hours before the concert, and someone comes to surprise you.

A/N: Two scenarios in one day wow I am on a ROLL.

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Wings Tour

Okay! Fair warning, this post will be long. I’m gonna talk about my entire experience. Also giffing was taking too long so I’m sorry but you’ll have to settle for my very shitty fancams.

So first off I just want to thank my wonderful friend Erin who went with me, AND drove the 9 ish hours to and from Newark (we live in NC). She’s a champ.
Anyway, so my scheduele was basically:

  • Wednesday: drive from school to home - 5 hours
  • Thursday: drive from home to Pennsylvania - 8 hours
  • Friday: drive to Newark - 1 hour, concert, drive back to PA - 1 hour
  • Saturday: drive back home - 8 hours
  • Sunday: drive back to school - 5 hours

So if anyone was wondering if I had died in the past few days, I did lmao

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Ahhhh okay sorry guys for putting this off, it’s just that every time I would start this I would get post concert depression all over again asdfghjk But now is the time, I’m playing the wings album and am starting with the whole camping out situation, up to the end of the concert

OKAY so I got a P1 GA ticket so that was just asking for hell to Begin with. Me and my little trio of friends got there the night before the concert and camped out for 20 hours, but to summarize it was freezing at night and my hands were purple for hours. Later in the morning we took turns leaving to change. an hour before the concert, the staff started to split the line because it was “ too crowded” and some people got in front of us so I was STRESSED™
Okay so i end up lucking out and getting a spot right on the side of the stage between the main and extended stages and wow was that a GREAT FUCKING IDEA. * because it’s right next to the stage door where the come out of to perform so we got even CLOSER TO THEM😎) The concert starts with these gorgeous guys popping up on the main stage and I kid you not I was light headed and ready to pass out. I don’t even remember the first song I was that stunned and out of it. And CYPHER AND 21 CENTURY GIRLS WERE THE BEST GROUP SONGS I was in awe I didn’t even record much of them since I was so focused. They kept moving back and forth between the main and extended stage for the group songs and they were glowing!!! They all have at least slightly tanned skin and yoongi isn’t even that pale y'all just white wash the fuck out of him

I’m going to be 100% honest I was still in a state of shock when kookie came on stage and did his solo so I don’t remember much of it aside from he smooth dance moves. But what I do remember is later when he came over to my side was his little hand moves and his thighs. This boy really has thicc thighs like wow if you guys saw my fancam… you know what I mean. He also had the whole jungshook face going on whenever he zoned out or people would start pushing it was kinda funny tbh.

…again i was still kind of out of it since he was also one of the first to perform his solo but his face is just so nice and his voice is beautiful. The way he dances is smooth and kinda fairy like? Sadly he was one of the members who like barely came to my side but when he did he gave is the sweetest smile and his cheeks look so squishable I just wanted to poke it lol. However he also looked a bit frustrated and pissy for the first half of the concert. I’m not sure if it’s because of his resting bitch face ( which is understandable) or because something happened. But near the ending he was also smiling more and moving around a bit too.

This fool really only came to our side once, he walked by close and gave us one smexy death glare and left. He would almost come but then would turn around he was on the opposite side the whole time damn. send me fancams I barely saw this boy :“) BUT HE REALLY IS THE MOST EXTRA WHEN IT COMES TO FACIAL EXPRESSIONS EXTRA AS HELL. LIKE HIS EYEBROWS ARE REALLY DOING THE MOST DAMN GUYS IDK WHAT TO TELL U JUST WATCH HIS FANCAMS HE REALLY IS TRYING TO GET US. ESPECIALLY DURING NOT TODAY, FIRE AND BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS GUYSSSSD Also his voice is so fucking good he has a low husky voice when singing but he still hit those high notes ( even though their voices were a little hoarse from the night before they still hit all the notes I was really proud)
And when he was singing stigma…. man … pure talent………hot

okay first of all since I was off to the side I was able to see the members change their expressions and sadly I would notice that whenever jin would turn around he would drop his smile and he looked really tired I just :( especially at the beginning of the concert he was def not feeling it but near the end he was actually starting to smile and goof around. He really looked out of it at times tho. Aside from that he would come by my side quite often and even at one point he came down from the stage and asked a girl for her army bomb right next to me and my friendsadfdfghjh he is actual art even when tired and gave the fan such a genuine smile I’m- :”“’) OH AND MY BOY HIT THE HIGH NOTES DURING HIS SOLO SO IF ANYONE SAYS HE CANT SING ONE MORE DAMN TIME IM PULLING OUT THE FANCAM. Also please please can u guys actually cheer for him as much as the other members??! Like I was screaming my lungs out whenever he sang or came on screen but the people near me stayed silent.. like come on guys seriously.

OKAY BUT HE LOOKS SOOOO GOOD IRL THE CAMERA DOES NOT DO HIM JUSTICE AT ALLLLLL and yes I’m guilty of being one of those people who doesn’t appreciate him enough but wow he really is the leader and fucking gorgeous. Him and yoongi came to our side the most out of them all and wow I was actually stunned his skin is so good up close and he kept giving us little dance moves wow. Also he really tried talking to the audience, he told people to stop pushing at the beginning and complemented the members and he even said ” I don’t care if you’re blue, orange, green, purple. We love you" man he had my crying in the club bitch appreciate him 😭

To start off he came to my side the most out of all of the members which with me being a hard core yoongi Stan i WAS IN FULL SUPPORT. He kept sending us hearts and I fuckin made eye contact with him. Also he was one of the more active and interactive members he was just so smiley the whole time. But for real he kept coming to our side and dancing/ spinning around. It was GREAT. And his solo??? Wow that shit had me emo he looked so into the music when he was rapping and he even paused to get people to rap along * not the smartest idea since most of us can barely sing along in English but cute either way* he also did the thing where he puts his hand to his ear and waits for everyone to cheer for him loml!! next time I’m definitely bringing a sign for him damn.

I became a hobi Stan for the entirety of this concert I kid you NOT. HE WAS LIKE THE MAIN EVENT WTF YES No one who went can liE and say he wasn’t the star of the show, he gave so much fan service and looked and acted exactly the same as he does on camera/ online. He really is the human example of sunshine. He was smiling the whole time and I have the most fan cams of him out of every other member because he just stood out that much during the concert. It didn’t hurt that he kept coming over to my side and would even lean forward so I got an even closer shot. ALSO I don’t think you guys realize how broad his shoulders are since I saw half of the performances from the back, wow his shoulders.. I literally have a fancam of his back lmao. Lastly his solo stage was just mind blowing, he got so passionate and would move around the whole stage, he even got closer to the front so he could interact with the fans more. He really just climbed up that bias ladder because of this concert like wow idk what else to say he was just unreal.

Also later I realized that a lot of the members were pissy, frustrated and worried at the beginning of the show because so many people were pushing WAY much in the pit in front of the extended stage. People were even passing out and no one would do anything about. The members all noticed and told them to stop but :/ they kept doing it, and it only got slightly better later into the concert.
However overall it was such a magical concert and I’m determined to go again… I’m already saving up for their next one

in a span of just a few hours, Adele canceled her concert on us, my phone dropped and cracked, and we drove a total of over 500 miles in 3 days. all in all these first world problems don’t matter because nature wins. and as the nature of things go, life is going to be ok. Follow snapchat and Instagram for more of our road trip and life endeavors - @mattbruening

if kal el landed on earth in 1987 he’d be 28/29 in 2016 but more importantly he’d be 17 in 2004 which means he probably had an american idiot t-shirt and wore it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. with thumbholes in the sleeves. lana lang probably looked like avril lavigne, except they were rural so she did the best she could with what smallville’s thrift stores had to offer. she probably pierced her own eyebrow even though clark kept telling her she’d get an infection. how many of those little wrist sweatbands do you think he owned. did he have a wallet chain.

Yoo Kihyun cried today as well as everybody else but Kihyun’s tears just struck a nerve in me because he hasn’t cried like this since Monsta X was officially created during No.Mercy so excuse me if I’m becoming a lil emo because these tears mean SO SO MUCH and here’s why:

- Momma Yoo is the one who always comfort the kids and telling them not to cry at award shows
- He’s the one who usually starts the “don’t cry” chant whenever Minhyuk, Wonho, or Jooheon are about to tear up because he knows Monbebe will worry
- He didn’t cry when they didn’t get any rookie award they expected to win and totally deserved to win
- Not during Monsurprise where Wonho was legit bawling and everyone was probably at their lowest point
- Not at their comeback showcase where Jooheon literally broke down in fear of disappointing Monbebe after such a long absence, he even reminded Jooheon that grandmother Yongguk as well as their families are watching so they shouldn’t make them sad

And now he’s crying with that gorgeously exposed forehead (im sorry this means a lot to me) because he thinks he didn’t do enough to deserve everyone’s love and support.

And that goes for the entirety of Monsta X who always think they need to do more and get more recognition to repay us Monbebe even though to Monbebe their hardwork and existence alone is enough.

And this saddens me because they don’t need to do anything more but if it’s gonna raise their confidence and make them happy then you know what let’s give it to them. It’s about time our babies get the recognition they deserved–it’s overdued.

Stop sleeping on Monsta X.

Let’s get them their first win.

Bad news

Since an hour ago i arrived at Santiago (where the concert is being held) and when i checked facebook i saw two videos being shared between Chilean fans.

Both videos showed whom I assume was an interpreter trying to keep fans away from the restaurant where BTS was eating. He was super polite and explained that the boys were tired and that they needed to eat and then to rest for the concert. However, a group of 20-30 people were arguing that they just wanted to see them or greet them. They even said that BTS were artist and that they owed(?) the fans some sort of greeting or recognition.

The dude tried to explain that there were fans screaming and disturbing BTS all day and that they just wanted to rest, but the “fans” kept demanding some sort of recognition.

I tried to download the video but Facebook didn’t let me.

On the other hand, this situation is being taken seriously by the Chilean fandom by trying to spread awareness between the fans.

I’m so mad and embarrassed. Really, I don’t know how some people can think that way and don’t care about the well being of people you supposedly like. I don’t know what to think of this, but at the same time I want overseas fans to understand that there were only 20-30 fans (maybe 100 if we count the ones from the morning) and that there are more than 20,000 fans who are going to both concerts. This a minority.

Ugh, I’m so sorry.

And then out of the corner of my eye
I see a spaceship in the sky
And hear a voice inside my head:
‘Follow me instead.’
'Follow me instead.’
'Follow me instead.’
'Follow me.’

March to the sea

:Isle of Flightless Birds:

@joshsfrend @fairlyathletic-quails this is the fanart I’ve been working on!

bromanceshmomance replied to your post “How do we know that they shared a milkshake?? Are there any receipts?”

i believe that the woman who served them at the window told her daughter (who was a fan) that louis had ordered the milkshake or at least took it from her and drank out of it and then passed it over to harry.