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I know this has probably been said on here many times before, but I don’t care and I’m going to say it again. Don’t pick on kids/teens who go to concerts with their parent/guardian. Some of them aren’t allowed to go by themselves, some may not be able to drive themselves to the show, or some of those kids may have the same taste in music as their guardian, etc… It’s none of your business whether someone is with a parent/guardian or not anyways. It is 100% perfectly fine to go to a concert with a guardian. (shoutout to my awesome mom who has gone to 20+ concerts with me, and still is willing to take me to more) So I guess the moral of this post is, 1: no one should feel embarrassed about going to concerts with a parent, and 2: Who cares who you’re going to a concert with, as long as you are having fun.

Emo Tip #263

Set your alarm to go off with “Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes” by Panic! at the Disco on full volume so you have to fling yourself out of bed to turn it off.

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