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I’m going to attempt to recap Duchovny in Boston day (February 22, 2017.) Warning: this could get long and sappy because it’s 3 AM and I’m just brain dumping. Under a cut…

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Favorite moments of the Dchovs concert from 2.22.17
  • Dchovs went into the crowd and hugged a random guy
  • He also went in the crowd as he was singing and dancing and waved to all of us up in the mezz (I blew him a kiss)
  • Covered The Band (and it was brilliant)
  • There was a drunk lady in the row over from us who shouted “YOU SEXY MOTHAFUCKA” and “YA SEXY BASTARD” (only in Boston, I s2g)
  • another sober lady tried arguing with the drunk lady because the drunk lady kept making ridiculous trill noises (literally their tiff went something like this: drunk lady made a trill noise, sober lady shouts “THAT’S ENOUGH” to which the drunk lady responds, “THAT’S ENOUGH OF YOU”
  • at one point, Dchovs noticed someone texting and was like, “unless you’re texting me, stop it! Be in the NOW!” 
  • after the show there were a group of guys smoking cigs and one of them goes, “it was so good I would’ve snorted a line of coke off David Duchovny’s dick” and as everyone is trying to process what they just said, takes a drag and continues, “or you know, whatever he’s down for”
  • every time Dchov danced (which was the entire time). it was white boy dancing™ at its absolute finest.
  • when he “forgot” about congratulating the crowd for the Superbowl win and then “remembered” later on
  • the slight political edge (totally a Mulder moment)
  • Someone threw something up on the stage, and he picked it up, looked at it, did the classic Duchovny smirk™ and kept on dancing
  • when he was like “is it hot in here” before taking off his jacket (YES, DAVE, YOU’RE THE HOT ONE, WE GET IT)
  • when he played a slow jam (which I was hoping for)
  • when he got the crowd to sing happy birthday to one of his band members
  • introducing the song “Stars” as “STAAAHS”

That one time we got Rockstar and Broadway Tveit at the same time….


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