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Hope y’all are ready for Bonnaroo! This year we’ve got some Tumblr exclusives that’ll keep you jammin’ all weekend long.

We’re bringing our favorite staff photographers back to capture the festival this year so expect up-to-date galleries from the photo pits. There’ll also be some colorful GIFs and tips coming at you all weekend right here so make sure you’re following us!

Here are a couple of friends that we’ve invited out to do what they do best on Tumblr:

Music publication Consequence of Sound will be providing exclusive content with interiews, photos, videos and more exciting coverage on their page:

Cartoonist Brian Butler’s Tumblr Show Drawn is one of our new favorite things. He will be at ‘Roo this year to draw the whole weekend, taking in the sights, shows, and atmosphere and turning them into awesome drawings. Follow his work throughout the weekend and beyond:

We also have a few surprises up our virtual sleeves so make sure to check back! 


Matt & Kim - Let’s Go

Super excited to shoot and hang with Matt & Kim tonight!!


The first of our Dream Concert 2014 coverage is up! We were able to get an awesome shot of our favorite girls performing “Mr. Mr.” The pink suits really… suit them!

— Sarah

Sakurai Sho HBD35 - Are You Happy? Pamphlet [1/3] [English translation]

Things Related to Sakurai Sho’s “Happy”

- Airport: I want to go to airport
- While watching a concert
- Coverage: Interviewing fantastic people I can hardly meet
- Trip: Where do you want to / Let’s go on a trip! Go!
- Rap: The moment I’ve completed a rap
- BBQ: BBQ!!! BBQ!!! BBQ is very fun!
- Consecutive holidays
- Mates: Time while drinking with mates
- Smell of fresh baked bread.
- Morning of a clear day.
- Time playing with children of my friends
- Coverage: Visiting places I can hardly go
- Wedding party
- Mates: Time while enjoying meal with mates
- While holding a concert