concert chorus


Sometimes, I just think about how I have everything in my life because of Taylor Swift. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was 13 and she helped shape me into the person I am today because of her heart, her drive, her humility, her compassion, her talent… the list goes on.

She gave me the inspiration to start playing guitar, write music and audition for concert chorus and musicals in high school. She gave me the courage to be myself in a world where all people want to do is change you. She gave me the courage to jump out of my comfort zone and move half way across the country to New York City and chase after my dreams. She gave me the strength to get through some unbearable hard times with her kind words and loving heart.

And if you had told me at 13 that at age 24 I would have this life because of Taylor Swift I would’ve thought you were crazy. I have my friends, my job, my apartment, my amazing girlfriend and so much more all because of Taylor.

I am so beyond thankful for her and I’ll never be able to show my gratitude towards her. I truly mean it when I say I would not be the person I am today without Taylor Swift and I am so thankful to know her.

I was really nervous you weren’t going to show up. Every time I turned around and didn’t see you, a knot would form in my stomach and that heavy dropping feeling that you get when you’re about to cry and can feel yourself getting more and more flustered and sad would wash over me. I was afraid that you would confirm my suspicion that the people I care about never quite keep their promises. You are a really good friend, a great friend, actually, and I was hoping so badly that you would not turn out like friends past. And you didn’t. You showed up, and quite honestly, you made my day and entire night. So thank you. Thank you for being your wonderful and lovely self and showing up. Thank you for caring enough to show up. It means a lot, much more than I could tell you in a text. Please don’t ever forget.
—  10:07pm thoughts// that’s why I write about you instead