concert chorus


The most beautiful rendition of hallelujah i have ever heard.

(just. listen. just do it.)

The signs as things they remind me of
  • Aries: spontaneous decisions, strong colors, road trips, indiscreet laughter, that feeling you have in the stomach when you realize how much you love someone
  • Taurus: castles, a cup of coffee, waking up before everyone, oleo paint, the Portuguese lenguage, a pot with a succulent, really expressive eyes
  • Gemini: the sound of drums, big cities, malicious smiles, concerts, a chorus of million voices, an electric guitar playing, the need to make out with someone
  • Cancer: glowy skin, a bohemian town, the burning sensation in your nose when you are getting emotional, an interesting debate, ocher colors, euphoria
  • Leo: summer, a birthday party, a game of poker, the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster, snapchat stories, bralettes, jewelry, sweet compliments
  • Virgo: a good alcoholic beverage, the comfortable silence with someone, little and especial tattos, driving with the windows down, unconsciously getting crazy in a party
  • Libra: honest bitchy opinions, taking care of yourself, a cherry icee, pop songs in the acoustic version, a vacation in a tropical location, belly button piercings, movies
  • Scorpio: the comforting sensation of sleeping in a bed made fresh, gothic architecture, intense looks, long lashes, pretzels with chocolate, confessions
  • Sagittarius: listening to music to avoid drama, the adrenaline that gives you a horror movie, Danny (from Grease), curly hair, daydreaming
  • Capricorn: the burning sensation in your throat when taking a shot, a hot bath, big windows, the smell of fabric softener in the clothes, a glass of wine with fondue, tall buildings
  • Aquarius: metallic colors, a long walk, hugging, the soft pounding in the windows by the rain, stretching your body, drawing at the back of a notebook
  • Pisces: little gifts, freckles, clear sky, finding something you "lost", soft blankets, relief sighs, bracelets, solving a problem very cunningly
Unnecessary musical things

Aries: the Pocket Trumpet

Taurus: recorders

Gemini: Country music


Leo: being in a practice room with someone reaaaal sketch

Virgo: moldy reeds

Libra: Triple flats

Scorpio: sketchy slide oil stains

Sagittarius: Valve Trombone

Capricorn:  that one soprano I who won’t shut up about the fact that she’s soprano 1

Aquarius: squeaking woodwinds

Pisces: that screaming sound effect on keyboards

(English) After the Rain interview from Utattemita no Hon Magazine (May 2017 edition)

Buy the magazine overseas here (Includes large poster of the Soramafu cover art, as well as lots of other utaite pics and posters!)

After the Rain was interviewed in the utaite magazine “Utattemita no Hon” for their May 2017 edition, which was published at the start of April. They discussed each track on their 2 new single CDs, the process that went into making them, and they also answered some random April-themed questions at the end :P Italicized questions here are what the interviewer was asking them to respond to. Enjoy, and let me know if you spot any typos or anything weird~!

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anonymous asked:

I got the news today that my chorus concert theme this year is the moon and I just had to tell you :’0

Eodnskfndkdnsksn oh my goD BLESS YOUR HEART FOR THINKING ABOUT ME ???? HOLY SHIT?????????? oh my god I’d love to know the song titles sometime so I can listen to them myself aaah

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True hell is getting hit in the back of the neck really hard by a trombone slide during The Big Concert™ causing you to hit the person next to you in the mouth with the butt of your flute while also making a REALLY LOUD CLANG when their foot almost know is the stand over and somehow you have to play the whole thing off. (I've also passed out during a chorus concert and knocked someone over twice if you count elementary school idk why my music program keeps me)

I’m really concerned for the wind section