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(English) After the Rain interview from Utattemita no Hon Magazine (May 2017 edition)

Buy the magazine overseas here (Includes large poster of the Soramafu cover art, as well as lots of other utaite pics and posters!)

After the Rain was interviewed in the utaite magazine “Utattemita no Hon” for their May 2017 edition, which was published at the start of April. They discussed each track on their 2 new single CDs, the process that went into making them, and they also answered some random April-themed questions at the end :P Italicized questions here are what the interviewer was asking them to respond to. Enjoy, and let me know if you spot any typos or anything weird~!

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Unnecessary musical things

Aries: the Pocket Trumpet

Taurus: recorders

Gemini: Country music


Leo: being in a practice room with someone reaaaal sketch

Virgo: moldy reeds

Libra: Triple flats

Scorpio: sketchy slide oil stains

Sagittarius: Valve Trombone

Capricorn:  that one soprano I who won’t shut up about the fact that she’s soprano 1

Aquarius: squeaking woodwinds

Pisces: that screaming sound effect on keyboards

yo i found that my sister’s bottom dresser drawer was full of gatorade so i brought Da Twin™ over and we looked and the bottles’ due date was like March 27 2016 so he chugged one and i’ll get probs one and a half down before i sleep and we’re gonna see if it fucks us up ✌✌

Letting GO

Prompt: He breaks up with you

A/N: Just want to say to say thank you for all the support I’ve gotten on my first ever Grayson imagine that I posted about a week ago I think. It means a lot that people are actually enjoying my writing so I hope this on pleases you all as well ♡ also the gif is irrelevant to the imagine i just thought E looked hella good

Warning: Sadish i guess? Also, horribly layout

“I’m sorry,”

It’s funny really. How the end of good things usually start off like this. With an apology.

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anonymous asked:

jyushi! the worst thing has happened to me! my birthday is coming up on the 13th and i got sick with a cold! plus, i have a chorus concert at school and i sing a solo! can you give me any tips to get better? (maybe you can get rid of the germs?)

I hope it’s been okay and fun for you in any case!! I’m so sorry I’m so late!! I’m happy to make it up to you if you want =D I can give you hugs or post-birthday celebrations or I can break curses! =D I hope you’ve been okay though!! Really!!!

anonymous asked:

What kind of music do u hc the undertale characters listen to?

I feel like it’s hard to say since I think anyone can like any kind of music. I know I’ve been surprised by a lot of people’s tastes.

But I’ll give it a shot!

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